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Best 22 lr load?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Dr.Rob, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Art's "use enough gun" thread got me thinking.

    My old Marlin 995 has killed a lot of small game, jackrabbits included. One problem with the .22 as a small game round. Colorado states your bullet must weigh 38 grains, and most hp 22's are NOT legal. (Not that a game warden has EVER asked to look at my rifle or ammunition) I used to buy Remington Yellowjackets or CCI Stingers. Both are too light.

    (I just re-read the regs online and it states for TURKEY a rifle or handgun must fire a bullet weighing at least 38 gr and have 110ft/lbs energy at 100yards.. it appears there is no restriction for other small game)

    So... what do you all stoke your 22's with when wabbit season approaches?
  2. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Well-Known Member

  3. sm

    sm member

    Winchester X22lr

    This load has consistently been the best for me since- dunno- the early 70's- been using as long as I can recall. Seems to go bang, feed, cycle, eject and the like in such a variety of platforms.

    Some others may be more accurate (22's are finicky sometimes) but I just buy cases /bricks...one less thing to worry about.

    In a HP the Wincester Powerpoint 40 gr seems to do the same thing for me as the aforementioned RN.
  4. Bottom Gun

    Bottom Gun Well-Known Member

    Winchester Power Points get my vote. They're accurate and hard hitting.
  5. whiskey

    whiskey Well-Known Member

    Winchester Super X Solids or Hollowpoints depending on the game and the weapon.
  6. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    I was mildly surprised to discover that of some ten brands and types, the QuikShok loads gave the best groups in my mostly-stock 10/22. It made a notable exit wound on a rock squirrel at about fifteen yards, as well.

    Otherwise, I've always liked the CCI MiniMag HP.

  7. BTM

    BTM Well-Known Member

    I use Remington SubSonics.
    These relatively quiet HP's kill rabbits, squirrels and head shot coons very effectively.
    Very accurate and function my Ruger 10/22 fine.
  8. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    I used to buy Winchester Wildcats for plinking, etc. I ended up with several bricks where everyother round was a dud, or jammed my auto pistol. My dad and I both had this problem. I know its a fluke, but I haven't bought Winchester 22's since.

    Federal "valuepaks" available at Wal-mart sometimes have a 400 rd cpooer plated 38 gr hollowpoint for about 10 bucks, its not CCI, but it shoots very clean.

    Anyone else have a hard time finding CCI 22's these days?
  9. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Well-Known Member

    Whack that wabbit!


    The CCI Velocitor 40 grain Gold Dot has a muzzle velocity of 1450 fps, according to the website in my post above.

    None of the other 40 grain ammo discussed in this thread has a muzzle velocity over 1255 fps.

    Order some if they don't have it at the gun store.
  10. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

    I've found that much experimentation needed to find "best load" for individual .22s, especially the semis. As others have suggested, the relatively new CCI "Velicitor" may be a good choice for certain circumstances. I've not had much trouble finding the CCI loads in DFW area, yet it is rather pricey compared to bricks of 500.

    Running through several $10 bricks a year in a couple of bolt guns used in hunter ed. classes, I've come to avoid the Federal "bricks" of 550 at Wally World. Fewer misfires with Remington Golden bullets for about the same price.

    Winchester Super X is almost twice the price at gun shops, but well worth it to me when reliability is more important than just plinkin'. The most recent brick bought in $20 range was Remington Subsonics because my very old Marlin semi-auto carbine likes them so well. Very similar point of impact at 50' and 50 yards. (CCI Stingers almost 3" high at 50 yards).

    Sorta interesting how different brands of ammo can have such variations in point of impact with identical scope setting - not just elevation. Some loads off "just a little" right or left at 50', then easily have an inch or more "curl" by 50 yards - sometimes to the opposite side! Thank goodness it's much cheaper than playin' with centerfires :) .
  11. Jaegermeister

    Jaegermeister Well-Known Member

    Been thinking about an experiment

    I have a Ruger 77/22 that is about 15 years old. It has been a wonderful rifle and quite accurate with CCI Stingers. One day while shooting at 50 yards I noticed slower ammo actually grouped better. However, the Stingers dropped a whole lot less at 100 yards. It is easy to hit a 4-inch round steel plate at 100 yards with the Stingers. I would just aim a bit high of center and the thing would go "ping" every time.

