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Best of the CZ 75 Clones?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by lastditch, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. lastditch

    lastditch Well-Known Member

    Interested in getting a quality CZ 75 clone to keep some of my BHP clones company in cloneland (A small area of my gunsafe). Clones have become a habit with me but CZ clones, well, I sure could use some good advice as this will be my first.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    The Tanfoglio Force has been imported at the TA 90, TZ 75, Springfield P9 and currently as the Witness series, good CZ clones. The Armalite AR24 is a Sarsilmaz of Turkey clone of the Tanfoglio, a clone of a clone.
    The Cadillac of CZ clones is the Sphinx, but rare and expensive.
  3. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    Actually, the current Witness is a Force-on-steroids. This is the one-frame-fits-all-calibers pistol that is incompatible with previous Tangfolio Cz-75 clones (or any other Cz75 clones).

    The currently imported Force clone is the Rock Island Armory MAP-1 (steel) / MAPP-1 (polymer)
  4. tekarra

    tekarra Well-Known Member

    Do not forget the Sarsilmaz Kama Sport and Hancer that were sold by Academy.
  5. railroader

    railroader Well-Known Member

    There is the Bul Cherokee also out of Isreal. Mark
  6. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    Jericho 941 "Baby Eagle" seems like a pretty interesting "clone." Not sure if thats what you are looking for though.
  7. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Well-Known Member

    The best CZ clone is a Sphinx. They're more pricey than the rest of them, but well worth the money. I've had several, and still have a Compact.

    These are semi-custom guns. You can find an older 2000 series (not the current "new" line) for $600 - $800.

    Here's a photo of mine:
  8. jonnyc

    jonnyc Well-Known Member

    The Israeli police, both regular guys and elite groups, liked the TZ75 and the IMI Jericho.
  9. sniper4usmc

    sniper4usmc Member

    EAA witness GOLD elite
  10. clang

    clang Well-Known Member

    Why not just get a real CZ75? I've seen them new <$500 and used in the $400 price range.
  11. jdh

    jdh Well-Known Member

    Prices being what they are now just buy the real thing and be done with it.
  12. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    There is some merit to that - surplus CZ-75 Pre-B's are available for $347 now. He may be specifically interested in clones though. In that case, though I've never shot one, all indications seem to be that the Sphinx pistols, though clones, are higher quality than the originals. Kinda like comparing a Les Baer to a Colt.
  13. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    Just remember that while you say "clones", the Tangfolio guns (and all the others that are based on them) are not "clones" in that their parts do not all interchange with the original.
  14. ExMachina

    ExMachina Well-Known Member

    yeah? where??
  15. schaibaa

    schaibaa Member

    Just an FYI I recently bought my CZ 75 B in polished stainless (I know it's not for all, but it's typically a bit pricier) for $550 new in box.
  16. gun addict

    gun addict Well-Known Member

    dan's ammo just had a great run on cheaper surplus CZ75s, might still have a few left in stock, they were all sub $400 and looks very much like new
  17. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    Robertson's Trading Post. Wideners has them for pretty close to the same price too.
  18. abuelo

    abuelo Well-Known Member

    EAA Witness by Tangfolio made in Italy, Also Armalite AR-24. Have owned both and they were both well built products.
  19. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    . . . but only the pre-"one frame fits all" models.

    Today Armscor produces the original Tangfolio "Witness" pistols under license, which Rock Island Armory distributes in the USA and Tangfolio distributes in the rest of the world.
  20. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    I'd get a real CZ-75 unless you specifically want a clone. Price difference vs. the better clones is minimal.

    I'd get a Sphinx if your budget is large, and the Armalite AR-24 if it's $500 or a bit less.

    I own an IWI Jericho 941 (via Charles Daly), it has good and bad points. Reliability hasn't been 100% in break-in, and one grip panel doesn't fit all that well. On the plus side the trigger is very good to excellent, and the shape is great. It's a big steel brick though. If Ruger made a hybrid of their P89 and a CZ-75 clone, out of steel, it would be the Jericho.

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