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best pocket carry autoloaders

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by 680x0, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. 680x0

    680x0 Well-Known Member

    Heya, I'm new :D

    I just recently got my carry permit and I've come to realize that my S&W AirLite 386PD is just a tad large for certain ensembles. I'm looking for something: autoloading, pocketsized, relatively lightweight, and... comfy. The last criteria almost had me carrying my beretta .22 short. Of course then I realized that spittle had a higher OSS rating so I looked elsewhere. Some models I'm considering:

    -Colt pocket .380's or 9's
    -Sphinx AT-380 (heard nothing but good)
    -Rohrbaugh R9 (bit too spendy...)
    -Bersa 380 (only one on this list I've handled...)

    I'd really rather not use anything below a .380 and I'm not a big fan of plastic, unless it's my HK :p

    Some models I've ruled out:
    Kahr and Keltecs (I'ma plast-o-phobe)
    Baby Glocks and HKs

    So, any suggestions or impressions of the models I'm looking for? I don't mind paying more for a fine exotic piece, so long as it stays below a grand
  2. JasonK94Z

    JasonK94Z Active Member

    I'm in the same situation. I take my ccw class tomorrow. My first gun was a baby eagle. Too heavy for carry.
    Now I'm considering either a Bersa/Firestorm 380, or even a KelTec 380. I just can't make up my mind which one to go purchase.

    Also, does anyone have any pics of how to carry concealed? I want to see some examples if possible.
  3. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr Well-Known Member

    I know you don't like plastic, and to be honest, I'm not real fond of it either, but my P32 has been 100% reliable since I got it (it had 4 FTE on one brand of ammo, but not on any other brand since). FWIW, the frame rails are not plastic, but an Al insert. I can pocket carry it regardless of what I'm likely to wear.

  4. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah... there's a lot to be said of the P32s and P3ATs... Compact, very lightweight, reliable, effective... Perfect for pocket carry.

    Among the 'nicer' 32s are the Seecamp, NAA Guardians and Autaugas. Generally positive comments on all but I think the newer P32s are still a bit more consistantly good.
  5. c_yeager

    c_yeager Well-Known Member

    have you considered one of the all metal Kahrs? ive never owned one but they are spoken highly of.
  6. jercamp45

    jercamp45 Well-Known Member

    I'd ote for the Kahr for the pocket

    The micros come in steel, if you do not mind the extra weight.....
    The Sphnx is a tad large for the pocket. Same for Bersa.
    The Colt Pocket Light Mustang was about the best 380 around for pocket duties, if you can find one..
  7. Gary in Pennsylvania

    Gary in Pennsylvania Well-Known Member

  8. miko912

    miko912 Active Member

    What Gary said......d*mn RAMI picture is following me.....no, I'm not paranoid....really.:scrutiny:

    Seriously though, the RAMI holds great promise as a reasonably priced small CCW piece. We're (CZ fans) waiting patiently to find out first hand.

  9. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member

    Wonder if the guy in that picture has large or small hands?

    I put my Kel_Tec P-3AT in my hand like the above picture and they seem similar in length & height but it depends on the hands.

    Anyone have the specs on this new CZ? Even if length & height are close, I would imagine it would be much heavier & wider than the Kel-Tec.
  10. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Where's the slide stop on that thing?

    680, I'm patiently awaiting for the MK9 Elite 2003 to be released. The RAMI looks like it's going to be neat as well.
  11. clubsoda22

    clubsoda22 member

    The rami is small, but isn't really as small as it looks, that guy has huge hands.
  12. 680x0

    680x0 Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I hadn't heard of the RAMI til now, might be worth looking at.

