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Best IWB attachment type

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by jpruitt, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. jpruitt

    jpruitt Well-Known Member

    What are the advantages to the different styles of IWB holsters, particularly the way they are secured to the belt (clip, J-hook, slotted loop, snap loop, etc). Is one type better, or is it just a matter of personal preference?
  2. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    I would say personal preference. I have a low opinion of the J-hook. It does not appear very secure, and the weight of the gun appears to be held up strictly by belt pressure and the trouser waistband, not actually supported by the belt. The clip is easiest to put on and adds little bulk/width. Snap loops can be quite difficult to snap if the belt is a close fit in the loop. More often than not I will leave them snapped and thread the belt through. The type of holster with loops on the front and rear edges gives very good support and the flattest profile. The type whose straps are an extension of a reinforced mouth adds bulk/width.
  3. Ghost Walker

    Ghost Walker Well-Known Member

    I also have a low opinion of, 'J' hook fasteners. Leather loops are fine; and, I like straps with, 'one way snaps' on them; but, my favorite belt attachment device is Blade-Tech's, 'Tek-Lok' clasp.

  4. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    J-hook is all I wear. Especially when I am not wearing a belt. I often wear drawstring athletic shorts, especially here in the warm climate of VA.

    J-hook holsters are quick and easy to remove, and they are plenty secure. I gave up on slotted loop holsters long ago.


  5. spwenger

    spwenger Well-Known Member

    No to J-Hooks

    J-hooks may be okay for folks who simply carry a gun but, depending on how tightly you can cinch your belt, will not hold your holster in place during reholstering - whether you experience this on the first attempt, while trying to get your gun back into the holster so you are not viewed as a threat by responding officers, or after several repetitions, in a training environment. I don't consider a J-hook to be a wise choice. As an aside, I once spotted one of my students at a local supermarket because I was drawn to the Kydex tab of the J-hook of his tuckable holster, on the outside of his belt. That, in turn, drew my attention to the bulge of his Glock 23, covered only by his jeans. (For those who insist on using a tuckable holster, the best belt attachment I have seen is the belt loop disguised a a keyring carrier on the Workman holster or, better yet, on Mitch Rosen's Workman model.

    I use a pair of Kramer IWB holsters for the pair of Centennials I carry on the belt. The weakest portion of the design, in my opinion, is the adjustable belt loops. On the J-frame holsters, I actually had to trim the straps after adjusting them for a 1 1/4" belt or they would have interfered with my acquisition of a full firing grip. I prefer snug-fitting loops, preferably located so that one can bracket them around the belt loops on the pants, to minimize shifting of the holster.
  6. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    No problems here with re-holstering with a j-hook. I am already using my free hand to lift my shirt up to access the holster...I simply transition with the same hand to help guide the pistol back into the holster.
  7. gunmetal

    gunmetal Well-Known Member

    If you're referring to the clips on the holsters in your photos as J-hooks, those look to me like standard belt clips, not J-hooks.
  8. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

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