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Beaver tail

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by pablo45, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. pablo45

    pablo45 Well-Known Member

    Why do so many people like the beaver? I have handled a few 1911's an xd's and i can not see the benefit of this feature. Could some of you help me with this?
  2. DogBonz

    DogBonz Well-Known Member

    it depends

    For some people, depending on their hand size, the way that they grip the gun or maybe even the gun its self, you can get hammer bite.
  3. Sry0fcr

    Sry0fcr Well-Known Member

    It hasn't been an issue for me but I can see where it could happen. Better afe than sorry.
  4. hkusp

    hkusp Well-Known Member

    I like beaver tails because glocks don't have them.
  5. mattf7184

    mattf7184 Well-Known Member

    They can.... :neener:

    It allows you to grip higher and for some it prevents hammer or slide bite.

    I think it is more comfortable as well.
  6. bigsarg99

    bigsarg99 Well-Known Member

    Beavertails are great! I have them my 1911's and im glad that S&W decided to put one on their new M&P's!
  7. Cousin Mike

    Cousin Mike Well-Known Member

    Go get ahold of a G.I. 1911, and put 500 rounds through it.

    Wait a week for the web of your hand to heal.

    Then get ahold of one with a beavertail, and put a few rounds through it.

    I'm speaking from experience. :D
  8. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I've fired 100's of rounds through a Remington Rand GI .45 and a Colt L:p ightwieght Commander with no hammer bite, but it does plague some people. The beavertails are more comfortable to shoot a lot of rounds through even for people who don't suffer from "hammer bite". At least it is for me.
  9. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    I prefer the beavertail because I don't like the hammer bit & I can get a better grip on my 1911's :D
  10. GoRon

    GoRon Well-Known Member

    I shoot with my thumb on the safety. This allows me to get back on target quicker for follow up shots.

    With my big hands and that type of hold I get hammer bite from my Colt Commander.

    It is without question an improvement on the initial design.
  11. Steve C

    Steve C Well-Known Member

    I have a Combat Commander and the small tang on the grip safety would dig into the back of my hand under recoil. After a box of shells I'd have a bleading sore so I changed the grip safety ot a beaver tail type. Never had the hammer bite me.

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    Beaver tails belong on beavers not 1911's Sorry Iam old school don't like full guide rods either. or the front of my slide ground up.

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