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Belt holster for 1911 w/ Surefire Classic 3V

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by praharin, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. praharin

    praharin Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a simple kydex holster, for a full sized 1911A1 (Springfield GI) with a Surefire Classic series 3V weapon light.

    I have a Safariland 6004, which is great for what it is. I really don't need a thigh holster all the time.

    I have an email in to Safariland to see if they exist, but I haven't seen on on their website.

    I realize that I could get a custom job done, but I would rather not send the gun away if at all possible

  2. Comedian

    Comedian Well-Known Member

  3. praharin

    praharin Well-Known Member

    They only have rail mounted models.

    thanks though
  4. tomaz45

    tomaz45 Well-Known Member

    I have had excellent service from Blade-Tech. I got started with them At Gunsite and their website is excellent.
  5. praharin

    praharin Well-Known Member

    Blade-tech doesn't make what I'm looking for, thanks.

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