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Be on the lookout for stolen guns

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by CelticArmory, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. odorf

    odorf Member

    I was talking to a buddy policeman. he told me the best thing you can do is to take the butt plate off and dab a little minwax polyurethane on the wood
    then stick your thumb print in it. let dry. record your serial numbers
    they can grind out the serial numbers. but he said 9 out of 10 will not pull the plate . then when the gun is picked up. the proof is there
    he also said that unless a body is attached to a bugulary crime scene.
    they only take a report.
    they do not have the money for anything else
  2. oldcelt

    oldcelt Well-Known Member

    Guns are prime targets. About Nov. 23 regional news out of Hartford Ct. Bridgeport truck driver steals 111 handguns from Smith& Wesson factory. He and his friend sold some, the police recovered 28. Heard no more since. I guess these guys were not too bright.
  3. RangeDS

    RangeDS Active Member

    odorf, you need to look into DataDots. It is amazing technology. I have it on my XD, my Mtn bike, dirt bike, and many other items that I own. They are a microscopic dots that adhere to a product. That is the best way to get your stolen goods returned to you once recovered by the police. 100% conviction rate for thieves caught with products that have the Dots on them. Each Dot uniquely identifies the item to its rightful owner. It's about to go like wildfire in the U.S. auto industry and Lowes HI will have it in some of their FL stores soon.
  4. Kyle1965

    Kyle1965 Member

    If you submit serial numbers to the police, go back in and check them often. Had 5 guns stolen years ago. Go back in to check, one not in the system anymore. Had them put it back in and a couple of years later it showed up fixing to be auctioned by the police. Had another recovered by the ATF. Did not call me. When I inquired with the ATF the response I got was "didn't insurance take care of it". Finally when they realized I was not going away, they told me they destroyed it and it was a mistake and they were sorry. I asked for documentation, still waiting. Tried to put the number back in and no one will do it.
  5. wolf695

    wolf695 Well-Known Member


    We have a big problem with this as well, In fact its been going on for many years now! Good luck, tell the the state police and the batf! They will help you track them down, if they show up! Also you may want to contact local gun smiths to see if they tried to order new recievers for any of them.
  6. soonerfan85

    soonerfan85 Well-Known Member

    I was talking to a local deputy sherrif at a gun auction earlier this year about some of the really high end firearms up for auction. Don't know if it's this way anywhere else, but he said that if the owner can't provide a serial number to prove ownership they have to auction off recovered firearms. Didn't buy any myself as the prices being paid were insane. A backround check and FFL transfer fee were required so no felons buying them, just people with more money than sense.
  7. saltydog452

    saltydog452 Well-Known Member

    Electricity may move at light speed, but human responses do not.

    Even if you have access to a computerized list, it could take months before the stolen item is listed. Lots of lag time there.

    Next, who is the owner? If an insurance claim was paid, the new rightful owner is now a Insurance Company.

    Cliff Notes version is that the Police or an insurance company aren't likely to function as a 'lost and found'. Kinda doubtful if either would spend the resources to ensure that a stolen firearn gets back to its prior owner. A Remington sculpture maybe, a Remington firearm, not likely.

  8. Double Naught Spy

    Double Naught Spy Sus Venator

    Who is going to pull the buttplates on a gun with the serial numbers ground off? That probably won't ever happen and the gun won't ever be recovered.
  9. reggie_love

    reggie_love Active Member

    The thought of my guns in the hands of some unscrupulous stranger makes my stomach turn. Hope they catch the guys!
  10. Clean97GTI

    Clean97GTI Well-Known Member

    at my old townhouse, I had a small floor safe that was poured in place with concrete. It would accommodate every handgun I owned at the time. The handguns all went in there when I would leave town along with various important papers.

