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Bass Pro gun counter still barren in St. Louis

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by UKWildcatFan, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. UKWildcatFan

    UKWildcatFan Well-Known Member

    Popped in real quick on the way home from my reloading shop just to see if they had any .22 long. Only 17 handguns, with slots for 117. They had one box of .45, and that was it for handgun, save .460. No relief yet.
  2. JFtheGR8

    JFtheGR8 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya. I finally broke down and paid .70 cents a round for 50 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty in 9mm, which I didn't think was terrible except for the $12 shipping. Buying a 9mm handgun at this time was not a good choice. Oh well, it's gotta get better soon I hope. At least I'll have some ammo for it. It's just a paperweight without ammo.

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  3. UKWildcatFan

    UKWildcatFan Well-Known Member

    Oh, almost forgot to tell everyone there was this one d-bag there who thought he knew EVERYTHING!!! He told the clerk, "oh, you didn't know that?!?!" I just chuckled and watched this old dude try o impress everyone within earshot. I feel so bad for that day with him. Lord sakes.
  4. Racinfan83

    Racinfan83 Well-Known Member

    Buddy of mine was in Cabelas at the Mills couple days ago and said they had some ammo there. Probably gone by now - but they have been getting more then Bass Pro for some reason... I have ammo for all my stuff - but I wouldn't pass up 9mm, .40, or .223 if I could find it at a decent price somewhere. I'm not paying ridiculous jacked up prices for it though. Saw some 9 and .40 at a lgs last Friday for $28 and $32 a box for the CHEAP stuff. NO NO NO I'm not paying $28 for something I bought 6 months ago for $9.... Maybe when enough people wise up and quit paying outrageous prices for the stuff it will become available again and cheap...:banghead:
  5. UKWildcatFan

    UKWildcatFan Well-Known Member

    What LGS?
  6. gspn

    gspn Well-Known Member

    Memphis is the same way. I wash in there for some fishin' stuff last week and swung by the gun section. As soon as I walked onto the reloading aisle a guy that works there started laughing and said "I hope you don't expect to find anything."

    On the ammo aisle I think they had a box of 44 mag. Everything else was bare.
  7. XD 45acp

    XD 45acp Well-Known Member

    Hanover Va store the same way. Was in there today, saw 3 boxes of 25acp, 2 boxes of 32 long, 6 boxes of 44mag, 9 boxes of SW500. Rest was out....
  8. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    The Concord, NC Bass Pro hasn't been bad. Swung by a week ago. Good number of guns, ammo (no .223 or .22LR, but everything else, even 9mm), and good amount of reloading stuff. Problem is, BP seems to want to price everything at $15 more than anywhere else, so they rarely get my money anyway.
  9. Rembrandt

    Rembrandt Well-Known Member

    Bass Pro has so few handguns they'll have to move the gun counter guys to the plastic worm department or lay them off.
  10. SunnySlopes

    SunnySlopes Well-Known Member

    My local bass pro has people lined up waiting for the store to open.

    If you're not there when they open, you're not there early enough.

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