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Best Rimfire Caliber

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ChefGW, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. ChefGW

    ChefGW New Member

    What caliber is best in terms of distance and power?
    I guess .17hmr shoots farther but .22mag has more power?
    What about the .17 Mach2?
  2. loadedround

    loadedround New Member

    Just has to be the 17HMR. No other rimfire caliber can touch it for velocity, accuracy, and range.
  3. dakotasin

    dakotasin New Member

    i believe the 17 mach 2 is a 22 long rifle necked down. if that is the case, it can't compete w/ the 17 hmr.
  4. Q-Lock

    Q-Lock New Member

    17HMR = slightly smaller, faster, flatter, more accurate .22mag

    17Mach2 = slightly smaller, faster, flatter, more accurate .22lr

    overall..ballistically speaking, the 17HMR will give you the best combination of distance and power.

    Not exactly cheap for rimfire ammunition though.

  5. Terrierman

    Terrierman New Member

    I am still stuck on .22 WMR as the best all around rimfire cartridge for hunting if you are thinking about anything larger than squirrels or rabbits. For putting holes in paper as close together as you can get them and if the paper is very far away from the end of the barrel, then .17 HMR. Chuck Hawks did a detailed comparison of the .17 HMR and the .22 WMR and basically concluded that up to 100 yards, .22 WMR is slightly more powerful but the .17 is more accurate. Somehow, I just can't get past the idea if a 17 grain bullet for hunting though, so I'm sticking with the .22 WMR.
  6. JNewell

    JNewell New Member

    Hey, you didn't mention the 5mm Remington! :D

    I am wondering whether one of those .17 loads will go the same way... :confused:

    Heh, edit to make that .17" not 17mm! :what:
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2006
  7. loadedround

    loadedround New Member

    The 17HMR is here to stay. Not sure of the other one.
  8. gbran

    gbran Active Member

    There is no "Best" rimfire cartridge

    They're all great for what they do and I'm glad we have the 17's now too. My favorite rifle rimfire is the 17m2 because I hunt and eat small game. The 17m2 isn't as destructive as the 17HMR which will ruin most small game. It's flatter than a 22lr and extremely accurate. It's much cheaper than the 17HMR. If I want to shoot farther and at bigger game than the 17m2, I use my .223 Thompson G2 rifle.

    My second favorite rimfire is the 22 wmr, which I shoot out of a handgun. It gives me .22lr or better performance out of a handgun. It too shoots pretty flat and doesn't ruin meat (as it would in a rifle).

    I haven't used my 22lr's since getting the 17m2.
  9. dakotasin

    dakotasin New Member

    yeah, but...

    since we are headed down that road: how much accuracy do you really need for small game hunting? i use a 22 lr for cats and rabbits. have my gun zeroed at 100 yards, and can reliably and cleanly kill both out to 125-ish yards... at first, i thought the mid-range might be a problem. turns out it isn't. and i have shot for groups on paper, and even at 100, my lowly 22 bolt gun ain't that bad 2 - 3" (going from memory). but, like i said, cats and rabbits fall on shot one, even at 100...

    so, i fail to see where the supposed accuracy increases of the 17's benefit the small game hunter.

    if youare just wanting a fun new toy, cool, get it and play. myself... i refuse to pay that much money for non-reloadable ammunition. for the money, i'll load 223 and get even more accuracy, power, and range...
  10. gbran

    gbran Active Member

    The 17m2 zero'd at 100 yds has a mid-range rise of .7" compared to a standard 22lr with a mid-range rise of close to 3". My TC 17m2 easily does sub moa 100 yd groups. It's great for squirrel head shots and I don't have to compensate with the scope for any shots between 25 to about 115 yds. Flat is good.
  11. Car Knocker

    Car Knocker New Member

    Those .67 rimfires are a bear to shoot! :neener:
  12. Oldnamvet

    Oldnamvet New Member

    Cats??? :what: Got any good recipes??:D
  13. Alaska Dave

    Alaska Dave New Member

    Heres 1 recipe that all seem to enjoy. Kitty Fajitas:neener:
  14. Bwana John

    Bwana John New Member

    .22 lr:)

    If I want distance and power I'll use a center-fire.:cool:
  15. hksw

    hksw New Member

    It is my understanding that the .17 HM2 is necked down from a .22 lr CCI Stinger case (which is very slightly longer than a regular .22 lr case).
  16. JNewell

    JNewell New Member

    Touche! :D
  17. Don't Tread On Me

    Don't Tread On Me New Member

    Without a doubt, the .17HMR. It is faster, more accurate, and more powerful. It has a laser-like trajectory within its effective range.

    It is the cheapest way to get an MOA rifle. I have an NEF that is MOA shooter, consistantly, not miracle groups. $130. It's not floated, no trigger job, and it even has a crappy transfer bar safety feature that makes primer strikes inconsistent.

    Others do better and buy the Marlin 17v, under $200, most are MOA guns, and many of them 1/2moa. People produce scary accuracy with such a budget rifle.

    Ammo is not cheap. It is cheaper than premium centerfire, but about the same, to a little more expensive than handloading .223.

    The key to the .17hmr's accuracy is that no junk ammo exists for it. Every single ammo out there is premium. Also, every brand of ammo is virtually identical, which is great for manufacturers to stick with a nice tight chamber that works for it. Less, if any compromises have to be made overall.
  18. colt.45

    colt.45 New Member

    i would say that it is the 17mach2 17hmr but the price for ammo is rediculous for rimfire it cant cost more to put a smaller bullet in the same case. ill stick with my .22lr for now
  19. TMM

    TMM New Member

    without a doubt .22LR or .22MAG... popular, cheap, and proven, quiet...

    the .17 is like a .223 in microcosm. there's not enough meat there in that bullet to do enough damage to make me happy.

  20. Smith357

    Smith357 Active Member

    Smaller, faster, flatter, I agree with, but I find it hard to belive it is more accurate than a good RWS R50, Eley 10x, Federal Gold Medal Match, or any other high end target .22 round from a quality rifle. My Walther UIT Supermatch can put RWS R50 in .37 inch groups at 100 yards from a bench when I do my job correctly.

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