    I stuck with the Stingers and sighted in for that round at 50 yards. I've had great luck so far, but I was wondering if that new 40 gr. Velocitor round might be more accurate.

    Rabbits can be easily killed with a short, but I'd take a head shot on a fox with a good .22lr such as the Stinger or mabye the Velocitor.

    I love those cheap-to-shoot .22s

    Any thoughts?
  12. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Well I've shot my 995 enough to replace the plastic buffer twice and shot the barrel pin loose. Never considered I might be using "hot" ammo. Is there such a thing as .22+p?

    Its funny when we lived in AZ CCI ammo was all over the place, and here you just don't see it much.

    So we have CCI Stingers, Velociters, Winchester Xp's any others?
  13. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

    ' Know what ya mean about having to replace plastic buffer. I think it's a combination of getting brittle with age, then getting thumped upon hard, especially in cold weather.

    Ledbetter's link above looks like a real good place to order CCI and other ammos.

    I think the Velocitors will be as close to a (heavy) ".22+P" as currently obtainable without going to .22 mag. (Altho Aguilla might make something similar.) Velocitors have funtioned 100% for me so far in everything I've tried them in, including a little semi-persnikity Beretta 21A. I've yet to have time to group a bunch of them at 50 - 100 yards with Marlin bolt gun - but looking forward to doing so when warmer weather. :) Probably going to stay with Remington subsonics in carbine to hopefully keep from cracking that plastic buffer - again. :(
  14. griz

    griz Well-Known Member

    More squirrels than rabbits for me but I use the same load for both. Remington subsonic HP. CCIs standard velocity is also accurate in my guns. I used that before Remington’s load came out. If I hunted bigger small game I would probably use something like the Power Points.
  15. bernie

    bernie Well-Known Member

    While I know that I will get flamed by serious rimfirers, I like Remington Target. I usually flatten the point with this little die and a file that I have that makes it a "SGB" flat point type game bullet. I have found that this bullet feeds well, is accurate, is a pretty good stopper, and is quiet enough not to scare every animal in the forest.
  16. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    bernie, I doubt anybody's gonna flame success! :) Heck, I ate a good bit of squirrel from an in-town backyard, using .22 CBs.

  17. redneck

    redneck Well-Known Member

    I like the how remington yellow jackets smack stuff, but my rifle won't feed them (and its a pump, rem 121) Fiddled around with a micrometer and found that the rim on them is a good bit thicker than the other .22 ammo I've got. Seems to prevent it from tipping the right way to slide into the chamber.
    Oh well about 40 rounds to give away and I can play with some new stuff.

    Best .22 ammo I ever used isn't made anymore. I'm guessin it was replaced with the yellow jacket. Don't know the name, my dad just had about 30 rounds left from who knows how long ago. Its remington, from back when they stamped the case with a U (union metallic cartridge company ... I think?) small JHP with a small opening, shaped almost like a solid. Those things blow right through a varmint and leave an exit wound 2X the size of the entrance. But they don't make em anymore :banghead: :)
  18. labgrade

    labgrade Member In Memoriam


    I've never seen anything in the CO regs about a minimum .22 bullet weight except for regards turkeys (& maybe that was your initial follow up ....)

    I've shot plenty o' rabbits with .22s & every one seems as good as another if you head shoot 'em. HPs, no matter the make, through the heart/lung area & still I've had 'em run off enough to do that extra into the hole bit - sometimes it's only a 4' dash & they're gone. I shoot rabbits in the head when using a .22 anymore.

    Used the Rem Sub-Sonics for a while. They cycled all the 10/22s, were really quite accurate, but pricey. Stocked up on the plain Jane Re/Peters at around $9/brick - they shoot good enough.

    Have been shooting mostly CCI Mini Mags lately, for some reason or another. More pricey than I'd like, but .....

    In any event, anything that'll shoot a 1/2 dollar at 50 yards is plenty for any rabbit & head shots do it every time. Buy the cheapest that'll do that.
  19. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Edited to delete in favor of new thread regarding ".22+P" question above/Aquilla ammo.

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