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Best article I've read yet on the security vs freedom issue

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Malone LaVeigh, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Malone LaVeigh

    Malone LaVeigh Well-Known Member


    Some exerpts:

    I'm sure some will disagree. "But we're fighting terrorism!" Exactly.
  2. longeyes

    longeyes member

    I've said the same thing on this forum several times. The day will come when the military will say openly what many already think: a big chunk of Americans aren't worth fighting for, much less dying for.
  3. Chris Rhines

    Chris Rhines Well-Known Member

    Very good article for the most part, but I have to disagree on one point:

    I hate to say it, but I think the record shows exactly the opposite. The American people are both a bunch of hysterical cowards, and perfectly willing, even eager, to sacrifice basic civil liberties for the (false) promise of safety.

    - Chris
  4. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    Good article! Thanks for posting this, Malone.

    I must admit, this is the second time in a week that I've been pleasantly surprised by an article on Commondreams.org. I'd basically written that site off as a source of mealy-mouthed Leftist drivel, but they seem to be including some really good, centrist stuff now. I must visit there more often and check things out.
  5. mountainclmbr

    mountainclmbr Well-Known Member

    Lukemia is a condition where the body mistakes itsself for foreign enemies and attacks itsself. The body loses its ability to tell the difference. AQ good, self defense bad. Socialist Democrats Good, Freedom protecting Republicans bad.

    If Republicans abuse this I agree they should be boiled very slowly. But, the democrats have been abusing the IRS, FBI and BATFE against their freedom-loving enemies for years without any consequences. These organizations have almost unlimited power over citizens, especially the IRS. It seems AQ is good and hard-working citizen is bad. Where is the proportionate outrage?
  6. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I didn't see a great deal of substance in the article.

    To answer the quote question: soldiers soldier because they're proud to do so. They know they're members of a small, highly professional group who undertake tasks most folks are too afraid or squeamish to do. I doubt they fight for nations and cultures. I think they soldier because they're driven to excel in their chosen profession.

    One of my neighbors is in the "sand box" at the moment. Another is on his way back to Iraq in another couple weeks. They're rather a breed apart in some ways. I doubt America appreciates them. I'm very sure the entire country of Iraq isn't worth a single drop of American blood.
  7. mountainclmbr

    mountainclmbr Well-Known Member

    This may be true, but we have the Feinsteins, Schumers, Clintons, Kennedys, Boxers, Rangells, etc representing us by real votes. If we are destined to the consequences of the lowest common denominator, I am sure that we are in much more real totalitarian hurt than Iraq.
  8. mountainclmbr

    mountainclmbr Well-Known Member

    This may be true, but we have the Feinsteins, Schumers, Clintons, Kennedys, Boxers, Rangells, etc representing us by real votes. If we are destined to the consequences of the lowest common denominator, I am sure that we are in much more real totalitarian hurt than Iraq.
  9. Malone LaVeigh

    Malone LaVeigh Well-Known Member

    In that case, I would suggest that they (and you, if you see no substance in the concerns raised in the article) have missed the whole point of being an American. Our independence was secured by citizen soldiers who were citizens first and soldiers second. When soldiers become a professional caste more focused on their own interests than the good of the people, then they become little more good than the Praetorians and other mercenaries that fought for the Roman Empire.

    But really, the main point of the article wasn't about the military, but the civilians that send them to do dangerous work while unwilling to take a few risks inherent in having a few guarantees of rights. See the other thread about the stages of the evolution of a nation.
  10. Old Dog

    Old Dog Well-Known Member

    Times have changed, M.L. It's more than a little impractical to defend a country these days with only citizen soldiers. For one thing, the incredibly high degree of sophisticated technology that we use these days demands full-time warriors. The requirements for training to use our technology, and the nature of the training itself, makes it necessary to maintain a "professional caste" of soldiers. The nature of warfare today (and dare I mention the global war on terrorism?) demands that we have a cadre of highly trained, highly skilled, intelligent FULL-TIME professionals already organized and ready to deploy. If you cannot believe this, or even find it reasonable to consider, I suggest you need to do some further research.

    Speaking as one who, several times over the past twenty-six years, has been sent in harm's way by idiot politicians, I can state quite emphatically that I've never given any thought to the politicians themselves behind some of our more boneheaded military actions. This is not to suggest that I, or any of my compatriots, blindly and unthinkingly follow all orders without regard to the bigger picture; I'm simply speaking to the understanding that most of us do what we do because we freely chose to do so -- and for the most part, we enjoy our careers and find them rewarding. We accept the fact that we may not always agree with some of the reasons we're sent to do what we do ... Patriotism -- love of country and desire to serve -- is a huge reason for people to stay in the armed forces. ... Most of us do not do it for the money (well, excepting perhaps the guys in the nuclear field, doctors and aviators getting bonuses much larger than everyone else); I tend to agree with Standing Wolf's comments:
    It's called pride. And knowing that you are part of an institution that strives to live up to much higher standards than almost any other profession ... As far as how those in the military feel about the people they're defending ... it's perhaps a sort of benevolent yet cynical fondness ...
  11. Camp David

    Camp David member

    Common Dreams NewsCenter is about as leftist liberal as you can reach...

