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Bersa .22lr range report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Northslope Nimrod, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Northslope Nimrod

    Northslope Nimrod Well-Known Member

    Recently bought a used Bersa Model 23 22lr Semi-automatic pistol. (all steel with wood grips). I chose it over the new alloy Firestorm .22lr.

    I only shot about 60 rounds through it, but this is what I noted:

    1. Very smooth trigger.
    2. Trigger was quite light in SA mode.
    3. Fits my small hands well.
    4. Functioned 100% reliably (even cycled well when my small boys shot it)
    5. General accuracy was impressive, but I still need to shoot paper. (I was out in the bush, just shooting natural targets)

    More coming after I go to the range. This gun was purchased to replace my P-22 which I recently sold. Thus, far I am pleased with my decision.
  2. NewShooter

    NewShooter Well-Known Member

    Their hard to find around here. Did you have to order it or do a transfer?
    I love 22's that are built on the same frame as their larger caliber counterparts.
  3. Is your's nickel or blue? Show us a pic. Check out Bersatalk for some more info on this little gem. I have four .22lr Bersas including a 23 in nickel. That is my fav out of the four. I do have one of the newer alloy frame ones as well and for some reason, I don't like it. The other three I own are all the older all steel guns. They are great guns and I snap up every one I come across. I have not paid much more than $200 for any of them and I consider them all great guns.
  4. Northslope Nimrod

    Northslope Nimrod Well-Known Member

    Bought it at local gun store. Walked in and there she was. They also had a Firestorm, but the all steel just felt better and the trigger was much more smooth (didn't dry fire it, just pulled it back until just before it would fire).
    Unfortuneatly I had to give $230 for it. But it came with two mags and I understand the mags are $35 a pop. The Firestorm was $259 with only one mag.
    I'll try to get a picture posted.
    It is the blued version.
  5. "Unfortuneatly I had to give $230 for it."

    That is still a great price. I was only bragging about mine because I felt like I stole them. I see them sell for around $300-400 when people know what they have for sale. People will pay it as there are not many out there. Get them if you can and $230 with an extra mag is a price you can smile about.

    I love the fact that they are reliable and accurate and also feel like a centerfire pistol. It is a great trainer. I shot my nickel 23 so much that I became much better at controling the trigger of my Beretta 92fs as well as other DA/SA pistols.
  6. P. Plainsman

    P. Plainsman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, bring on the pics.

    I'd really like a Bersa .22. Cute and cool. I'm very fond of my Bersa .380.

    If only Bersa mags were cheaper and easier to find. I'd want a Firestorm .22 with at least a couple of spare magazines.
  7. Keep your eyes peeled and you will find mags. They pop up in strange places. I have got some on E-bay, Gunbroker, online forums, gunshows and gunstores. I have about 15 mags IIRC. I didn't spend more than $25 for any of them. I found four of them at a gunstore in the middle of nowhere. They wanted $5.00 each but I talked them down to $12.00 for all four of them.;) The store didn't know what gun they were for and they were in the odds and ends box.
  8. Black Adder LXX

    Black Adder LXX Well-Known Member


    Please :)
  9. Black Adder LXX

    Black Adder LXX Well-Known Member

    Where can you find those? I went to bersafirearmsusa.com and didn't see any 22s listed. Are these discontinued or am I looking in the wrong place?
  10. Shear_stress

    Shear_stress Well-Known Member

    For some reason, .22LR Bersas are now sold only under the Firestorm name.

    I've got an older Bersa Model 23 and I highly recommend it, if you can find one. Love those early, all-steel guns.
  11. Northslope Nimrod

    Northslope Nimrod Well-Known Member

    Original Poster: Shot another 50 rounds through her yesterday. A friend commented, "that is one smooth shootin' gun." I would not normally think of such a small gun as "smooth shooting" but 1) it has a nice smooth trigger and 2) it cylces very smoothly for its size. Accuracy was very impressive at 25 yards. I was consistently hitting pieces of clay pigeons (not whole clays, just pieces).
    One negative. My small boy usually shoots my Browning fine and even my P22. This Bersa would not cycle with his tiny hands. But it has yet to have any failures in my hands or my friends'.

    The more I shoot it, the more happy I am about his little gem.
    Hope to post pics soon.

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