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Best revolver for shooting WC rounds ?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Steeltown Joe, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Steeltown Joe

    Steeltown Joe Active Member

    I'm looking for a new revolver to shoot 38 sp. wadcutters. I have been shooting 148gr. DBWC's in my 357 Vaquero's with good results. Will I get better results with a 38 special chambered gun ? I would like a gun with sights and 4 to 6 in. barrel. Any suggestions !

  2. jmortimer

    jmortimer Well-Known Member

    Get an S&W Model 67 or 67 F-Comp or a 627 V-Comp
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  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Other then better adjustable sights, and a better trigger, and faster lock time then your SA on a .38 Special DA/SA target gun?

    A S&W K-38 Masterpiece shoots about the same as the same HBWC loads in a S&W Model 19 .357 Mag.

  4. DWFan

    DWFan Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest a Colt .38 Special Target Python. Be prepared to spend $1200-$1500.
  5. loadedround

    loadedround Well-Known Member

    S&W K38

    S&W K-38

    Last edited: Mar 7, 2010
  6. Cliph

    Cliph Active Member

    Combat Masterpiece K-38

    Simply the finest combat revolver ever made. S&W spent $1 Million on developing just the trigger! A used K-38 can be had in good shape for about $450. The .22 (K-14) is similarly amazing. The .32 is much more rare.
  7. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    my most accurate revolver shooting the 148gr WC is my Colt Python, the only thing close would be a Dan Wesson M-15...unless you want to include SA revolvers, then i'm thinking the Freedom Arms M-353
  8. BullRunBear

    BullRunBear Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen any advantage in using a 38 special chambering over a 357 magnum for wadcutters. However, a revolver in either caliber better suited to accuracy should make a difference. My K-38 beats out the Model 10 and SP101 but so does my 357 Blackhawk flattop. Adjustable sights and smoother trigger certainly help me.

  9. Bellevance

    Bellevance Well-Known Member

    The K-38 Model 15 (Combat Masterpiece) is excellent--great trigger and balance--but the K-38 Model 14 ("Target" Masterpiece), with the Patridge sight on the six-inch barrel, may be even better. That''s what the 14 was made for.
  10. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

    A post war, pre-short action pre-model 10 k38 with a 6" barrel
  11. jhvaughan2

    jhvaughan2 Well-Known Member

    k38 TARGET Masterpice

    You will not go wrong with a Combat Masterpiece (M15), but the Model 14 - K38 Target Masterpiece is designed and decked out to be the ultimate, non PC, .38 cal paper puncher by S&W.
    The Target Sights, Trigger and Hammer and the 6" Un-shrouded barrel, have almost perfect balance.
    (Just try to find an owner with something bad to say about it.)
  12. ir3e971

    ir3e971 Well-Known Member

    jhvaughan2 is right.

    I purchased one of these because it was a bargain ($200) , not knowing what it was. After a bit of TLC, it has turned out to be a favorite, and is verrrry accurate with mid-range cast bullet loads.
  13. natman

    natman Well-Known Member

    +2 on the S&W model 14. Sure a Python Target would be nice, but try finding one for less than a decent used car.

    The 14 is set up for target work with target hammer, trigger, sights and an overtravel stop. They appear to have gotten a bit of extra work as opposed to police guns. Everyone I've handled was very smooth.
  14. ironvic

    ironvic Well-Known Member

    In a revolver it's hard to beat the .38 Special S&W Combat Masterpiece. Going to a 6" barrel K-38 adds icing to the cake.

    Of all the .38 Special guns I've ever owned, absolutely nothing beats the Smith & Wesson Model-52 wadcutter target pistol.
  15. Bellevance

    Bellevance Well-Known Member

    "Of all the .38 Special guns I've ever owned, absolutely nothing beats the Smith & Wesson Model-52 wadcutter target pistol."

    Never shot one, but from what I've read, I don't doubt it. Still, those are fairly fussy and really expensive target autos--when you can find them--aren't they?

    We're talking wheelguns here anyway. Nothing in my experience, for price, accuracy, balance, trigger, and beauty in a target .38, can beat the Model 14.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2010
  16. Bearhands

    Bearhands Well-Known Member

  17. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    our experiences differ slightly...but then, i paid about the same price for my ex-CHP 6" Python that i did for my M-14. i actually have more into the M-14 because of the Bill Davis conversion to a PPC gun with the bull barrel and adjustable-sight rib
  18. Bellevance

    Bellevance Well-Known Member

    "...our experiences differ slightly..."

    How do the two guns compare, 9mm?
  19. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    it was easier to get into a rhythm with the longer action of the Python...for my finger length and i always felt that the differing twist rate also favored the Python. the Ellison sight blade gave a very clear picture also, but the slider adjustable front sight protected by wings mounted on the rib, just made moving between distances so much easier.

    plus adding the bull barrel did away with the plunger at the end of the ejector rod and placed it at a much more useful location, to stabilize the cylinder, on the crane

    the difference in trigger weight had more to due with the S&W only being about to ignite wadcutter ammo, while the Colt would pop magnum primers. the accuracy edge went to the Python, but the speed to trigger break went to the S&W
  20. ArkieVol

    ArkieVol Well-Known Member

    S&w k-38

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