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Best Cleaning Rods To Use

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Evergreen, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    I know this is open to a large debate and every person I have talked to has given me a different opinion. SOme people tell me if you use steel rods when cleaning your guns they will scratch up the barrels, others I talk to scoff at this and say its impossible for a steel rod to do so, since the barrel is stronger. I guess I will lean on the side of caution and avoid these. There have been many suggestions of various rods and I would like to hear opinions from various people about what type of cleaning rod that they prefer.

    I recently purchased some plastic or nylon coated steel cleaning rods, but to my dismay, I have heard a lot of criticisms about these type of rods, that they have the tendency to wear out and tear, leaving junk inside the chamber. Some people showed me their used nylon coated rods and from looking at how peeled they wer, I can confirm what they are saying.

    This is a bit tough of a decision and I have invested my money in various cleaning supplies I know longer feel confident about using. So, currently I am leaning towards a brass bore cleaning rod, as Many have said brass is easy on the rifling of the barrel and will not scratch the barrel. Also, I hear the brass holds up well and will not bend and get warped like a steel, nor crack and break like the carbon fiber rods.

    I am thinking maybe a Dewey brass 36" 22 cal rod for my AR 5.56 and whatever size up I will need for my .308s. Also, I would like to get a shorter rod for pistol cleaning. Anyone think this is a good way to go. Any other suggestions that someone would have in this regard about brass cleaning rods verse others?
  2. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    One piece rods.

    Clean from the breech when possible.

    Use a bore guide

    No if ands or butts here.


    After that it is up for debate.

    I like coated rods vs non coated. If it has to be non coated, it needs to be polished SS. I like short jags vs long ones. I don't care if my patches are round or square. etc, etc.........

    Dewey makes good stuff. I have several of their rods. A .22 cal, one for .308, a couple for my Bench gun, a couple of pistol rods....
  3. ktd

    ktd Well-Known Member

    What I usually hear is that aluminum rods scratch the barrels since they tend to embed grit easier than steel rods. I have some thinly coated plastic rods, and they do tend to get peeled, I found that you have to use a muzzle guide and be careful not to scrap it on the edge of the chamber mouth on the way out.

    Probably for general cleaning, the boresnake works best for not screwing things up, especially if you are lazy like me or want to do a field cleaning where things are not ideal.

    Myself, I tend to use one piece stainless rods for rifles at home and whatever for pistols. I also use a cleaning rest for rifles.

    I think that you can use whatever you want, its just that the precautions will vary a little bit. Plastic will protect the muzzle from wear, but will catch on the other end if you are not careful. Steel rods do not get damaged at the chamber, but can wear the muzzle. Aluminum rods tend to be sectioned, and are not quite so good for long barrels.
  4. Deanimator

    Deanimator Well-Known Member

    I use Dewey one piece coated rods and nothing else.
  5. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    +1, except that the .22s get bore snakes and the shotguns actually get an old wooden rod.
  6. jnyork

    jnyork Well-Known Member

    I have used Dewey rods exclusively for many years with no complaints whatsoever.

    Are you saying you actually want to clean a .22 rimfire bore? :eek: :banghead: :(

  7. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    OK, I haven't heard anyone comment yet on my idea of purchasing a brass rod? Does anyone have opinions about one piece brass cleaning rods? I was told stainless can scratch the barrel and that aluminum also has the problem with accumulating grit which can result in the same problem.

    I have seen some of these brass rods for sale. I am wondering if the brass cleaning rods would avoid the problem of accumulating particles like aluminum does which can end u scratching the bore. I see that Dewey sells an all brass one piece cleaning rod. Can anyone say advantages/disadvantages of using this type of material for your rod?
  8. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Brass would have the same perceived problem as aluminum, that of getting grit embeded and scraping it up and down the bore. Some folks swear by hard SS that supposedly does not have that problem. (too hard for grit to embed) Some, like me, like the coated rods. I have not peeled any coating off of one yet, although I have worn one out.

    Never run a rod down a barrel without wiping it full length before applying solvent etc. In other words, never run a dirty cleaning rod down a barrel.

    I have no experience with a one piece brass rod, but I would not choose one. Everyone I shot competiton with used a one piece rod, either SS or coated.
  9. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    If you aren't using carbon fiber cleaning rods, you are not as 21st Century as you could be.

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