    Also those steal Kahrs might be the way to go. All the shops in my area seem to have the new poly Kahrs and I don't like plastic frames on guns that small :(

    Thanks for all your help :)
  13. Gary in Pennsylvania

    Gary in Pennsylvania Well-Known Member

    Here's the official CZ press release:

    Length: 6.57 inches
    Barrel Length: 3.00 inches
    Sight Radius: 4.92 inches
    Width: 1.26 inches
    Height W/Mag: 4.72 inches
    Empty Weight: 2.3 oz. in 9mm, 2.6 oz in.40
    Weight W/Empty Mag: 24.5 oz.
    Weight W/Full Mag: 28.6 oz.
    Magazine Capacity: 10 in 9mm, 8 in .40

    And the CZ-USA Press Release:

    CZ 2075 RAMI Sub-Compact to be introduced at 2004 SHOT SHOW
    2003-12-09 11:22:08

    Kansas City, KS - 4 December 2003 - CZ-USA is pleased to announce the release of the CZ 2075 RAMI.

    The CZ 2075 RAMI is a sub-compact semi-automatic based on the proven CZ 75 line of pistols.

    The trigger mechanism operates in selective DA and SA mode depending on the shooter's preferences.
    Several safety devices are used including a firing pin block and a manual safety. Incorporating the CZ
    double-stack magazine design, the little RAMI accommodates 10 rounds of 9mm Luger, or 8 rounds of
    40 S&W, plus 1 in the chamber.

    With a 3" barrel, and unloaded weight of less than 25 ounces, the black polycoat, alloy frame RAMI is
    ideal for concealed carry.

    The Suggested retail price for the CZ 2075 RAMI is $559.00

    Ceskà Zbrojovka (CZ) has been a leader in firearms manufacturing since its creation in 1936 in Uherský
    Brod, Czechoslovakia. CZ's use of state of the art technology combined with European craftsmanship
    has gained them worldwide recognition for their accurate, durable, and dependable line of firearms.
    CZ-USA provides sales and warranty support from their Kansas City, Kansas location.

    CZ-USA, P.O.Box 171073, Kansas City, KS 66117-0073
    Contact: Jason Morton
    (913) 321-1811
    Fax: (913) 321-2251
  14. Marko Kloos

    Marko Kloos Moderator Emeritus

    I've grown quite fond of the little Colt .380 lately. It's very small and light, yet offers a big enough grip for comfortable and quick accurate shooting. The cocked-and-locked carry is a bonus for a 1911 guy, of course.
  15. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member

    Well, clubsoda22 is correct, that guy in the picture must have huge hands. Here are the P-3AT specs (to the right in brackets) from the Kel-Tec website for the P-3AT (.380):

    CZ / KT

    Length: 6.57 inches [5.2"]
    Sight Radius: 4.92 inches [3.8"]
    Width: 1.26 inches [.77"]
    Height W/Mag: 4.72 inches [3.5"]
    Weight W/Full Mag: 28.6 oz. [10 oz.]
    Magazine Capacity: 10 in 9mm, 8 in .40 [6+1]
  16. Avery Goodschott

    Avery Goodschott Well-Known Member

    My Kahr MK9 Elite 98 is with me CONSTANTLY.

    Fits in my front pocket jeans pocket or my hip pocket (Don Hume), but I usually carry in deep concealment FIST holster

    A marvelous gun. Elite trigger is super Glock. Weight of stainless makes recoil comfortable. And it is as accurate as my SIG P226 under 10 yards.
  17. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    The NAA Guardian in .380 is an excellent choice for a small auto, if you don't like plastic.
  18. 680x0

    680x0 Well-Known Member

    The RAMI sounds a bit big for pocket carry, but it might be worth getting hands on with it.

    I'd probably get the Pony if I got a colt as I'm not used to carrying cocked and locked, but none of the surrounding gun stores have any used ones in stock :(

    Any MN natives 'round here know any good gunshops in the metro area besides Frontiersman, Bill's, Armored Fire, or Metro Pawn and Gun? It's pretty hard to buy a gun if you've never held it in your hand.

    Thanks again for the help guys!
  19. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    Pocket Pistol

    My pocket pistol USED to be the Kahr MK9 Elite.
    Now that the technologically superior P3AT has burst upon the scene, I've got a new MG!!! :D
  20. Ford

    Ford Well-Known Member

    Get a Kahr PM9 and don' t look back.
    5.3" long X 4" tall X 0.9" wide & 14oz.
    I am pretty sure that it is the smallest 9mm available.
    Mine has been flawless.

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