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Best carry Sig in 9mm?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Dryft, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Dryft

    Dryft Well-Known Member

    Title pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

    Commander size or so, no pocket pistols, single stack preferred, but not necessary considering the engineering.

    You can look at Sig's website all day, but in the end... handling 'em and getting opinions counts.

    Curious, you know?

    Thanks y'all.
  2. Frankl03

    Frankl03 Well-Known Member

    I just got a Sig 229r in 40 s&w. Its a little big to carry and harder to find a holster because of the rail. Its a great firearm, accurate and easy to shoot.
    I like it allot.
  3. Captcurt

    Captcurt Well-Known Member

    I sold my carry gun this week and checked my inventory for new one. I picked the P290. It is fairly small, has nite sites and I forget about it in a shoulder holster. I also like the new 938 but don't have one yet.
  4. sigarms228

    sigarms228 Well-Known Member

    I have more than a few SIGs but for me they are a little big for CCW. It was never a concern for me but here in Illinois were are going to have CCW by this summer. The one SIG that I will certainly be checking out is the single stack 9MM P239. I also like the P250 sub compact but I need to fire one first to see if I like the DAO trigger on it or not but I hear that it is sweet and around 6.5 pounds and you can get a very nice X-adapter for it to use the P250 compact size magazine if you want that extra grip length and magazine capacity.
  5. 2wheels

    2wheels Well-Known Member

    Always been a fan of the 239, my father has carried one in .40S&W for years now.

    Easy to shoot, easy to carry. If I hadn't fallen in love with 1911s I'd probably carry one myself.
  6. Loc n Load

    Loc n Load Well-Known Member

    Concealed SIg 9mm

    Have carried a 228 for years, dress for the gun, use a good IWB and I can carry one under a T shirt or polo and nobody will ever know.
  7. SouthernYankee

    SouthernYankee Well-Known Member

    :)I Love, love, love my P938:)
  8. BILLG

    BILLG Well-Known Member

    I carry a P 226 concealed no problem.I don't know why anyone would have trouble finding a holster for a railed Sig.Galco makes several as do several custom holster makers such as RGrizzle,and Silent Thunder Holsters to name a few.
  9. Oldnoob

    Oldnoob Well-Known Member

    Sig 225 for me. I like mine way more than the 239.
  10. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    Take a look at the new 938.
  11. guyfromohio

    guyfromohio Well-Known Member

    +1 239.... Carries very well. Shoots great too.
  12. Plan2Live

    Plan2Live Well-Known Member

    The Sig 239 is one of two guns I use for concealed carry. I carry in a Galco Avenger holster just like the one pictured in Post #8. I also clip on a Don Hume single mag pouch. Another nice feature of the 239 is it doesn't fall into the "high capacity" category so it shouldn't be affected by any potential bans.
  13. guyfromohio

    guyfromohio Well-Known Member

    I keep trying to replace the 239 as a carry gun..... Ok, I get bored sometimes. I've purchased g19, g26, XDM 3.8, CS9, PPK...... But at the end of the day, the 239 or the 642 end up in the waistband. Crossbreed Supertuck for the holster.
  14. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    I think the P225/P6 would be a good choice, although I am considering the P938 for deep carry. The P239 seems to be the Sig of choice in 9MM form many however.
  15. 1goodshot

    1goodshot Well-Known Member

    My Sig P6 carrys really well and feels great in my hand.
  16. GreyCoupe

    GreyCoupe Well-Known Member

    229 sas
  17. Corpral_Agarn

    Corpral_Agarn Well-Known Member

    p239 for me...

    I CC'ed a P226 ST (.357 Sig) for about a year (no problem, just heavy) then found a P239 used.

    The P239 (9mm) is much easier to pack around and the slimmer grip really does help a lot with concealment. I find it shoots just about as nice as my 226 and always cycles just fine.
    The best part is that it conceals like a compact but shoots like a full size.
    But, as always, YMMV.
  18. 1prcntr

    1prcntr Well-Known Member

    P6 for me.
  19. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Well-Known Member

    The P6 is a great carry gun if you are like me and don't like the feel of the P239. And if you want the more capacity in roughly the same bbl length/height the P228 is great.
  20. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Do I spy a Surefire Executive?

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