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Berry's plated 45

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by badnova, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. badnova

    badnova Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have experience with Berry's plated 185gr flat point or 200 gr flat point 45 cal bullets
  2. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Have loaded some 200gr flat point in the past. They shoot fine over W231 powder, if you can find any.....
  3. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I have shot the Berrys 185 Gr SWC, 200 Gr HP, and 230 Gr RN and they all shot well for me. I will buy them again if the price is right, but right now I still have some. I have no need for .45 bullets right now.
  4. Blue68f100

    Blue68f100 Well-Known Member

    I've used the 200gr FP in the past. But now only use the 230gr RN or the 185gr HBRN. With these two I do not have to reset my seating die, same profile. No problem with any of them.
  5. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Agh yes, I forgot about the 185 Gr RN. I like it too, and more specifically, my 1955 Target likes them.
  6. SuperNaut

    SuperNaut Well-Known Member

    I've loaded a lot of Berry's 200gr, these guys right here:


    They shoot fine in all my guns.
  7. badnova

    badnova Well-Known Member

    Berry'r plated 45 bullets

    Thanks guys,
    Any favorite loads, etc.???
    Thanks agin
  8. SuperNaut

    SuperNaut Well-Known Member

    4.8 - 5.0 gr. Titegroup 1.250" oal

    ETA: I just edited to a lower gr. amount since I worked up to the higher load. I don't feel comfortable recommending the higher load online. 5.0 is hot for this bullet and I'm going to add all the usual disclaimers, work up, make sure it is right for your gun, check for vigorously thrown brass, etc.

    I also have some 700x data, but hardly anyone uses it...
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
  9. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    I shot 170 or so of their 230 grain RN loaded with Clays to 170 pf Saturday with good results.

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  10. Lj1941

    Lj1941 Well-Known Member

    Berrys 45s

    I have used their 200 FP & 230 RN. I Used 5.3 of BE with the RN & I do not recall what I used with the FP.They were OK,but I switched to lead because of cost.:)
  11. badnova

    badnova Well-Known Member

    Berry's 45 plated

    Really appreciate it I have lots of 231 and unique
  12. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Use the 231. I use 231 under my Berry's 230 gr loads. Shoots great!
  13. splithoof

    splithoof Well-Known Member

    I have used just about every bullet they sell in all calibers. Much cleaner than swaged lead, and much better priced than jacketed. In thousands of rounds, never a single issue, and all the bullets have been very uniform in size and weight. As a result, I have completely switched over all handgun reloading operations to use their bullets.

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