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Best places to shop online

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by thriftyjoe, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. thriftyjoe

    thriftyjoe Well-Known Member

    What are your favorite tactical/guns & accessories websites?

    Let's give credit where credit is due!

    My favorite online shopping is:


    Help folks out there get the best bang for their buck!

    Guns, Ammo, Optics, Knives, Military Surplus, Magazines....

    Share where you've had great deals and would recommend others to shop.

    Insights about, customer service, shipping, and quality are encouraged.
  2. cheaper than dirt bang for your buck, really??? :confused:
  3. kev74

    kev74 Active Member

    It seems like I get the best buys at local shops - especially when shipping is considered. If I can't find it locally, then it usually comes from Midway.
  4. Rolando

    Rolando Well-Known Member

    I used to be a cheaperthandirt customer. They did some really obscene gouging and now I'm kinda soured on them.

    I like Natchez
  5. JamEEson

    JamEEson Member

    if you are into the Ebay style. Have found some great deals there!!

    Bought a few low price 1911's and supplies so not too much experience but so far so good. Customer service is directly related to the guy you are dealing with - buying or selling.
  6. skoro

    skoro Well-Known Member

  7. edSky

    edSky Well-Known Member

    ^ for ammo, definitely Ammunition To Go.

    And for guns (I don't own any myself, :uhoh:) www.Budsgunshop.com
  8. Onward Allusion

    Onward Allusion Well-Known Member

    Their ammo prices are pretty outrageous, but I get a lot of my non-ammo stuff there, too.
  9. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Shopping isn't BUYING.

    Window shopping = Gunbroker, Simpson Ltd, Collectors Firearms.

    Buying stuff = Midway, Brownell's, I have used Davidson's to find and buy a new firearm.
  10. thriftyjoe

    thriftyjoe Well-Known Member

    I agree, cheaper than dirt is great for random accessories like, pepper spray, knives, and different tactical products.
  11. Extremely Pro Gun

    Extremely Pro Gun Well-Known Member

    AREA51TACTICAL.com It rocks. $8 flat rate shipping. Great prices. The best service. ENOUGH SAID.

    Opticsplanet is pretty cool.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2009
  12. walgetty

    walgetty Member

  13. Frankl03

    Frankl03 Well-Known Member

    I like: Classic Arms, CDNN, Aim Surplus, Centerfire Systems and Gunbroker.com I have personally purchased from Classic, CDNN, Aim and Centerfire. I sold a rifle on Gunbroker.

    I check Classic Arms and Aim Surplus regularly as well as Gunbroker. Most recent purchase from CDNN.
  14. sigman

    sigman Well-Known Member

    Midway U.S.A.

    Has alot better shipping prices than Cheaper Than Dirt !
    I used to buy alot of accessories from C.T.D. until a found out that for normal shipping they charge a minimum of $9 .Whereas Midway charges $6.

    That's a difference of $3 .....%50 percent more ?!?! :eek:
  15. EvanWilliams

    EvanWilliams member

    Don't laugh at me!!!! But I do buy from LA Police Gear and CountyComm.
    Don't laugh!!!

    BTW, I just got a sub to the shotgun news. I don't understand some of it. Do you have to be an FFL for some of that stuff? Can I go to an FFL and have them order something out of there for me?
    Sorry for the dumb question.

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