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Best IWB holster for Glock 19?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by mopar92, May 15, 2011.

  1. mopar92

    mopar92 Well-Known Member

    What are some opinions? Thanks
  2. Lazyshooter

    Lazyshooter Well-Known Member

    I recommend the Galco Summer Comfort. This is the holster I use when carrying my G19 IWB
  3. amd6547

    amd6547 Well-Known Member

    On glocktalk, there is a member who goes by "coachg"...he makes excellent kydex holsters for $35 shipped. I had him make one for my G17, and immediately ordered one for my G30. makes carrying either of those easy...and they are secure.
  4. jdmb03

    jdmb03 Well-Known Member

  5. red rick

    red rick Well-Known Member

    VMII, Max Con V, Comptac, and Crossbreed . I use a VMII for my 23, but the wait time was almost 9 months on the last ones that I bought. I just sold a Max, it's a nice holster, it's a little bigger than the VMII, with only a 2 month wait.
  6. SCBradley

    SCBradley Well-Known Member

    What position are you going to be carrying in?
  7. onebigelf

    onebigelf Well-Known Member

    I use a Bianchi Pistol Pocket. The angle is adjustable which makes for a really versatile holster and it's really well made. More important, in my opinion, is a really good gun belt. Lots of good holsters, none of them will do squat for you on a wimpy belt.

  8. mopar92

    mopar92 Well-Known Member

    Lots of sitting in car, walking on rugged trails, etc... All carry positions .
  9. Frozen North

    Frozen North Well-Known Member

    I super duper recommend the Comp-Tac MTAC...

    Adjustable cant, super comfortable, super thin, super high quality. They go for $80, but they are worth every penny. Mine conformed to my contours and the gun settled into the cut out in the leather quite nicely. Once it is broken in, it makes the gun feel much lighter and thinner than it would in any other style of IWB holster. Glocks are fat and heavy, this holster really mitigates that.
  10. kd7nqb

    kd7nqb Well-Known Member

    By an mtac and be happy I love mine for my m&p
  11. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    I am a custom kydex gear and holster maker. I make IWB holsters for a g-19 (and many others) . If you would like pics let me know. I have my standard IWB design, and I have just released my new MMA holster (multi mission adaptable) which is a set of a holster body, 2x pull the dot loops, and 1 x kydex loop. It can be worn as appendix, or strong side straight drop with the 2 x PTD loops. Change the front loop to the kydex loop, and you get a canted strong side holster. 3 in one. All in a very small, compact, comfortable and concealable package.

    Which sounds like it would be the perfect fit for you, as from the sound of it you want options.
  12. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

  13. Beancounter81

    Beancounter81 Active Member

    Comp-tac MTAC or Crossbreed SuperTuck. I have both (MTAC for my 19/23/27 and CBST for my 30/21) and each has their good points.
  14. mopar92

    mopar92 Well-Known Member

    Just bought a Comp Tac... We'll see
  15. Nagant

    Nagant Well-Known Member

  16. AZ Hawkeye

    AZ Hawkeye Well-Known Member

  17. mopar92

    mopar92 Well-Known Member

    What is the "a" in Aiwb?
  18. AZ Hawkeye

    AZ Hawkeye Well-Known Member

    AIWB = Appendix Inside Waistband

    We just call it appendix carry.
  19. jon86

    jon86 Well-Known Member

    I recommend coach G. I just got a holster from him for a glock 27. Very comfortable and secure low riding, well concealing, IWB holster.
  20. AK_Maine_iac

    AK_Maine_iac Well-Known Member

    I like the holsters from Tennessee Holster company LLC


    Have one for my full size XD40 and one for my Colt 1911. I wear one or the other just about every day. The good thing about them is if you do not like them for any reason just send it back and he will refund the full price. No questions asked.

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