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Beretta Nano 300 round test

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by CDW4ME, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Well-Known Member

    I recently bought a new Beretta Nano 9mm; it came with one 8 round extended magazine and one flush fitting six round magazine. The Nano does not have an internal lock or magazine disconnect, if it did I wouldn’t have bought it. I also bought night sights and an extra six round magazine.

    First thing I did was check sight adjustment; I shot 25 rounds of 124 gr. Winchester Ranger T and made a minor adjustment to the rear sight. I subsequently replaced the original sights with night sights, taking care to put the rear in the adjusted spot, and applied some Loc-Tite.

    Next shooting session was 200 rounds of four different types of ammunition, 50 rounds each.

    Third session was 50 rounds of my handload (a Hornady 115 gr. XTP) and another 25 rounds of the Federal 124 gr. HST +P bringing the total rounds to 300.

    Chrono results, in ascending level of KE, average for 5 shots:
    Federal 124 gr. Hydra Shok @ 991 fps / 270# KE
    Federal 147 gr. JHP @ 914 fps / 273# KE
    Hornady 115 gr. XTP handload @1,110 fps / 315# KE
    Federal 124 gr. HST +P @ 1,144 fps / 360# KE
    Winchester 124 gr. Ranger T +P @ 1,184 fps / 386# KE

    Ammunition performance in water filled jugs, average recovered diameter:
    Federal 124 gr. Hydra Shok- back of 4th jug / ~.53
    Hornady 115 gr. XTP handload- back of 3rd jug / ~.61
    Federal 124 gr. HST +P- back of 3rd jug / ~.68
    Winchester Ranger T 124 gr. +P- back of 3rd jug / ~.74

    Ejection of brass:
    Federal 124 gr. Hydra Shok: acceptable ejection pattern, majority at 3-4 o’clock
    Federal 147 gr. JHP: erratic ejection pattern, some thrown close to or over my head
    Hornady 115 gr. handload: very good ejection pattern, consistently about 3-4 o’clock
    Federal 124 gr. HST +P: very good ejection pattern, consistently at 3-4 o’clock
    Winchester 124 gr. Ranger T +P: erratic ejection pattern, some thrown close to or over my head

    I bought the Nano as a potential pocket carry pistol. I don’t like the look of the Nano with the extended eight round magazine inserted and it would eliminate pocket carry; however, the eight round magazine is useful as a spare.
    My choice in ammo is the Federal 124 gr. HST +P for the most energy and consistent ejection of brass, with my own handload as an acceptable (to me) alternate.

    Summary, I shot 300 rounds of various ammo through my Nano with no malfunctions.

    I included two pics showing the Nano beside a J frame for size comparison.

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  2. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member


    Nice evaluation and write-up. Good to see that with the first 300 rounds there were no malfunctions of any kind. It also looks like from your tests the Federal 124 gr. HST +P and the Winchester 124 gr. Ranger T +P gave you the best expansion and penetration. Did you have a chance to do any accuracy testing with these particular loads?
  3. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    Have one on the way myself - glad to hear it ran without incident.
  4. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    Good review, does the variable ejection pattern of an ammo indicate variable slide movement after the shot is fired?

    Would you expect higher standard deviation from the chrono from that ammo?
  5. jpruitt

    jpruitt Well-Known Member

    Good to hear your experience, as I just got a Nano myself (I didn't care for the 8-rd magazine either).

    What I want to know is where the heck you found 300 rounds of 9mm. I haven't been shooting in months for lack of ammo. I really want to break this thing in.
  6. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Well-Known Member

    I don't do any accuracy testing, nearly all my shooting is offhand at 6 -7 yards. Sorry.

    The Winchester Ranger 124 gr. +P did generate the highest energy and greatest recovered diameter, but I would not select it as a carry load in this pistol due to the erratic brass ejection and significant recoil.
  7. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Well-Known Member

    I bought that ammo prior to the last election. ;)
  8. toivo

    toivo Well-Known Member

    In my Nano, the six-round mags lock in easily and drop free when released. The eight-round magazines won't lock in unless I put forward (as well as upward) pressure on the mag when inserting it or else slam it in really hard, and they won't drop free when released: they drop about an inch and then hang up. I have three of them, and they all do it.

    Has anybody else noticed this?
  9. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Well-Known Member

    All three magazines locked in place just fine.
  10. YZ

    YZ member

    Ammo for the Nano

    Does Beretta warn against using any particular ammo type, weight, steel casing, etc?
  11. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Well-Known Member

    I see warnings against handloads, reloads, and remanufactured ammunition.
    It also states that +P or +P+ may reduce service life.

    I already violated :rolleyes: those.
  12. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    CDW4ME, I recently shot a Kimber Solo, SIG P290 and a Beretta Nano. If I had to choose one of the three based on function, reliability, fit and finish it would definitely be the Nano and I'm a SIG/Kimber fan with six SIGs and two Kimbers. I was very impressed with the Nano.
  13. C0untZer0

    C0untZer0 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the review
  14. FireInCairo

    FireInCairo member

    I have noticed this in two Nanos now. First one was one I was considering buying at a LGS. It handled the short mags fine, but the extended one required tap to get seated. I declined on the purchase because of that. Then I bought a Nano at another LGS with two short mags. I then purchased a couple of Beretta extended mags and sure enough they both needed the tap to get them seated properly.

    Not a fan of that, but perhaps they need to be worked in some?
  15. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    I liked the first Nano so much I bought a second one.

    I've been shooting it for a couple weeks. Haven't kept a accurate round count it's about 300 rounds. Mostly reloads and mostly 115 gr FMJ.
    No problems.

    Pocket carried it some (with the short mag).



    The only complaint I have is the LONG trigger.
    A gun of this type needs a long trigger but IMO Beretta over did it.

    Oh yeah. I hate those Glock style split triggers. Within three magazines my trigger finger was sore (common when I shoot Glocks). A little smoothing of the trigger fixed that but I still hate the Glock split trigger.

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