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Best laser laser/light combo's

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by omnivore75, May 4, 2006.

  1. omnivore75

    omnivore75 Well-Known Member

    I would love to hear some opinions on who likes what laser/laser light combo's. What about the new Greenbeam? It says it has a 535nm laser much brighter than red lasers. I see others like lasermax and m6x that have 635nm, or 650nm. I am not sure which is more powerful higher or lower. Also I noticed that the lasermax has 3mw output where CT lasergrips have 5mw output but they are both 635 nm I think. Anyone else confused? Streamlight hasd a new TLR light laser combo that says it has 650 to 660 nm laser but it costs less than their m6x which has a 635 nm laser. I am not sure all my numbers and info are totally correct but I think so. I would love to hear all opinions/info. I always hated anything hanging on a gun because it has always mostly been useless but these new light lasers are really dependable and have definite positive uses. I have a streamlight m3 and love it because I can pop it on my glock or my front rails on my AR and I have great rock solid light absolutely needed in low light for target id, and I really feel a laser could be a great benefit too. Clearly not as important as visible white light and I certainly would not trust one totally but I think there are a lot of situations where a properly aligned laser could be a life saver or a great aid in aiming/tracking a target in general, particularly at night, and no matter what anyone says there is something positive to be said of having a visible laser on a potential hostile/attacker. I know that if someone has a sighted weapon on me and I see a dot on my chest I am going to freeze like a freakin statue, but then again I have a high value placed on my own life. I also love the activation mechanism on the streamlight m3/m6 series because of the ability to switch between constant on or instant on/off for tactical use. Just seems natural to me. Again I would always love to hear what everyone thinks.
  2. jwharris

    jwharris Active Member

    more questions

    I've been thinking about this too.
    Crimson Trace doesn't have a grip for my Ruger KP345 yet so I'm considering a tactical light/laser combo.
    In addition to the questions omnivore asked about comparing the various light intensities, I'm curious to hear folks' take on ease of use. Are the all about the same or does one brand stand out above the others? (What's the point of having a bright light or long lasting laser if you can't easily turn them on in the split second you need it?)
  3. omnivore75

    omnivore75 Well-Known Member

    For pistols I like the lasermax. You want a laser lined up with the bore of the gun as much as possible and thats what you get with lasermax. Thats what SWAT magazine says anyway and it makes sense to me. I would like to have a greenbeam for my AR but for a pistol I prefer the lasermax because you get a tough as nails, sighted in at the factory, highly visible laser with a reputation for coming with a good zero straight from the factory and can be fine tuned for windage and elevation, and a deliberate activation switch which I far prefer over pressure activated lasers such as crimson trace and I know that the installation for Glocks at least is VERY easy with the lasermax and you can still use your pistols rails for a good white light source.
  4. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Someone just gave me a laser/white light combo and all I know it is made by glock to go on my glock. I did not get the box it came in all I know it is Glock Brand. Does anyone know anything about this one?
  5. omnivore75

    omnivore75 Well-Known Member

    The Glock laser/light combo is certainly high quality as is anything from Glock. I prefer the M6 OR M6X but you certainly are not going to go wrong with the Glock Product. Right now I have an M3 on my Glock and I plan to add a lasermax laser, mostly because I completely agree with the review of the lasermax by SWAT magazine. The fact that the lasermax in built into the guide rod and therefore naturally aligned with the bore makes it inherently more accurate than other lasers. Common sense tells one that. It's as close to having the laser come directly out of the bore as were likely to ever get, but thats my personal opinion of course and at the end of the day it's best to use whatever QUALITY product that one prefers and feels best with.


    swat mag

    Which month issue of swat mag was that in. I really want to read it.
  7. ffemt30

    ffemt30 Member

    I personally own a Streamlight M6 combo laser/light that fits both my glocks. The light is great at night. It's very bright

    The laser looks intimidating and I thought it would be good for home defense but it isn't bright enough to see in daylight and requires a ton of adjustments. I shot 3 boxes of bullets and I still didn't get it zeroed in yet..

    If I was going to invest in something rather than what I already have, I'd get a surefire x200 instead.

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