    The long guns got a good size aircraft cable through the actions and that went around the chimney pipe that ran up through the closet (behind drywall) in the master bedroom. Not fool proof but they weren't going to be carted off that easily.
  11. Deadman644

    Deadman644 Member

    If we would put anyone who commits a gun related felony, or anyone who is a third timer in a steel box with the door welded shut, and no outside contact we wouldn't have any crime in a short time. If a person can't live within the laws of society they need to be removed from society.
  12. larryh1108

    larryh1108 Well-Known Member

    I am a believer in doing the time if you do the crime and for losing your rights in the process. However, the jails are so full that criminals get off in half the time with the 1 day off for 1 day of good behavior cookie. If the sentence is 10 years, they're out in 5 unless they are badder bad boys. I say 10 is 10 and I also say add 10 hard to any crime that has a firearm present whether used or not. If it involves a gun, 100% plus 10 should deter a lot of people from carrying a piece with them as they do their carnage.
  13. Z28500

    Z28500 New Member

    Just a thought, but if he thinks he knows who it was, why not just get some friends together and kinda keep that guy under surveillance without him knowing and take pictures of him if he has guns with him? I know- something like that isn't easy, I was only thinking of what I might do. In reality, the thief needs to be punished:fire:severely
  14. raa-7

    raa-7 Well-Known Member

    Hate to hear about things like that. it'll somehow get back to them or whoever did it ! Yep ! Also being that so many were taken,they might have already slipped up somehow,like if they sell them to someone that is not that slick,that person might screw up and sell one or two,whatever,,to the wrong person or people etc.The word is out ...
  15. snakebite13

    snakebite13 New Member

    Been There

    I really understand the stolen gun crap! I lost over a dozen hand guns and rifles and two over and under shot guns to house thief. They came in the back door and rensacked my home from one end to the other. My wife and I had other smaller items taken also. Ends up it was my step son and his drug buddies. I never saw any of my guns again. They still hang a horse thief!
  16. Blacksmoke

    Blacksmoke Well-Known Member

    Years ago, my neighbor had his safe chained to the back of a truck and the safe dragged out through the stud frame wall below a window. How the burglars loaded it onto the truck is unknown. The safe was not bolted to the floor.

    I have one safe bolted to the slab floor and another, not bolted, weighs about one ton. Neither can survive mechanical advantage of a truck dragging it or a winch mounted on a truck. The good news is that level of activity is very time consuming and difficult to conceal. Most thieves are smash, grab and run. Sadly, I did leave some valuable guns out and they disappeared overnight. I will never do that again.

    Cameras help with accountability and I hope to add some when I can afford them.
  17. notmyrichie

    notmyrichie New Member

    When My House Got Broke into, The Cops Told Me it was someone that I knew. They Only Took the Guns Nothing else. They asked me- Who had been in my house in the last 6 months, and knew I had guns- Besides Family. There where only two people. One of those people was at work that day. The other one was a friend. I found out later -He lost his job, Started using crack, had been in prison for B&E (he had a Gun on him during a B&E) had been arrested a bunch of times for B&E, he moved into a different house, changed his number, made his Facebook Private. Deleted me as a FB friend.
  18. jimsouth

    jimsouth Well-Known Member

    My cousin has a Heritage Safe - I believe it's 1.200 pounds empty. I have downsized and ordered a double door Stack On steel gun cabinet that I will beef up. In the back of a closet ( a tight fit & out of sight ) - bolted to floor - extra locking mechanism - and motion detector alarms ( two ). Will run an outdoor alarm this Spring. The alarms will definitely go off long before someone can open the cabinet.
  19. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-Known Member

    Stolen from Bear Paw Arms in PA last weekend, someone swiped a box off the truck when loading/unloading at a gun show:

    Silencer CO Sparrow SS Suppressor SS-4299
    Glock 21 HWU771
    S&W M&P22 Pistol MP008021
    S&W Shield 9mm Pistol HBD6791
    Para Ord 1911 G108401
    Charles Daly 1911 CD009797 (Missing left grip screw)

    $500 REWARD for information leading to an arrest (724) 433-3199
  20. wolf695

    wolf695 Well-Known Member

    I have learned gun thieves are pretty ingenius, and the ones around here anyway! They have a construction van a 1 ton, and tools to get what they are after. As for the law in this one is related to the head thief. In this case, they are still loose! The best advise is to have someone there at all times, or a good security system. I hope he gets his guns back!

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