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Belt for Holster

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by ReadyontheRight, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. ReadyontheRight

    ReadyontheRight Well-Known Member

    Please give me your recommendations for belts to attach a holster. This will be primarily for hunting with a 5.5" Redhawk.

  2. Sludge

    Sludge Well-Known Member

    Well for any gun holster I have found you need a thick stiff belt for it to ride right. Many of the holster manufacturers offer them. However, these leather belts are a little expensive at times. Usually in the range of $100 as in the case of the Melt Sparks belt I am wearing right now.

    A riggers belt is also a good gun belt and is much cheaper. I have seen many, but the ones from the 3 gun gear are outstanding IMHO at $36.

    3 Gun Gear

    Hope that helps.

  3. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    All my belts are from http://www.mitchrosen.com

    They're good enough to wear with my best suits, strong enough to handle my rarely carried model 1911, and more durable than any belt I've ever owned. I doubt I'll buy any other brand the rest of my life.
  4. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam

    Rafter S~~Great stuff at a great price.

  5. Rickstir

    Rickstir Well-Known Member

    Try a real good shoe repair place. There is one just south of me and he has quality, all be it plain, leather belts for $24.00. Very stiff and hold my open carry 92FS just fine. I have two and will probablly be picking up another now the MO has CCW:D
  6. Glockster35

    Glockster35 Well-Known Member

  7. C.R.Sam

    C.R.Sam Moderator Emeritus

    A good piece of harness leather,
    width max for your clothing,
    and a bit of time.
    Under 20 bucks and will be as nice as you want to make it.
    Buckle not included. :)

  8. justice4all

    justice4all Well-Known Member

    I'm a big fan of Carhartt belts. No, they're not as stiff as a $100 belt from Galco, etc, but they cost about 1/5 as much, and I've found them to be perfectly adequate. I've said it before, a good Carhartt belt, and a good Don Hume holster, and you've got a quality carry rig for about $50.
  9. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    I often carry around the house but living in MD I can't CCW a pistol out of the house so with that disclaimer out of the way.

    I love my Bianchi 1 1/2" belt. It is stiff and sturdy yet also quite comfortable and only cost $35 or so at Natchez. I doubt that when I get to a CCW state I'll have any problems with this belt even if I carry a full sized CZ 75 or 1911. Handling a Taurus 85 or Bersa .380 IWB or in the pocket fairly consistently and occasionally a 1911 or S&W 65LS, both IWB (rarely the 1911 is OWB in a cheap Uncle Mikes kydex), while at home has not been any trouble with this belt. It is also a pretty good looking, basic black, dress belt that works well with a suit or slacks yet isn't too dressy to also wear with jeans or casual slacks.

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