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Best rust remover?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Citadel99, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Citadel99

    Citadel99 Well-Known Member


    Just inheireted a couple .22s. Both have some rusting on the exterior. What's the best bet for removing rust?

  2. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    Try Ballistol. I've used it with great success to remove surface rust. Spray on a liberal coating (what a word to use in a firearms forum! :D ), and let it soak overnight. Wipe off next morning with a soft rag, and repeat one to three times as necessary. Don't use anything abrasive to wipe it off - the Ballistol will lift off surface rust without scrubbing.

    If there's any deep pitting left after the Ballistol treatment, you can deal with this in more "surface-destructive" ways, if necessary: but the Ballistol is usually good enough.

    For more information on Ballistol, see here. I use it for most gun cleaning and maintenance now - it's that good.
  3. MikeB

    MikeB Well-Known Member

    Very fine steel wool, oil, and elbow grease.
  4. mete

    mete Well-Known Member

    Fine rust can best be removed with fine steel wool and any gun oil.If it is pitted you would have to reblue after treatment with something like naval jelly ( phosphoric acid in a gel) which also removes bluing. You might have to polish off the rust. It all depends on how much rust and what you want to achieve.
  5. sm

    sm member

    Very fine steel wool means 0000 ( 4 aught) to ME .

    Have used a real copper penny...a real copper end pc for gas pipe works as well..since the one cent pcs today are alloy. Have also used a Brass shell case. Go slow and test a small area . Have used a number of fluids, Ballistol, Breakfree, Kleenbore Formula 3, Kellube, Kroil, G96 ...Even RIG grease which seeps into and down under. Let it sit and use the 0000.
  6. CWatson

    CWatson Well-Known Member

    Blue Wonder gun cleaner and oooo Steel Wool.Available from dealers shown on Blue Wonder's site [www.novumsolutions.com] .Their cold blue works great too.

  7. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    I see a lot of you recommending steel wool. This works OK, but even in the finest grade, can do some damage - at least, in my limited experience. Try the Ballistol treatment, and see if this doesn't improve things for you. Since I first tried it, I've used nothing else on rust - it really is that good. Just wipe off with a soft rag, and reapply a few times until the desired result is achieved.
  8. hksw

    hksw Well-Known Member

  9. armabill

    armabill Well-Known Member

    Use BRONZE wool saturated with gun oil. Won't harm the finish but will remove the rust.
  10. Citadel99

    Citadel99 Well-Known Member

    I'll try out the Ballistol. If that doesn't work I'll move to some steel wool. Luckily, my neighbor, a retired SF Major, does some old style rust blueing in his workshop. So, maybe I'll let him touch it up.

    Unfortunately, that will all have to happen after I get back from a 34 day field exercise starting tomorrow. Damn.

  11. XLMiguel

    XLMiguel Well-Known Member

    Lots of good suggestions so far. Also, try Neverdull to remove light surface oxidation, follow-up with Sentry Solurions Tuff-Cloth regularly to prevent further crudification. HTH

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