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best powder for 223

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by alphabrace, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. alphabrace

    alphabrace Active Member

    I would like some suggestions on which powder to use when reloading a 223 for use in an AR. Some thing clean I suppose.
  2. Visionz45

    Visionz45 Well-Known Member

    I shoot Tac and Varget, with 69 and 77 SMK's respectively and H335 with 62 M855's. It might sound like I'm touting the line, though it works. I have a 1-7 twist FN barrel.
  3. lgbloader

    lgbloader Well-Known Member

    I use Varget with SMK 69's and H335 with 55 gr FMJBT's for blasting.

    Sometimes I use IMR 4895 with 55 gr FMJ's as well. I want to try TAC, Benchrest and RE10.

  4. bobelk99

    bobelk99 Well-Known Member

    I place an 'old fashioned' vote for 4895, H or I either one.
  5. Rancho Relaxo

    Rancho Relaxo Well-Known Member

    I love H335 for 50 and 55 grain varmint loads
  6. Tim the student

    Tim the student Well-Known Member

    I think that 8208 may be my new favorite. We will see tomorrow hopefully.
  7. NuJudge

    NuJudge Well-Known Member

    For ranges out to 100 yards, 50 & 52gr bullets always shoot well, and it's hard to beat WW748.

    For ranges out to 300 yards I like 69gr bullets and either 4895. These will only work for 1:9 and faster twist barrels. I'm going to try 77gr bullets this year, and probably match them with RL15, and these will be for 1:8 or faster barrels.
  8. JDGray

    JDGray Well-Known Member

    H335 for me! Puts them 60gr Sierra Varminter bullets into nice little groups:)
  9. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    There was an article in Handloader a few months ago about the .223. Basically, it's about the easiest round to load for and there are a lot of powders that typically work well.

    I use Varget, but 322, 748, AA 2230, 4895, etc. will most all typically work. Look at a burn rate chart, get anything in that range, and somebody here will have had success with it.
  10. alphabrace

    alphabrace Active Member

    Clean how often?

    I am getting a RRA AR and I was wondering how many rounds on avg do you shoot before cleaning? I am guessing that the powders recommended here are pretty "clean"? Thanks for your input!
  11. rklessdriver

    rklessdriver Well-Known Member

    I like IMR 4064. Very clean burning.
  12. Mags

    Mags Well-Known Member

    Tac, and both the H and I 4895 get my vote.
  13. Redneck with a 40

    Redneck with a 40 Well-Known Member

    Another vote for IMR-4895 with 55, 62, and 69 grain bullets. It doesn't deliver top velocities, but it will group 2" at 100 yards in my Mini-14. This is far better than any factory fodder I've used. Plus, with 4895, you can load anything from .223-30-06, very versatile.
  14. Slamfire

    Slamfire Well-Known Member

    Anything in the IMR 4895 burn rate will shoot outstanding groups with perfect function in an AR.

    Lot of match shooters have been using Varget.

    I am using N140 in my NM AR15's. Buds of mine were using N540.

    If you like a ball powder AA2520 works well. Bit dirty but shoots fine.

    I prefer stick, but I got a lot of AA2520 cheap, you know the rest....:rolleyes:
  15. gregpo

    gregpo New Member

  16. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member

    Did a lot of load development with various powders in the late 1960s. All of my .223 reloads use IMR 3031. The heaviest bullet I reload in the .223 is 55 grain.
  17. Beelzy

    Beelzy Well-Known Member

    I like H-335.
  18. BsChoy

    BsChoy Well-Known Member

    H4895 for 55 grain blasting rounds....used to load 60 grain Vmaxes with Varget and then all the varget was gone for a wile!
  19. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    H335 was developed by Olin-Winchester for the 5.56, M193 ball. It's the only powder I use.
  20. alfack

    alfack Well-Known Member

    For progressive, I like easy metering ball powders.

    For single stage, extruded.

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