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Best .50 BMG upper value

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by weeklycigar, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. weeklycigar

    weeklycigar Member

    Looking right now at BOHICA and Watson. Any thoughts? Anyone have experience in 1000 yd range with 24" Bohica?
  2. 50 Shooter

    50 Shooter member

    The two uppers are totally different from one another, the Watson's is old technology compared to the BOHICA.

    The Watson's upper has to be shotgunned to unscrew the bolt to place a round on it. Then you have to screw the bolt back in the lower, put the upper back in place and slide the receiver pin back in place. The BOHICA is set up like a traditional bolt action rifle, no need for any tools to load it.

    The thing you have to ask yourself is, how long do you want to wait. The wait now for a BOHICA is about 1 year unless you can find someone else selling theirs. There are other uppers on the market like the Safety Harbor, Ferret50, ALS (long wait also).

    As for the 24" barrel, you'll lose velocity, probably about 25-30 FPS per inch. The only thing you'll lose is really long range shooting ability as the longer barrel will let you reach out further.
  3. anymanusa

    anymanusa Well-Known Member

    I've been waiting for 13 months on my Bohica upper, and no detailed shipment date has EVER been given... VERY unprofessional in my opinion. I expect a delivery date, a semi-accurate one at least. Unless you are willing to deal with more than a years wait, with little to no communication from the seller, stay away from the Bohica. If I ever get my upper, I may change my tune, but consider me an unhappy customer to this point.:banghead:
  4. weeklycigar

    weeklycigar Member

    Sorry to hear about that long wait...B. Hussein may try to ban 'em all anyway. Maybe better just to buy a complete system - maybe an AR-50. The watson sounds like a pain in the rear...is the LAR Grizzly a breach loading screw in pain in the butt too?
  5. weeklycigar

    weeklycigar Member

    While on the subject, anyone have a nice 50 bmg single shot bolt cheap? I like the AR-50 and Serbu offerings and find that most poo-poo the ultra cheapies like the vulcan. $2000 or under is budget so I am in used territory for AR-50 if lucky.
  6. 50 Shooter

    50 Shooter member

    The LAR Grizzly is another type of design, it's similar to the WW upper in that they are both "shell holder" bolt designs. This means that the bolt comes out and you place the bullet on the bolt and then slide the bolt back into the rifle.

    The WW upper is what it is, the Grizzly is like a bolt action except that you pull the bolt out, put a round on the bolt, slide the bolt back into the rifle and you're ready to go. Much faster then using the WW design of having to screw the bolt in and out of the upper receiver.

    Another company you can look at is State Arms/East Ridge Gun Co., their rifles are a shell holder design also and within your price range. PLEASE, stay away from the Vulcan, waste of money and it's junk.

    Watch the auction boards, plenty of .50's come up that are in your price range.

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