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Best personal 9mm conceal carry...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by todayzprophet, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. todayzprophet

    todayzprophet Member

    Ok...only going to provide two choices: Ruger SR9c or Glock 19?? Which one would yall choose of the two and why?
  2. RancidSumo

    RancidSumo Well-Known Member

    This is an easy decision. G19 every time. The Glock has proven itself time and time again (especially the GEN3 guns). I've shot a G19 several times (don't own one unfortunately) and I love them. They are the perfect size for CC as well. Just replace the factory crappy sights with something better and you will be GTG.
  3. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Glock 19 is a very large pistol with a grip like a brick. They don't fit everyone.
  4. MikePaiN

    MikePaiN Well-Known Member

    If you like Glock and can carry a G19 ...then there is no question....get the Glock.
  5. memphisjim

    memphisjim Well-Known Member

    the glock will dominate this post id choose it as well
  6. G19G36

    G19G36 Member

    Glock G19 for sure. They are a worldwide duty pistol (both military and LE) for a very good reason. I carry mine most of the time.
  7. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    Why get a large gun that is difficult to conceal when there are so many good choices out there? Just because a lot of cops have them on their duty belt doesn't make it a good choice for a civilian who needs to hide it.
  8. CVA-66

    CVA-66 Active Member

    For me, G19, it fits, and it works.
    It's indivdual preference,ain't freedom great.
    It fits for me and and shoots better for me than any other handgun I've used.
  9. lost trucker

    lost trucker New Member

    Ruger SR9c, small, easy to conceal, shoots great, excellent sights, etc., etc.
  10. jiminhobesound

    jiminhobesound Well-Known Member

    Best 9mm for CC

    Have you been carrying? How do you dress? I suggest that you expand your search to subcompact guns like the glocks or how about the new Ruger LC9? Because I live in Florida I carry a pocket size 9mm either in a pouch or in my pocket. I was negatively impressed by even ten ounces of extra weight and a couple inches in size.
  11. REL1203

    REL1203 Well-Known Member

    I love my Glock 26.... Small, light, and still carries enough power for me
  12. TonyT

    TonyT Well-Known Member

    I carried a G-36 for several years but found that I could not conceal reliably under all circumstances. I finally opted for a Kahr PM-9 (7 rounds 0f 9mm) in a pocket holster.
  13. NMGonzo

    NMGonzo Well-Known Member

    kelt tec pf9

    I will post pics of me concealing it in my speedo
  14. Ledgehammer

    Ledgehammer Well-Known Member

    I don't find the glock 19 to be large at all. Now compared to some micro 9's that are out there it's big, but I can conceal my G19 very easily under a untucked t-shirt.
  15. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    Dude, I'm trying to eat here.:eek:
  16. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    While I think Glocks are good guns, I find that the ergonomics do not work for me. If they work for you, I would suggest the G26 instead of the G19. A carry gun that you leave at home because you find it difficult to conceal is not a good carry gun. I am not saying you cannot conceal a G19, but that most would find it difficult to conceal all the time.

    I have not personally shot the Ruger SR9c, but have heard mostly good things about it.

    There are however plenty of great compact and sub-compact cc guns out there. Go to the range and rent some. See which fits your hands the best and that would be easily concealed in all attire. The gun that goes with you every time you go out is the best carry gun there is.

    Best of luck.
  17. jim goose

    jim goose Well-Known Member

    depends how you want to wear it. You wont forget your carrying a g19.
  18. fxstchewy

    fxstchewy Well-Known Member

    Glock 19.
  19. Kingofthehill

    Kingofthehill Well-Known Member

    Glock 19 but the SR9c would be very close. The SR9c is very underrated and it has a fantastic trigger with good adjustable sights. I also like how you get the second full capacity mag with the sr9c

    I would just choose glock due to the availability of holsters and the tennifer finish. so for me it would be glock but by a very slim margin.

  20. papa_bear

    papa_bear Internet Reacon Marine

    As someone who owned both, The SR9c is the way to go unless you have very large hands. The G19 is a great pistol but I found the SR9c to be much more accurate. I have the black version of the ruger and I can tell you its finish is more durable then the tennifer on the glock. The Ruger is very 1911'ish in its angle and thickness. I have a case of WWB and various other ammo in the ruger with out a single malfunction. Holsters for the g26 and g19 will fit the ruger.

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