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Barretta Cougar 8000-147gr SXT?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by JBC223, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. JBC223

    JBC223 New Member

    I have Been Shooting my whole life. I all ways have had a Ruger and S&W 357 and assorted 1911s. I Shoot in rifle contests. I've won 1st place in my region 4 times. I went to nationals twice. I have and shoot a LOT Of Shotguns too. But My Main question is: I just got a barretta Cougar 8000. Stoager Makes the exact same pistol too, in 9mm and .40 S&W. My Point is. I have put over 500 rounds of 135gr. federal Hygroshock JHPs. And I recently, out of curiosity got a bunck of Magsafe 9mm. they are 64gr(I think) But they go around 2000FPS and frag into 3 chunks and go all over inside the body+have 9 #4 shot in there too that go all around and bounce off things and create a lot of damage. I know of the problem of hitting an arm and having the light round deflect, but thats what having 16 rounds is for. I'm a Paramedic, and If I had a choice I'd rather NOT be shot in the torso with Magesafe because there will be too many wounds in one.the 8 shot will kill arteries and blood vessels and the 3 frags will do the same. But thats just my opinion being a Paramedic and in medicine. I jus mention them because I use them in the appt because they tent to not over penetrate.

    I am not extremely familiar with 9mm. I Love the Barretta 8000. But I Love 1911s more. But my CCW is for the Barretta. I want to use Winchester 147gr. SXTs. They are basicly exactly the same as the old balck talons, But importantly they are really heavy, And I like that a lot. So they are basicly heavy Black Talons for a very reasonable price.
    But every blog and any info I read about them, it says that they are worthless, and where a "Fad" in the 90s. And being 147gr. they tend to Jam all the time. So everything I read says Do not use them in any 9mm. BUT It seems that the same exact person wrote an article somewhere and it's just re- posted all over the net. The same exact wording is everywhere, from the same person, or re-peters. If 135gr fire flawlessly what's an extra 12gr. going to harm so extremely badly that it makes them completely worthless? Should I just stick to Federal Hydroshock in 135gr?
    Anyone ever have Problems with the 147gr, SXTs? I don't want to bet my life on them. but it just seems odd that evey time I read not to use them, that the wording is exactly the same, from the same article.
    Do any of you guys use/like this round? Let me now, Any and all help is apprecieated. I'm going to grab some and try them out, but I'm Not going to use them in my CCW until I test them, AND Get some Honest info.

    Also. I read a lot of negative things about Magsafe. But I still tried them. I was sceptical Until I saw what they did to a tree stump. they go just about 2000fps and are 64gr+p. I jshot a few federl 135 Hydroshock and they went in a inch or 2 and made a nice hole. The Magsafe had NO recoil and litterally exploded the stump it was about 1-1/2 thick and the whole back was gone and I proke it apart with an ax and there where pellets and a few sharp frags still in there. those things are dangerous. But I'd rather just shoot a Heavey Hallow point the expands properly and has sharp/semi sharp mushroming arms. so Winchester SXT 147gr. Yay or Nay??:confused:
  2. WC145

    WC145 Well-Known Member

    Buy some and see how they shoot for you, then you'll know. The SXT round is a proven design and I'm sure it will work as advertised of you put the bullet in the right spot.
    I carry a Beretta Cougar for work and load it with Federal 115gr +P+ hollow points. I'm not a fan of gimmick ammo like the magsafes.
  3. JBC223

    JBC223 New Member

    Neither am I a an if "Gimick" ammo. Thats what they say about 147gr Win SXTs, It was a 90s fad,"Gimmick".But I wondered why they where 4 bucks a round(Magsafe), so I read how hey where made. And the reasoning behind it. And the simple fact is 2000fps is 2000fps. and being a Paramedic I see atleast 2-4 gunshot victims a day. And even with Hollowpoints ( And I know whats used in any particular shooting because I have to preserve the chain of evidence. Even a Federal 135gr. Hydoshock, only make one hole. The way that MAGSAFE goes in then after about 6-8 inches frags into 3 sharp peices that go outward like in a cone shape. So thats 3 seprate wounds besides the original hole, then there are the 9, #4 shot that go in and bounce off of everything, cutting arteries at approx. 2000fps. But I didn't study all that until AFTER I saw what they did to a freshly cut tree stump. So being a paramedic, If a trauma team was right there, I'd rather get shot with federal hallow point then 2000fps magsafe, that create massive trauma by making 13 sharp holes. and thats not even counting the efect on arteries with bounce back and everything else. I say 13 besause, 1 from the whole entire round,9 from the shot and 3 from the sharp frags but all this is besides the point. I like them because the have less chance of hurting innocents, neighbors and such. thats why I use #4 buck In my home gun instead of 00 or slugs. But thats not the point of my post.

    I just want to know are 147gr SXT win. "Worthless"
    and prone to jamming in "ANY" 9mm Pistol like it says in all the blogs, but it seems those posts are written from someone from a gun mag. Would you or anyone else use 147gr. win SXT in any of your 9mm's? I shot 1 box, and they whee great. Very accurate and not too much muzzle rise. but just shooting 20 won't tell me. I'm asking hardcore 9mm lovers and users their valued opinion. Thanks in advance.

    Matter of fact, I'll find the gy who keeps posting that everywhere and copy and paste it here. But maybe he's right, thats why I'm asking. No harm in learning the "Truth", right? It can save your life.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2008
  4. Ken Rainey

    Ken Rainey Well-Known Member

    If you read the forums a lot you'll find that some people prefer the 147 grain 9mm ammunition for the weight of the bullet to be more able to "punch" a straight path instead of maybe being deflected...also it's standard pressure, so less recoil than +P or +P+ ammo for quicker follow up shots...then again, you'll find people who prefer the light and fast bullets such as the 115+P or +P+ and then again, you'll find people who like the middle weights of 124, 127, 135....best thing to do is pick a readily available cartridge that you can afford to fire enough of to have confidence in it's ability to reliably function in your pistol that shoots to point of aim..;)

    In other words...Yes, the Winchester SXT 147 is an excellent cartridge if it functions reliably and hits point of aim...:D

    I've carried the LE version (Ranger T) of that cartridge for many years...and had many one shot stops using it against invading armadillos! :eek:
  5. WC145

    WC145 Well-Known Member

    I've never heard anyone call Winchester Rangers "gimmick ammo" in any caliber or weight. They are highly effective loads with plenty of actual shootings behind them to prove their worth.

    My understanding of the issue with heavier 9mm rounds is over all length and bullet profile, some guns just won't feed them well. If they work in your gun and you trust them then carry them.

    The problem I have with Glaser and Magsafe types of ammo is lack of penetration. Sure they make can a mess but they shed speed and energy quickly since there's no weight to go with the velocity. I had to shoot a large dog once and used a Glaser slug to the chest and all it did was piss him off. I stopped him by drawing another weapon and dropping him with a conventional hollow point. I wasn't impressed the the performance of the round and do not trust them. Also, over penetration isn't an issue with proper shot placement and modern HP defense ammo.

    BTW, where do you work that you're seeing 2-4 gunshot victims daily? I want to make sure I never go there.

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