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Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by B J Elliott, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. B J Elliott

    B J Elliott Active Member

    I just purchased a new Bersa Thunder .380 and have not fired it yet. My very first impression so far is that is seems to be very light but sorta seems to be just cheap. I know, having not fired it yet and all but the metal seems to be of cheap quality or something. Am I wrong here. Any comments would help. Thanks.

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    come to Bersachat and learn what a great pistol you bought . You have a nice pistol at a good price. I now have 3 of the 380 Thunders

  3. Nushif

    Nushif Well-Known Member

    Mine works just fine. Accurate, light, easy to use.

    When people usually say "cheap" they mean "I wanted something else."

    If you want a three pound solid steel block made by Caspian, LesBaer or whoever ... buy that? As is, in a Bersa you get a lightweight shootable and concealable handgun. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I do get that feeling at times when people describe their gun as "cheap."
  4. steelerdude99

    steelerdude99 Well-Known Member

    It's not a bad little gun. I got mine new at $210.00. For what I paid for it about 4 years ago, I got my money's worth. The mag. capacity is small. Bersa makes an improved model w/ a double stack mag now.

  5. clutch

    clutch Well-Known Member

    I have a Bersa 95 in .380, a similar pistol. I've put a lot of rounds downrange. The only issue I've had is a grip screw fell out.

    I quit counting rounds fired after the first 1000 or so.

    The gun is accurate due to a fixed barrel (blow back action). It is low powered as in 95 hard ball can just make it to the thin side of a 2x4 which is 1.5" thick.

    I recently ordered a 442-1 J frame in .38 +P. I wanted a bit more power and concealability even at the expense of lower round count.

    Don't feel bad about buying a Bersa, it is a fairly inexpensive pocket auto that works and will fire a lot of rounds with out breaking. If this is what you could afford and would fit your carry profile, you didn't do too bad. I'll never get rid of mine. Any gun you have beats any gun you didn't bring.

  6. thunder173

    thunder173 Well-Known Member

    I have 3 of the Firestorm versions,...22 and .380,...and a .45 Mini Thunder/UC,...they are inexpensive,..but man can they shoot.
  7. B J Elliott

    B J Elliott Active Member

    No offense meant!!
  8. Frozen North

    Frozen North Well-Known Member

    I have a Bersa Thunder 380 CC. I can honestly say that it does not feel cheap at all. The machine work is clean and it looks good. I have asked my friends to guess what I paid for it, the average guess is $500. I think it is ALLOT of pistol for the money.

    I was weary of the pistol for what I paid for it, but it has proven itself a winner.
  9. B J Elliott

    B J Elliott Active Member

    I am feeling a lot better after all these positive posts, can't wait to go to the ole range. Thanks everyone..
  10. btg3

    btg3 Well-Known Member

    Fun gun to shoot, but .380 ammo is pricey.

    Nice size for CC on the belt, but 9mm compacts are no bigger.

    For pocket carry, J-frames are smaller and offer bigger bullets.

    Regardless, I'm not looking to part with my Bersa Thunder .380.
  11. wow6599

    wow6599 Well-Known Member

    Bersa Thunder DuoTone here.........for $259 + tax I think it's an outsatnding firearm.
  12. john5036

    john5036 Well-Known Member

    If it's going to be your carry weapon, try to stay away from Fiocchi JHP rounds because their bullet is jagged, and stick with Speer Gold Dots as the bullet is rounded and they will cycle through your gun, but ALSO THE MAGAZINE reliably. My experience with Fiocchi HPs were terrible in my BT380. FTFs, and magazine failures galore.

    Also, the gun is manufactured to pretty tight specifications, and while your mileage may vary, it will NEED a break-in period of up to 500 rounds. Again, UP TO. As you shoot the gun more and more, you'll see the slide and feed ramp begin to show signs of where most of the "traffic" is as it cycles the rounds.

    Otherwise, once you've let the gun "grow up a bit" it's a great shooter, with very decent accuracy.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2011

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

  14. fireman5069

    fireman5069 Well-Known Member

    The only trouble I have with mine is when you remove the mag if you look at it wrong, the slide will slam closed. I think it has something to do with the slide release being worn. No, I don't use the release to close but it has worn over time. Wish this was something I could repair.
  15. btg3

    btg3 Well-Known Member

  16. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    You wanted a chevy but bought a yugo.

    And yes, I have owned a Bersa before. Broke twice, fixed twice and got rid of it. And Bersachat doesnt tolerate anything but raving and glowing reviews. They slam any kind of honest negative feedback.
  17. birddog

    birddog Well-Known Member

    I can give honest POSITIVE feedback. The Bersa Thunder 380 is one of my three main carry guns, the others being .357 snubbie and .45 acp semi-auto. I thoroughly enjoy shooting mine at the range, and it's by far the most accurate semi-auto that I own. I am not sure why you think it reeks of cheapness. Mine has swalled thousands (at least 3000, possibly more) of rounds of everything from Wolf to Speer Gold Dots. Maybe one -- ONE -- FTF in all the time I've owned it (about 6 years). It's very easy to disassemble and clean and, for the same reason, very easy to replace parts and -- most importantly -- to understand how it works. I think it's reliable, good quality, and (caliber wars aside) trust it as a carry pistol.

    Every brand of gun has its lemons, including Bersa. But you'll find lots of fans here, and with good reason.
  18. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    A lot of people seem to like them, but I think that has a lot more to do with the price than the quality.
  19. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb Well-Known Member

    They're pretty well made and have nice triggers. They're great little shooters. My wife's carry gun to be (as soon as her permit arrives) is a Bersa Thunder I've had for a while, and I own 30+ guns and am in a financial position to buy her whatever carry gun she would like. The Bersa works for her. I'm happy with that. There are some modern 380 jhp loads that fully expand and get 12 inches of penetration.
  20. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    ...I would say that is an overstatement. Their fit and finish is not what you would find on a high or even a mid-grade firearm. The materials that go into them are not of high quality, hence their low cost.

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