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Barnes .357 mag 125 gr TAC XPD new 2014

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Robert B, May 3, 2014.

  1. Robert B

    Robert B Well-Known Member

    Just saw this advertised in a gun mag. It is new for 2014. It is ammo not bullets. Anyone have any info on this? Can't find any online. Probably not producing a lot yet.
  2. Tony_the_tiger

    Tony_the_tiger Well-Known Member

    These appear to be the same bullet used in the Corbon DPX, Corbon DPX thunder-ranch, and Buffalo-Barnes 125 grain line of ammunition. Should be good stuff if you can afford them.

    If I am not mistaken, then the "newness" of this product is limited to Barnes deciding to sell it as a complete package in-house with new boxes and branding.

    http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com/Corbon 357 Magnum 125 gr DPX Ammo.htm
  3. 2zulu1

    2zulu1 Well-Known Member

    Certainly high quality, but it's pretty hard to improve upon .357mag ammo that's already known to work very well. :)
  4. Tony_the_tiger

    Tony_the_tiger Well-Known Member

    My personal preference is the 140 grain XPB bullet in .357 Magnum, which should exceed the 125 grain's capacity for penetration, or appears to do so based on anecdotal reports.
  5. PointOneSeven

    PointOneSeven Well-Known Member

    If they make it to the shelves in my town, I'll give them a go!

    As long as they're not complete barn burners that is. I can get all the hunting rounds I want, but personal defense rounds are spotty at the moment here.
  6. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    Getting ahold of any .357 personal defense ammo is somewhat challenging these days. And virtually any 125gr JHPs will work fabulously against human beings, even those stoked on pain numbing drugs. Normally I think specialty ammo for most calibers is a good idea, because many increase the effectiveness of the caliber. The .357 125gr JHP, however, doesn't really benefit from specialty ammo, as even the most inexpensive brands are every bit as good as the best specialty products. And not nearly as expensive. Some of the specialty ammo for revolvers come in packs of six, or twenty for autos. Some specialty ammo may be inferior to standard ammo as it may not penetrate vehicles and larger predators as well. So each brand has to be taken on its own merits.


    Regardless of the barrel length, the .357 is a great caliber.

  7. Cooldill

    Cooldill Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah baby, now that's what I'm talkin about.

    Last week at the gun show I got a 50 round box of old (guessing early to mid 90's) Federal Hi-Power .357 magnum 125 grain semi-jacketed hollowpoint, marked "high velocity": the classic 357B load.

    I also got a 50 round box of Remington silvertip .357 magnum 145 grain, another great defensive load.

    Price for both? $60.

    Some of the best, most time-tested performers in .357 magnum. Just as good as anything else today, and hard to argue with a 96-98% 1 shot stop rating of the Federal 357B load.
  8. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    One shot stop rating? Oh please. If you cannot place the round where it needs to go then the type of load isn't going to make any difference as far as "stopping the threat". A standard 158 gr. load will stop the threat just fine if you can hit a vital area. If you can't - more practice is needed - not hotter loads.
  9. Cooldill

    Cooldill Well-Known Member


    I was simply stating that it is hard to improve on the effectiveness of .357 magnum ammo, especially in 125 grain loadings. These new super expensive wonder bullets aren't needed. I know shot placement trumps all.

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