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Barrel cleaning

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by AustDave, May 16, 2006.

  1. AustDave

    AustDave New Member

    G'day all.
    I pick up my Remington stainless/synthetic BDL in .223 next week.
    Brand new rifle and I am like a kid looking forward to Xmas! I am not going to start everyone off on the whole barrel break in topic but I would like to know the best advice on cleaning a new stainless barrel. I keep reading......use this solvent-no don't use it, use or don't use a copper rod, use a pull through, brush it through this many times etc.
    Any advice folks? Thanks.
  2. heypete

    heypete New Member

    It's tough to go wrong with several common oils. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Hoppes #9 Nitro Powder Solvent or Break-Free CLP (which works as a solvent, lubricating oil, and rust preventatitive).

    There may exist better options than those for certain things, but in general it's tough to go wrong.

    I try to avoid "gimicky" cleaning things, and just stick to things that are simple and work. I have a stainless steel one-piece cleaning rod with brass jags (little spear looking things) and patch holders (has a little loop at the end to hold the patch). A caliber-specific bore brush is useful for scrubbing out accumulated carbon. I use cotton patches made by Pro-Shot, as they are inexpensive and work well for me. Q-tips are also handy.This has served me well, and I have had no problems with any of the guns I own.

    For a general-purpose rifle, it seems to be commonly accepted that it's better to underclean a gun than overclean it. Scrubbing for hours to get out that last little bit of carbon will cause more damage to the gun than shooting it. Be sure the barrel is relatively clean, free of obstructions, etc. If there's a little bit of gray on your patches, don't worry too hard about it. Put a light coat of oil on the barrel, then wipe away the excess. Clean and lightly oil the action, again wiping away the excess.

    For the most part, don't worry too much about it. Keep it reasonably clean, but don't go overboard.

    As for barrel break-in, just shoot the gun. Have fun shooting it. When you're done for the day, take it home and clean it. Repeat as often as you can afford.:D

    Don't be surprised that if you ask a dozen people, they give you a dozen results. :p When in doubt, consult your owner's manual.

    Oh, and welcome to The High Road!
  3. rangerruck

    rangerruck New Member

    just remember, overcleaning ruins a bbl faster than ANYTHING ELSE. i break in with typical solvents , brush after ever shot first 5, then once after every fifth, out to 25 rounds. then when you get it home, i would say be gentle, i like to clean with a foamer, patch it out after 20 mins, repeat this for 3 times. Break in is done. After this, when you clean, try not to use a bristle brush, or as little as possible. keep clean by letting solvents do all the work, and patch out.
  4. AustDave

    AustDave New Member

    Thanks for that guys. Yeah it seems to be just a common sense thing. I've always been in the .22 rimfire small-bore target game and want to treat the centrefire right. Is a bore guide necessary?
    Oh, and have you used the Remington Accu-Tip ammo? Reviews sound good.
  5. heypete

    heypete New Member

    Excactly. It is a common sense thing. If you've been shooting rimfire for a while, there's not really any significant differences. Just be sure to keep the action clean.

    I don't use a bore guide in my guns, but I don't have any match rifles that I'd be hyper-sensitive about, nor have I run into any trouble with it. Still, it couldn't hurt.

    Not personally. I'd be curious to read about your experience once you take the rifle for a spin, though. :D
  6. AustDave

    AustDave New Member

    Yeah I will keep you informed Pete, thanks mate.
    I plan to do some target stuff with it too and put on some photos when she's set up. My 28 day wait for a permit is up next week so then I'll go get her from the gunshop. 28 days.....just as well I'm a patient man!
  7. .45man

    .45man New Member


    Yea, I will second that great barrels are ruined by over-zealous cleaning.

    I have a couple real nice, long range target rigs, one in .243 Win and another in .308 Win.

    After shooting, here is what I do.

    1) Run a brush down the bore a couple times with a general cleaner (Shooters Choice).

    2) Then I run a copper solvent down and let it sit for a few minutes (Sweets 7.62).

    3) Clean patch until it comes out clean.

    4) Use JBs Bore Paste up and down the bore about 10-20 times.

    That is about it.....Maybe on days that I shoot a hundred or more rounds I will repeat steps 1-4 a couple times.....but my .243 Win has been shot over 1500 times and just recently I put 10 rounds into 1.25 inches from 235 yards......So I cant be doing too much wrong in the cleaning dept:D :D

    All the best to you!!

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