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Best shooting in Oregon?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Guy B. Meredith, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Guy B. Meredith

    Guy B. Meredith Well-Known Member

    This native Californian may need to be moving on. We have been looking toward Oregon but have a couple of concerns.

    First is that all too many Californians have already taken their ill gotten real estate gains up there and in some areas they have also taken their bigotted attitudes; one group is trying to recreate SF in Portland. We want to avoid our "ex-pats"--unless they are avid shooters. Any advice on 'hot spots' of anti-gun bigotry?

    Second, we want to be in a location where there is maximum good shooting weather and access to ranges. I actually prefer organized rod and gun clubs versus unsupervised public shooting areas.

    Third, our ill gotten real estate gains would be pretty paltry.

    PMs and emails wecome.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2005
  2. Shaun

    Shaun Well-Known Member

    The problem is that they are taking over other places as well -- I have friends living in Bend and they are taking that area over. I just hope they don't wipe out the elk in the area as it is one of the best places to hunt -- I found a resident herd in the area and have hunted in there regularly.

    During the past 15 years the whole city has become very stuffy you have all the Kalifornians coming up there and trying to make the free state of oregon into another outpost of PRK

    No Offense meant Guy I am a former resident of the Bay Area and Sacramento as well I found what freedom really is when I moved to the South. We are a must issue state with no Income taxes here other than Fed.
    oh No smogging your car either and 75 a year to register it
  3. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    I'd recommend central Oregon. It's open enough that you can stay clear of the bad ex-pats. Bend is the biggest city, but there are lost of nice areas outside of Bend. Get used to driving farther, but without any traffic. :) if I could make my living there, I'd move in a heartbeat.
  4. oldfart

    oldfart Well-Known Member

    For the record: I was born and raised in Oregon though I lived several years in southern and central California, so I know what you're talking about. The larger cities here are like large cities anywhere-- full of liberal sheeple and generally anti-gun.
    Bend is usually considered the "Big City" of central Oregon, though it's still pretty small compared to cities in California. I lived there a couple of years after high school and I can really see the changes.
    The farther east you settle in Oregon, the more conservative it is and the better the shooting. There are good clubs in several of the cities there and a 1000 yard range in Vale. It's also used by the Idaho shooters for their long-range shoots.
    North-central Oregon is close to the Tri-cities area of Washington which boasts a very good club and range. I've shot there and my main suggestion is that you bring plenty of wind dope.
    Medford, in southern Oregon has a good club and range. I've "heard" they're planning to expand to 1000 yards too but since I've never been there I can't really say anything for sure.
    Despite rumors to the contrary, weather is seldom a factor in shooting. If your range is in the mountains it will probably be closed in the winter. If it's in lower elevations it may get wet in the fall and winter but by August you'll be praying for rain like the rest of us. There is more rain in the western portion of the state, with the coast getting most of it and the Willamette Valley getting a healthy portion too. East of the Cascades gets pretty dry.
    All in all, I think you'll like Oregon. Check here for more information:Oregon shooting clubs
  5. Stickjockey

    Stickjockey Well-Known Member

    Henry Bowman, +1.

    Bend has been corrupted to a certain extent, Redmond not so much but on the way.

    Portland and Eugene are the big Left areas of the state, with Medford sort of moving that way. We have a state Preemption statute, so local lawmakers are kind of SOL when it comes to making their own gun laws. The biggest problem here is the county and city taxes.

    Rural Oregon is very nice, but as with anywhere, the cities have the population advantage.
  6. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    not sure about where to shoot in oregon, but im from ny, and of the states i've visited oregon was far and away the most beautiful! tons of great stuff to do and no sales tax. and they even pump your gas for you :neener:
  7. RocketMan

    RocketMan Well-Known Member


    Did you mean Oregon has no sales tax, because it certainly has a state income tax. And a fairly high one, at that.
  8. Shaun

    Shaun Well-Known Member

    Rocketman I was referring to here in TN -- Yes OR has an INcome Tax but no sales tax

    Oh I forgot Bend is also the HOme of Nosler bullet company and you can get reloading supplies cheap -- I always buy seconds there for myself since a second is just a discolored bullet
  9. Double Maduro

    Double Maduro Well-Known Member


    I lived in the Bay area for about 10 years, 26 years ago, I got out about the time things started to get weird. I mean people in 3 piece suits at Haight & Ashbury, that's just wrong.

