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Beretta 92FS Shooting MAJORLY Low

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by mike240se, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. mike240se

    mike240se Well-Known Member

    my friend just got a beretta 92FS used from the local shop. Its 9mm, all stainless steel.

    We brought it to the range, and every single shot at 25 feet missed the entire target paper. Every shot at 15 feet ended up at the very bottom of the paper.

    So we put a laser bore sighter in, and it was way low. Basically you have to aim 10 inches high to get the bore sighter in the center. I tried the same thing with the bore sighter in my ruger p95 and it was fine, about 1/2 inch low (normal to be a little low, but not 10 inches)

    I dont know if its normal but there is a large gap above the barrel in the hole at the muzzle end of the slide. and the barrel is resting against the bottom, with no gap. almost if the barrel is pointing down slightly.

    He called berretta, they say to send it back, to be checked out.

    Anyone able to give me any info on this for my friend? Much appreciated.

  2. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    It is normal for the barrel to rest on the bottom of the oversized hole in the end of the slide. Looks like what determines the angle of the barrel is the bottom of that hole in the slide and then the lip over the face of the slide where the firing pin protrudes through (when fired). If either of those places were excessively worn it would cause it to shoot low.

    Was there an aftermarket sight put on? Maybe the rear sight is too low if it was replaced?

    I'd send it back to Berretta if they are going to fix it under warranty. Maybe the dealer where he bought it from will send it in for you to save some bucks.
  3. mike240se

    mike240se Well-Known Member

    As far as we know its the stock sight. It does appear stock from waht i have seen on other beretta's.

    The dealer has offered to send it to beretta. I guess that is what he will do. We are just concerned that putting a sight on to correct the issue is just masking some kind of defect in the gun. I would think beretta would make sure its all good, not just throw on a higher sight.
  4. mike240se

    mike240se Well-Known Member

    people are telling my friend to try a different ammo. that he needs a heavier grain bullet. (on another forum)

    ammo can obviously make a difference, but can it really cause it to be off the paper completely at 25 ft? that seems massively extreme.
  5. Oro

    Oro Well-Known Member

    If you are shooting with a reputable maker's boxed factory load, no it should not print that far away. I believe US mil-spec ammo is 115 gr., so if the PO adjusted the sights for a heavier round, that could be the problem. But also, with reloads or other bullet loadings, yes, it can be very different. If the sights are not stock-type, that's also possibly your problem. Also, I do not not know what distance offhand that 92FS sights are set for at the factory. It may be 15 yds, which is 45', not 25' (but that still accounts for only a small difference, not 10").

    A round trip to Maryland to tune it up and check it out is not a bad thing, so don't get to worried over it.
  6. mike240se

    mike240se Well-Known Member

    everything on the gun is stock and we are using regular 115gn ammo.

    he sent it back to beretta today. thanks. i will elt you know what happens.
  7. rich636

    rich636 Well-Known Member

    If your friend new to handgun shooting? When I first started shooting handguns I thought the sights were way off because I was shooting low. I was actually anticipating the recoil and my grip was diving prior to the hammer falling. It turns out it was me and after a few range trips it stopped happening.

    Edit: does the slide lock closed with the boresight in? I wonder if the barrel is tipping if the it keeps the slide back some.
  8. mike240se

    mike240se Well-Known Member

    no the slide DOES lock closed, the bore sight i think was pretty accurate.

    my friend has experience shooting handguns, i have even more and had the same issue, our other friend who has been shooting for 20 years also had the problem (even worse)

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