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Best Shellholder?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by RugerSAFan, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. RugerSAFan

    RugerSAFan Member

    Attempted to purchase two #23 Redding shellholders for 45LC; 1 for Redding Boss; other for Lee Reloader.

    Order came in today (Sunday!) from TnT, with only one shellholder; the order form said the second one was out of stock.

    I will obviously used the Redding holder in the Boss; what is my next BEST (quality) choice for the Lee Reloader?

    BTW, I was very impressed that a Thursday order was delivered by Sunday.

    WESHOOT2 New Member


    Did (will) any of you dies include a shellholder?
  3. RugerSAFan

    RugerSAFan Member

    Not sure about the dies.

    The order is coming in three boxes; it appears Midway left off some pertinent info, and UPS is having challenges delivering.

    I will know more tomorrow.
  4. moxie

    moxie New Member

    Dies typically come without shell holders. I've never noticed much of a difference between the different brands of shell holders. Redding has the knurled edges, but that doesn't help, or hurt, anything. They are all good.

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