    I have been in Portland for about 26 years and love it here. Contrary to what some of the folks have said, I find most people in Portland, as well as the rest of the state, to be pretty open when it come to firearms. I never have anybody give me a bad time about guns or hunting, maybe it's just the way I talk about it, I don't know.

    Oregon is a shall issue state, so unless you are disqualified you will get a permit if you want one. After you get the Oregon permit, bop across the river to Vancouver and get one in Washington also.

    Oregon is actually 2 states. East and West.

    Most of the east side is high dessert, long vistas, heat, cold, snow, lots of mountains with skiing and great fishing and hunting. Tends towards the browns and grays.

    The west side of the state is coastal, coastal mountains, valley's, rivers, mountains and great hunting and fishing with skiing, if you are into that. Tends to be pretty green.

    Both sides have their own beauty, and I enjoy both, a lot.

    There are 2 public pistol ranges in Portland and several private ranges, sounds like you might be interested in Douglas Ridge or The Estacada Rod and Gun Club, both have rifle ranges. Just across the river in Vancouver is a public rifle range.

    The hunting is for most of North America's big game, deer, elk, bear, pheasant, quail, grouse, chukar, you name it we have it.

    About the Elk. We have both Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain, one lives in the more open country but the Roosevelt, the bigger of the two, lives in the western part of the state and spends most of the time in forests and brush so thick you would have a hard time getting a D9 Cat through it. I have never met anyone who has shot one of either uphill from their vehicle, lol.

    The fishing is exceptional, in a single day you can fish for, and catch, trout, steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, and many other types. We have everykind of fishing you can imagine from deep sea to pristine mountain lakes and streams.

    There are many people who think the next world record walleye will come from the Columbia River.

    The weather is divided along the east/west lines as well. As you would imagine, the high dessert doesn't get as much rain as the western part of the state but they get more snow and the summers are much warmer.

    Portland, I heard a couple years ago, gets more hours of rain than any other major city in the lower 48. Not more inches, just more hours. We spend weeks at a time in a cool drizzle that we call "Oregon Sunshine". You can tell the foriegnors, they are the ones with umbrellas. People who have been here for a while have moss on their backs and usually walk around with no umbrella and smiles on their faces. The people who were born here all have webbed feet, and moss on their backs.

    Most people in the state are friendly, open and helpful. Sure, we have our share of idiots, but so does anywhere.

    The summers in Portland are usually pretty nice, we average 9 days a year at 90 degrees or higher. The winters are pretty mild, most years we will get some snow but it seldom sticks around for more than a day or two. The winters do tend to be wet.

    The coast is quite moderate in climate, some would say it tends to be cold, but my favorite weather is 50 and raining. The coast range gets snow but the roads are almost never closed, at least not for long.

    All in all, this is a pretty special place to live. Come on up and look around. If you need a guide, let me know, I'll grab my fly rod and show you some places.

  10. Guy B. Meredith

    Guy B. Meredith Well-Known Member

    Double Maduro,

    For the most part I do revolver action shooting and marksmanship, but have become fascinated with the M1 I purchased through the CMP and have neglected the revolvers the last few weeks.

    If we move it may be into financially enforced early semi-retirement. I've always been curious about fly fishing. If I end up with time on my hands could I look you up as a mentor?
  11. Double Maduro

    Double Maduro Well-Known Member


    It would be my pleasure. Any time you're up this way let me know and we can get together and chat if nothing else.

  12. RocketMan

    RocketMan Well-Known Member


    I should've known. I saw Ashland City in your profile and immediately thought Ashland, OR.
    My bad.
  13. Shaun

    Shaun Well-Known Member

    No Problem RocketMan

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