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Beretta TomCat (22LR)

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Top_Notch, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Top_Notch

    Top_Notch Well-Known Member

    I was at my local sports store yesterday looking at something to pique my interest so I can be separated from my money. I came upon a Beretta Tomcat (IIRC) in 22LR. I didn't understand the purpose of this pistol. The calibre is too small to be a defensive pistol. The pistol itself is too small (IMHO) to be a target/range pistol. Is this just a plinking pistol in the true sense of the word? What is it's use? Is this pistol any good? How many rounds does it hold, or is it a one shot wonder?

    I am not familiar at all with it, so any comments to enlightenment would be appreciated.
  2. otomik

    otomik Well-Known Member

    if it's really a Tomcat then buy it right away, the .22lr version is rare.
    if it's a Bobcat then it's very common.
    go and check, or from memory you should be able to tell the two apart from the trigger guard, the bobcat has a separate thin shaped metal gaurd and the tomcat has a guard thats part of the actual frame.

    The common bobcat holds 7 rounds of .22lr or 8 rounds of .25acp. it's a very small blowback of lightweight so it can't chamber a more powerful round. at least with the .22lr model you can practice till your hearts content, so some may prefer it over the more reliable centerfire .25 or .32 and .380 on other models. Israeli Mossad used .22lr Berettas successfully for many years (models 1948, 71, and 87) but that probably had something to do with sound suppression capabilities as well. Beretta pocket pistols have a following, to say they have no purpose is flamebait. If you can't carry something more powerful, or as a backup to something more powerful, it's still better than a sharp stick. some use pocket pistols as tackle box guns or plinking "minute of popcan" target guns so defense might not be an issue
  3. cls12vg30

    cls12vg30 Well-Known Member

    I actually like the idea of a .22LR or .25ACP pocket pistol as a backup gun. I know that the hot BUGs these days are the Kel-Tecs, both the P32 and the P3-AT. But here's my rationale. My primary carry weapon is a Makarov, a weapon I have absolute faith in. If I had one of those slick little .32 or worse, .380 Kel-Tecs, I might be tempted to go armed only with that more often, due to the comfort and easier concealability, and leave my Mak at home. This is a habit I don't want to get into. If my pocket gun/BUG is a .22 or .25, well the temptation to go out with only that will be severely lessened.

    Of course, if forced into an armed defensive situation with such a weak round, there is no double- or triple-tap. There is only aim for the head and go for slide lock. And have another mag ready to do it again.
  4. GaryK

    GaryK Well-Known Member

    I have a Beretta 21A and like it a lot. I use it as a secondary CCW. I fits well in my shorts pocket during the summer months. Mine is well built and functions reliabily.
  5. Top_Notch

    Top_Notch Well-Known Member

    So, perhaps it was a Bobcat and not a Tomcat, I'll have to check back for sure. I am not looking to flame this pistol, just understand it. So, I guess it's best use is for a backup CCW and/or Toolbox gun. I liked the size, and the price, but I was thinking to myself..."What the heck am I going to do with this thing after I get it home?" (Mind you, no CCW of any (legal) kind here in Hellinois).

    Thanks for the comments...keep them coming. Maybe I'll just buy it!
  6. otomik

    otomik Well-Known Member

    If kel-tec made one of the BUGs in .22lr and it was smaller and lighter than the the P32, i'd buy it and probably carry it too. something like the russian PSM chambered for .22lr would also sell well. and why no more Walther TPH?
  7. otomik

    otomik Well-Known Member

    well, keep voting and call it your little wager against the flatearth society anti-ccw politicans of "Ellin-wah" people's republic.

    .22lr is the most useful cartridge there is, though admitidly it's place is defensive arms is small, but people should be making more good guns for it.
  8. Kamicosmos

    Kamicosmos Well-Known Member

    I bought my 21a for snake protection when I used to work on Land Survey crews. Ironically, once I bought it, I didn't run across a snake again.

    That said, I did use it earlier this year to take out a copperhead in the back yard.

    They are reliable and well-build little guns. I plan on using mine as a BUG when I start CCW. It's also nice to have it in the car when you're out camping or something when you don't really want a bigger (ie more noticable) gun around.
  9. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member

    A Beretta 21A was my first BUG (now replaced by a Kel-Tec P32).

    Quality little weapon, though it has lotsa parts.
  10. AZ Heat

    AZ Heat Well-Known Member

    I love mine. It is a very fun gun but a little finicky with some ammo. Once you find the right ammo, 100% reliable. I carry mine while hiking in the desert in AZ.

    A good reason to get it is just because it is a small, fun, inexpensive gun that shoots inexpensive ammo.
  11. buttrap

    buttrap Well-Known Member

    Plus it beats trying to hide a 1911 in the little inside pockets of swimming trunks too.

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