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Best 45 L Colt rifle?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ExAgoradzo, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    What is the best 45 colt rifle on the market (new or used)?

    I'd like a companion to my pistol. I'm not concerned about the action (lever, break, ?), I just want a fun, relatively accurate rifle that shoots the colt.

  2. PO2Hammer

    PO2Hammer Well-Known Member

    You can get an H&R Classic Carbine (single shot break action) in .45 Colt for under $250 from CDNN. Love mine. Very accurate with receiver and front globe sights I added.

    There are some very nice, usually new Winchester or Browning 1885 low wall rifles that crop up on Gunbroker every week. I would consider the 1885s as 'the best' for the basic design and the quality of the Miroku reproductions that Win. and Browning sell. Many of them are 'Hunter' versions with a flip up tang sight. You can also get Italian reproductions of the 1885 as well.

    Then there are a few lever guns from Rossi, Cimarron and others. The 1873 'short rifle' from Cimarron Arms in .44 special is my current dream gun (too spendy for reality right now).
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2011
  3. TexasPatriot.308

    TexasPatriot.308 Well-Known Member

    I love my .45 colt revolver for hunting. still havent found a rifle that will do the job. still looking myself. the Henrys look good, may go that route, till then, will stick to my revolver.
  4. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

    Probably the "best" in terms of quality, accuracy, fit and finish would be the Winchester 1892 and 1885 replicas made by Miroku of Japan. Closely followed by the various Uberti-made 1873 replicas, which seem to be significantly better-built guns than their revolver counterparts.
  5. StrawHat

    StrawHat Well-Known Member

    I don't yet own one but the Little Sharps in 45 long Colt is an interesting rifle in my opinion. I have read about it on a couple of fora and may have to find one.

    I would prefer a Ballard so chambered but they are even scarcer.
  6. RugerBob

    RugerBob Well-Known Member

    Not sure which one is best. I have a mod 92 Rossi with 24" octagon barrel. Been using it for the last 4 years for cowboy shooting without and issues or upgrades.
  7. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Well-Known Member

    I have a Winchester M94 "Legacy" in .45LC.
    It has the curved grip stock, 24"bbl, and nice wood with checkering.

    It is scary accurate with jacketed bullets, and shoots very accurate with various cast bullets. A "hot" handload of 20.0gr of #2400 under a 250gr Hornady XTP has given 1,750fps m/v and near 1" groups at 100yds (3-shots). This load is safe in Rugers, T/C Contenders, ect. DO NOT USE IN A COLT SAA, OR REPLICA.......... I seldom use the load as it is "unneccessary".

    It (rifle) will hold 11rds in magzine, so is a "load on sunday, shoot all week" rifle.
    However, it has been discontinued, but you might can find one on the internet.

    I have removed the rear sight and installed a Williams 5D reciever sight. I don't shoot it very much, but when I do, I ususally go through several hundred rounds as it is very addictive. I use the Lee .452-250gr RFN sized to .452" and lubed with SPG over 8.0gr of Universal. Any faster burning powder or lighter charge of Unique/Universal won't obturate the cases causing a LOT of sooting of the cases and unburned powder in the action, barrel.(I should say "maintain obturation till bullet exits barrel") For this reason I prefer Win, Rem, or MagTech brass (particularily the latter). The Starline brass is somewhat thicker and requires a little bit more pressure to obturate. Ususually a charge of 8.2gr will work better with the Starline. Muzzle blast is about like a .22lr with CCI Stingers, if that loud. You can comfortably shoot them without ear protection (but I don't advise it).

    The above load sighted in 2" high at 50yds is about 4" low at 100yds, (-0- at 75yds) but is HOOT to shoot, and will penetrate a deer diagonally if hit through the chest-abdomen within 100yds. (a friend has done this several times with his Taurus "Thunderer" with my ammo/bullets). Blood trails, if any, (often DRT!) are wide and short.

    I would look closely at the Taurus "Thunderer". It is decently built, and is decently accurate. It is available and is running $550-600.00. However, it is not of the quality of the Winchester. I WOULD NOT !!!!! shoot the above mentioned "HOT" load or anything over the recommended max for a Colt SAA or replica........ Not because of metallurgy, but because of the design being intended only for containing black-powder pressures of "factory ammo".
  8. tazbigdog

    tazbigdog Well-Known Member

    The best...I would choose Winchester. The best and most affordable...Marlin Cowboy .45LC!
  9. helotaxi

    helotaxi Well-Known Member

    I could not be more happy with my Marlin 1894C. Accurate, reliable, affordable and available.
  10. rogertc1

    rogertc1 member

    A new made all in the USA Henry Big Boy Lever in 45LC
  11. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    There is never a best anything. Many different makes and models with varying strengths and weaknesses. You have to figure out what features you want.
  12. mgkdrgn

    mgkdrgn Well-Known Member

    I own a Rossi in 454 that I mainly shoot in 45 Colt, and as consignments I've had a few other 45 Colt lever guns come through my door.

    In terms of overall smooth action and quality, the Marlins are hard to beat.

    The Puma/Rossi M92 probably come next, and then there are the Winchesters that just all felt "loose" to me for some reason.
  13. Malamute

    Malamute Well-Known Member

    I like the late Winchester 92's, tho I don't seem to use it much. They seem to be extremely well made compared to most that I've seen.

    Last edited: Apr 26, 2011
  14. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    I 'overheard' on another site that a 45 colt could go through a 454; so I assume that is true. Are there probs with the bullets tumbling from the barrel? Is this the casull round?
    If it is, then I assume that the Rossi has enough 'meat' to handle the pressures of handloaded 45 colts?
    Thanks for letting me pester you...I really want to buy the 'right' gun.
  15. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    That's a beauty!
  16. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

    Yep, the 1892 is the strongest of the pistol cartridge actions.
  17. helotaxi

    helotaxi Well-Known Member

    Why would they? The .454 uses .452 bullets just like the .45 Colt. The difference is in the case head and web thickness, length and primer size.
  18. Leaky Waders

    Leaky Waders Well-Known Member

  19. hirundo82

    hirundo82 Well-Known Member

    .45 Colt is to .454 Casull as .38 Special is to .357 Magnum or .22 Short is to .22 Long Rifle--same dimensions except for case length, so they chamber and fire fine. Just clean the chamber well to remove carbon buildup after firing the shorter rounds.
  20. Hagen442

    Hagen442 Well-Known Member

    45 Colt Rifles

    My Preference is the Uberti Reproductions:
    1860 Henry - Texas Ranger Augustus McCrae Special
    1866 Winchester - Yellow Boy
    1873 Winchester - Short Rifle
    Dependable, Accurate, and Fast.

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2011

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