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Best Ammo for Ruger LCP and Kal-Tec P-3AT

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by missed again, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. missed again

    missed again Member

    What are you all using in your Ruger LCP’s and Kal-Tec P-3AT’s? I have both but my favorite ammo - Fiocchi - jams in the magazines of both guns (380 ACP – 90 gr. JHP). Winchester 380 FMJ – white box - feeds fine but I’m looking for a little more defensive power. Any recommendations?
  2. Will Fennell

    Will Fennell Well-Known Member


    Corbon DPX......feeds great in my Keltec, and Chrono's as advertised.
  3. AllisonDT

    AllisonDT Well-Known Member

    Have you considered using an FMJ round? In that caliber, it is a viable option for defense.

    If you're set on a JHP, Winchester Silvertips have feed very well in my LCP. The nose of the bullet is more rounded than Fiocchi's which may help with feeding reliably.
  4. ByAnyMeans

    ByAnyMeans Well-Known Member

    WWB flat nose. I go for a fmj in .380 and this gives me the ability to practice with the round I carry. I hope the flat nose does crush as opposed to "zip through" as rounded had been mentioned to do. I would not change if it did'nt because it is cheapest fmj in my area anyway.
  5. jocko

    jocko Well-Known Member

    corbon dpx and Rem golden sabres will run through it like butter. Both super great defense rounds..
  6. Schofield3

    Schofield3 Well-Known Member

    What about Hornady XTP 90gr. HP?
  7. Neil442

    Neil442 Member

    Buffalo Bore

    I like the Hornady for it's feeding reliablilty.

    Anyone here tried the Bullalo Bore Gold Dots? I really like the concept of a high velocity, deep penetration hollow point, but don't want to tear up my lighter slide G1 with the required 100 or so test rounds. Upgraded to the Wolff 13lb spring, but still.....
  8. tblt

    tblt member

    102 gr.golden sabers
  9. woad_yurt

    woad_yurt Well-Known Member

    I use FMJ in a P3AT. I don't think .380 has energy to spare for both expansion and penetration so I opt for penetration. I once bought a box of Pow'RBalls and did a test. I shot regular FMJs and the Pow'RBalls into some 2x4 material. The Pow'RBalls expanded magnificently and the extra power was very evident in the added recoil. However, they hardly penetrated at all. The FMJ went in twice as far.
  10. kitsapcharly

    kitsapcharly Well-Known Member

    I use Double Tap. 200 pounds at the muzzle in a Kel-Tec...250 in a Bersa. This is really good for such short barrels. Available in FMJ or HP...your choice. Personally I like FMJ with a round nose for highest feeding reliability.
    Use any cheap FMJ for practice but carry this stuff.
  11. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    If only they made exploding bullets for these...eh? I carry DPX but the second round is always ball because my P3AT is so unreliable.
  12. Bobo

    Bobo Well-Known Member

  13. rhinoh

    rhinoh Well-Known Member

    I alternate DPX and Powerball in my P3ATs.
  14. Craig M. Arnold

    Craig M. Arnold Well-Known Member

    +1 - They work great in both my KelTec P3ATs.

    Best regards.
  15. Newton

    Newton Well-Known Member

    I personally don't carry JHPs in my pocket .380s, I think it's an exercise in futility, they just don't have enough power to work properly.

    I use the hottest flat nose FMJ I can find, right now that means Santa Barbara 88gr which is extremely hot. Anything squishy I have the misfortune to shoot with that round is going to have a hole 18 inches deep in it (or 2 holes of course).
  16. ByAnyMeans

    ByAnyMeans Well-Known Member

    I just saw that Hornady has come out with a Critical Defense round that has reached ten inches of gelatin penetration consistently for .380 acp. It's completely geared towards .380 pocket guns and the CCW market. It looks like a powerball design without the ball, but the hollowpoint is filled with red silicone and aids in expansion. I'm going to wait for independant testing but it looks promising.
  17. klane

    klane Active Member

    Another for the Remington 102 gr. GS
  18. radoson

    radoson Member

    i have been using Buffalo Bore, all 3 versions they make in 380... All 3 versions fire great without any problems. i load my lcp with the Hollow point in the barrel and then alternate between the 95 and 100 gr in he mag.
    Good Stuff... but in the future i will probably just use the 100 gr hardcast version
  19. burningsquirrels

    burningsquirrels Well-Known Member

    don't know about the LCP and 3AT, but gold dots work well in my bersa 380.

    no matter what you get, run at least 50 rounds through your gun to make sure it works. last thing you need is someone or someone's buddy running up to you and you've jammed before you can make a follow-up shot.
  20. HowardCohodas

    HowardCohodas Active Member

    Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition 380 - Availability and Price

    The first listing for distribution in the retail channel that I've found is MidwayUSA. You can't order it, but you can sign up for email notification.

    Price: $18.49 for 25
    Date Expected In-Stock: 11/27/2008


    Product Spec Sheet: http://www.hornady.com/images/sell_sheets/09-critical_defense.pdf

    Guns & Ammo article: http://gunsandammomag.com/cs/Satellite/IMO_GA/Story_C/Critical+Defense?packedargs=pagenum=2

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