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Best progressive reloading machine?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Chris Miller, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Chris Miller

    Chris Miller Member

    Let's assume money is no issue (well, it is a little)..... what progressive machine would you recommend?

    I have been looking at Dillon for some time, but then the Hornady fans jump in and I have no idea which way to go.

    I am not an expert reloader. Have all the equipment, but used it very little because of the time involved. I would like to automate the process, and I feel we shoot enough to justify a $500-$1000 spend.

    Any suggestions? Also, where do you recommend we purchase said equipment?

  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    How many calibers?

    I blew the entertainment budget one year for a 1050 dedicated to .45 ACP. It seems a lot of trouble to change over, so I load other calibers on the 550 or AutoCHamp.
  3. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Me, I like the Dillon 550B so much I have two of them. A 1050 would be nice though! :)
  4. Hondo 60

    Hondo 60 Well-Known Member

    If money were no option - a Dillon 1050.
    If money is a little bit of an issue - a Dillon 650 (this is the one I want, but I'd spend well north of a grand with all the options I want.)

    So I'll stick with my Lee Classic Cast Turret. No it's not a progressive, but it's the best of both worlds (money/performance).
  5. Waldog

    Waldog Well-Known Member

    I have loaded on a Dillon SDB, 550, 650, 1050 AND the Hornady LNL. The LNL is most comparable to the 650. I own a LNL and wouldn't have any other. The reasons are these:
    -LNL powder measure is superior
    -LNL has smoother auto-indexing than the 650; 1/2 index while ram going up and 1/2 index while ram going down.
    -Quicker and cheaper caliper changes.
    -LNL is fed from the left side of the press, both bullets and cases. This allows me to maintain my right hand on the operating handle while feeding BOTH a case and bullet with my left hand. It's very natural to me. Others hate this feature. Dillon requires BOTH hands to feed bullets and cases. One hand feeds a case, the other hand feeds the bullet then back to the other hand to activate the ram.

    These are just my opinions based on my experience with both.

    It's important to emphasize that BOTH COMPANIES OFFER AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT with outstanding customer support.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2010
  6. Fisherdave10

    Fisherdave10 Well-Known Member

    If you're interested, the Hornady LnL is on sale at MidwayUSA this month. http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=679228 My friend owns one and has been pretty happy with it. He loads .223, .40S&W, 6mm Rem., 30-30 and for a day I loaded some .308 on it. It's a nice press without an obscene price tag. Read the reviews.
  7. loadedround

    loadedround Well-Known Member

    My choice would depend on how many rounds and how many calibers you load. The easiest press to change calibers would be the Dillon 550B. If you are loading 100's of say 45 ACP rounds at a time I would consider the 650. The 550B press is also the cheapest to convert to anoher caliber. Call Dillon and ask for a copy of their "Blue Press". This catalog will describe all Dillon presses in detail. BTW, the 1050 press is nice, but is strictly very high volme or for the professional reloader...you don't need one.
  8. Lloyd Smale

    Lloyd Smale Well-Known Member

    Ive got two dillons and three lock and loads. I agree with the other poster that said the hornady powder measure is hands down better. The case feeder on a lnl is a pos and the dillon 650 is hands down better in that respect. The hornadys tend to go out of time after a while and it seems like im tweaking them alot more then the dillon. As to a first time progressive buyer a 550 is hard to beat. There manual index so theres alot less to go wrong. They are alot slower to load on though. It boils down to how much ammo you make. If you only need a few hundred rounds a week a 550 will work just fine. If your loading thousands of rounds a week and its only one caliber a 1050 is hands down the best press on the market but there expensive and caliber conversion are expensive and its a pain to swap calibers on. Up in heaven i will have a loading room with 1050s set up in every caliber i load!
  9. Caliber

    Caliber Well-Known Member

    I have the LNL and the only reason I chose it was because for the price of a Dillon that auto indexes the LNL was a better price. Dillon has great stuff though and I would get a 650 if I could but as someone else said , with all the options it would be pricey.
  10. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Not me. I love it too. It was probably the main reason I chose a Projector so many years ago, and when I upgraded recently, stayed with a LNL.

    You can't go wrong with an RCBS, Hornady, or Dillon machine. The ergonomics are different, so if you can get your hands on all of them, see which one fits you. The Lee Loadmaster is a neat press as well, although by all I have read, is a little more finicky. I almost bought one years ago.
  11. EWP

    EWP New Member

    I chose the LnL AP because of how smooth it indexes and since I don't have to swap up hands like with a Dillon loading a case then bullet(RCBS bullet feeder is on my list and I can feed cases just as fast as any case feeder on the AP) every pull of the handle is no problem and keeps the press running at a smooth fast pace for every caliber I reload, and yes the Hornady Powder Measure is hands down the best of any progressive and I wouldn't be scared to say it's as good as if not better than my Redding BR3 measure also. JMHO
  12. pcwirepro

    pcwirepro Well-Known Member

  13. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    I have half a dozen Dillon's but money was no issue I would pick from these two. Wait, if it really were not an issue I would just get a few of each.

    Camdex 2500

  14. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Looks good. Gimme two of each. :D
  15. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    If Chris is buying, I'll just need a shipping address.;)
  16. Red Cent

    Red Cent Well-Known Member

    Some of the guys are not remembering the 650 correctly. Unless they didn't buy a case feeder. With the optional case feeder, you simply place a bullet and crank, place a bullet and crank, ..........
    I went from a single stage Lyman Spartan to a Lee Turret to a Lee Pro 1000 to Dillon 650s. Can't imagine anything better than a 650.
  17. Sweet

    Sweet Member

    I would buy any of Dillon Precision progressive presses. My personal favorite is the XL650. Started with the SDB and worked my way up to the 650. If money was not a problem I would buy a 1050.
  18. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    Bullet fed 650's, just crank.

  19. cavman

    cavman Well-Known Member

    I bought a Dillon 650 with the case feeder which has been very good for me.

    However, I bought some 10,000+ brass from a fellow Bullseye shooter for pennies, and learned that some cases need to have their pockets reamed.

    For this reason alone, in hindsight, if I knew that my fingers were going to be bruised to the bone and raw and tender from the Wilson pocket reamer, http://www.lewilson.com/primerpocketreamer.html used for about 8,000 of them! I would use have bought the 1050 without question as it has a reamer in one of the steps automatically. Of course, if I had known I could have gotten one of these, but didn't know until too late. http://www.dillonprecision.com/content/p/9/pid/25263/catid/8/Super_Swage_600

    Also, if I was more of a rifle guy, I still might buy a 1050 anyways.
  20. Tim the student

    Tim the student Well-Known Member

    How do you guys like the 650 without the case feeder?

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