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Barnes 55gr TTSX

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by ssyoumans, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. ssyoumans

    ssyoumans Well-Known Member

    Picked some of these up the other day. Loaded 1 up and fired it into some water to see how it performed, yes, I know water isn't the same as bone and tissue, but I was bored this weekend.

    Anyhow, lined up (4) 1 gallon jugs of water and a Tiddy Cat jug filled with water. Was surprised it went through all 4 jugs, approx 26", and bounced off the Tiddy cat jug onto the ground.

    Pretty decent penetration and expansion, note 1 petal broke off. Velocity around 3,000 fps from 16" carbine. These are good for 1:9" twist rifles.

  2. moonzapa

    moonzapa Well-Known Member


    How far away did you fire these bullets from the jugs? I've tried using the Barnes TTSX bullets in my 30-06 and 280 and have had rather poor results in accuracy.
  3. ssyoumans

    ssyoumans Well-Known Member

    This was just from 20 - 25 yards off handed. I haven't tried these for accuracy, but the 62gr TSX was around 1.5" at 100 yards. No worse than most of my other reloads from the S&W AR15.

    I'm sure you read you really have to get the fouling out from traditional bullets before trying the Barnes bullets or accuracy suffers. I clean mine with Sweet 7.62 before accuracy testing with Barnes bullets and allow for 5 fouling shots.

    The only other caliber I have tried Barnes in is 243, with the 85gr TSX, but again didn't spend time working up an accuracy load with it as I decided to use SST's this year for hunting (took a 7 pt buck with one).
  4. mtrmn

    mtrmn Well-Known Member

    I used the non-tipped flat base 55 gr for my water test, with results similar to yours--4 jugs and a perfect 4-petal mushroom.

    Mine grouped about 1" in a 1/9 16" bbl carbine
  5. blarby

    blarby Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see one more........

    Can you do one of these setups @ 100 yards, if you get bored ?

    Nice work, BTW..

    I plan on trying the new nosler defense sometime later in 2013 the same way.

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