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Benchmade 950 Rift

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Valkman, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013
  2. Stainz

    Stainz Well-Known Member

    I've had that very same knife for over a year - a 'sale' priced goodie from a local sharp-thing-emporium at <$100 with s/t! Despite being perfectly centered, smooth operating, sharp, and handsome, I just wasn't fond of the blade tip. Consequently, it would initially see little use. When my 2012 Blade Forum knife, the very same 950 but sporting a CPM M4 blade, CF scales, etc, arrived early last summer, I looked past the blade design and started carrying it - then the regular Rift found it's way into my pocket. Final analysis: nice pocket knife with a larger, 3 5/8" long cutting edge, than expected blade.

  3. Storm

    Storm Well-Known Member

    I have two of them, one with the black G10 scales and the other with the black/gray G10 scales. Both have the 154CM steel. One I bought new and the other used. The used one had a tiny chip up by the point that I was easily able to sharpen out. The Rift is a very well made knife and I say that owning many knives at most pricepoints including many Benchnmades. I like Osborne designs quite a bit. Knowing what I know I wouldn't hesitate to acquire a Rift if I didn't have two already. $161 seems a bit high but it has been awhile since I bought mine which IIRC I found on eBay.

    Overall, aesthetically, I find myself more drawn to the plain black G10 scales.
  4. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback you guys! I'm suprised you like the black G10 though, I think the black/charcoal is really nice looking.

    I looked on ebay but everyone seems to want $160 there also. Knifeworks at $116 seems like the best price.
  5. Storm

    Storm Well-Known Member

    I really like them both but find the black/charcoal to be a bit busy. The texturing is busy enough for me and I find that the more understated black fits my tastes more precisely.

    As to the $116 price, I don't think that you will do better than that.
  6. maxyedor

    maxyedor Well-Known Member

    What is the discount code, if you don't mind sharing? Need a new EDC and been eying the Rift, has exactly what I want in an EDC and nothing else.
  7. JimStC

    JimStC Well-Known Member

    BR549. It is at the bottom of the Knifeworks listing

  8. browneu

    browneu Well-Known Member

    I have the auto rift like it.

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  9. Tirod

    Tirod Well-Known Member

    Recently purchased one and found it different in unexpected ways.

    The blade shape and how it cuts - superior. 154CM is good steel, easy to touch up. I forgot how nice the medium alloy steels hold up compared to import or 420A.

    The grip is reportedly too aggressive to handle, mine is appropriately grippy. The aggressive part is when I try to shove it in my jeans pocket, as that is when it's too grippy and requires an extra shove.

    The Axis lock doesn't handle like a liner at all. Unlocking it completely different due to the location and motion. After years of carrying a liner or frame lock, it takes a while to learn the motions.

    The clip isn't the most furniture friendly clip I own - that is the Vex, strangely enough. Tip down isn't as different as using the thumb stud and the length of the grip - it's a bigger knife than it was perceived due to the great blade to handle ration. And when clipped in the pocket, the small tail protruding makes the knife appear much smaller than it is.

    The grey and black isn't as pronounced a pattern as it appears in print or on screen.

    Overall, a great knife for the money. Waiting to see how I might not like it, but so far, it's taking a while.
  10. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Good stuff Tirod, thanks.

    Well the wife said we couldn't afford the knife so I was forgetting about it when we got some unexpected $$$ in the mail. I'm hoping to get it now but am having to fend off the questions "Why do you need another knife?", "It'll just sit around like the others" and stuff like that. I point out her 20 purses just sit around. :)
  11. Giterboosted

    Giterboosted Well-Known Member

    Mine is actually in my pocket as I type this, absolutely LOVE it
  12. greyling22

    greyling22 Well-Known Member

    I have the 940 osborne with the same blade shape. I like it a lot. But then I also like most blade shapes so I guess I don't count. I love the axis lock. I flick it open and closed with my index finger holding back the lock and never touch the blade. It is the fasted knife I own, including autos, liners, assisted openers, etc.

    I really really wanted to like the rift. I just wasn't that impressed with it. The handle was a little sharp, but my biggest issue was with the huge gap between the choil where your fingers stop and where the blade starts. I know that is picky, but it just made the knife seem unwieldy. Maybe it was just me.

    If you want to try it on the cheap to see if you like the design there is a clone of it. the ganzo g710. http://www.exduct.com/ganzo-g710-kn...ng-knife-g710-440c-blade-axis-lock-knife.html If it follows the same pattern of my other ganzo it will be too heavy to carry around in a pocket unless you take it apart and skeletonize the liners, the g10 will have some rough edges, the blade will be unevenly ground, and the steel will be on par with a low end gerber, but the axis lock will be silky smooth and it will lock up tight. If you covered the name and told me to guess a price I'd say it was a $50-70 knife instead of the $20 it runs.
  13. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Valkman, have you compared it to the 940? I know the Rift is a bit bigger and thicker; but I am trying to get a feel for it.
  14. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    No I haven't. Should I look at the 940? Get both? My wife hates you already. lol
  15. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    No idea... Your post got me lusting after the Rift which in turn led to comparisons with the earlier 940, which appears to be 0.4" shorter and 0.15" slimmer but has aluminium scales. Similar blade shape.
  16. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    All I know is there are many Benchmades that I haven't got yet!
  17. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    "BR549" - now for those of us who grew up in the '70's, that's funny! :D
  18. greyling22

    greyling22 Well-Known Member

    The 940 is a completely different feeling knife. It carries far smaller than the dimensions indicate, and I don't know why. Maybe because it is slick, maybe because it is not a wide knife (as measured from blade edge to spine) maybe a couple of oz akes a huge diference in a pocket, but compared to the rift it's like carrying a kahr cw9 as opposed to a glock 19.

    I keep checking out other knives, I love knives, but I have not found one that even comes close to how much I love the 940 series in close to 8 years. It's not a heavy duty combat knife, which is a plus for me, but maybe not for everybody.
  19. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    Sigh. I just read this, watched some videos on youtube and purchased one at knifeworks. THR is a very expensive site!

    The knifeworks price is by far the lowest, thanks for the link and code.
  20. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Yeah, I took the plunge too... That price was too good to pass up and it is an interesting knife. Plus who doesn't like a Hee-Haw reference?

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