    This quote steered me away from article, "President Bush's apparently illegal domestic spying program..." Nice to know Common Dreams NewsCenter has become our Constitutional Scholarship Center!!!:rolleyes:

    These leftists scream like children about measures the administration is taking to protect their security and safety... when I hear such leftists squeal, I substitute the name Al Qaeda for Common Dreams NewsCenter...it fits perfectly!

    Camp David
  12. Malone LaVeigh

    Malone LaVeigh Well-Known Member

    The last resort of someone who doesn't have a defensible argument is to attack the source. I would also think it would give pause to some of you knee-jerk right wingers to see that a left-wing source has a better grasp of the constitution than your president.

    I think maybe you're confusing "citizen soldiers" with "militia". Both are excellent concepts, but are not the same thing. There's nothing stopping citizen soldiers from being full time and having all of the necessary technical and material support they need. I don't think our system of government was intended to be defended predominately by a career professional military. The latter is a real threat to the former.
  13. benEzra

    benEzra Moderator Emeritus

  14. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam


    As happened during the Viet Nam War, our elected misrepresentatives in Washington, D.C. are playing politics with the war, which isn't doing our war effort or soldiers a speck of good.

    As well as I've been able to discern, the vaunted "War on Terror" amounts to a war against Saddam Hussein-ism in Iraq and another, more subtle war against America's civil rights at home. If I were an Islamic terrorist savage, I'd be greatly encouraged by the sight of my enemy pouring so much time, effort, and blood into Iraq and energetically trying to do away with the very freedom that made his country so great.
  15. Camp David

    Camp David member

    Actually the source is my first interest. In this case, a lefty progressive rag is suspect even before the first line of their propaganda is digested.
    Oh really? How many Americans has liberal lefty Common Dreams NewsCenter defended from terror and how many terrorists have they dispatched?

    I read the entire article; it was typical lefty propaganda and I'm surprised you swallowed it without more scrutiny or careful consideration...

  16. another okie

    another okie Well-Known Member

    "It's more than a little impractical to defend a country these days with only citizen soldiers."

    I understand whatyou mean, but I disagree.

    Citizen soldiers can defend our country.

    It is, however, hard to fight wars in places like Europe, Iraq or Afghanistan with only citizen soldiers.
  17. MrTuffPaws

    MrTuffPaws Well-Known Member

    Boy, ain't that the truth
  18. georgeduz

    georgeduz Well-Known Member

    many young kids i see and talk to are out right wimps.they tell me they will not join the army.that they are afraid they will be killed in combat,while they drink and drive,smoke weed and race there cars up and down the streets.and act like there are the toughtest ganster rapper.thats todays young men.
  19. Baba Louie

    Baba Louie Well-Known Member

    'Twas an interesting article Malone. From a website I probably should glance through once in awhile (but I won't) just in order to assess the temperature and fervor of those who stridently believe all that "progressive" stuff. It's nice to

    The Patrick Henry's of America were strident on 9-12-01 with an attitude lasting approx 6 months or so. Things cooled down on the homefront, our boys and girls in khaki went abroad to hunt down OBL and his ilk, found some of the ilk and responded as we all would were we 19 - 25 years of age and trained to do so (I'd like to think).

    Meanwhile back home, the President of the Senate had a bill rushed through both houses, whilst no one actually read the text contained therein and voted upon, that allowed for coordinated snooping inside and outside the continental USA with a few extra bonus gov't brownie points thrown in for good "Security" measures... a lot of these items, like a "pre-emptive" strike on Iraq, seem to be a necessity to this Administration's way of thinking... while the populace now seems to think otherwise.

    In the event Iraq invade our borders and Al-Q members be seen hanging around the local shopping malls, the American Populace might be singing a different song, ala 9-11-01. But Iraq did NOT invade the US and so far, I have not seen too many examples of jihad in my local neighborhood.

    Few here at THR or TFL would ever think of giving up their freedoms for gov't approved and provided "security" since things tend to vary from one Executive & Congressional administration to the next and we feel we can pretty much take care of us & ours with minimal help from Uncle Sam. Besides, who knows what tomorrow will bring? 98% of the remainder of the American Populace however would definitely cave in and give up a few freedoms and liberties here and there for "security". Actually no "caving in" is required. They clamor for help from Mommy and Daddy government at the drop of a hat, a strong storm or an act of God.

    There might be a War going on "over there" but unless that war comes to our home's front door and we actually see and feel the immediacy of someone killing our family, friends and neighbors and are forced to fight for our freedom and liberty, as Patrick Henry and his ilk did or as James Madison did when forced to flee Wash DC from the Brits... well...

    Oh who cares anyway? :banghead:
  20. Lobotomy Boy

    Lobotomy Boy Well-Known Member

    Excellent point, Malone LaVeigh, but I don't think you're going go get through to Camp David. LIberty apparently has no meaning for him and he clearly has zero respect for the Constitution. Look at his new signature line:

    Think about that for a minute--this man is advocating imprisonment for political beliefs. This is pure tyranny. Does anyone else on this board advocate this? Does anyone want to live in a country where this takes place? There are many such countries out there, and fortunately the United States is not one of them. This conversation is about liberty versus tyranny, and Camp David's signature line leaves no doubt that he is an ardent supporter of tyranny, so there is little point in trying to convince him to support liberty.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2006

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