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BFR in 50 AE or 475 Linebaugh

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by RB98SS, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. RB98SS

    RB98SS Well-Known Member

    I posted this over at GBO also but thought I'd ask here too.

    I've been looking high and low online and locally for a BFR in 480/475 and can't locate one anywhere. I've been able to find the 7 1/2" model but not the 6 1/2" one that I prefer. CDNN has the 6 1/2" BFR in 50 AE for a good price but I'm not sure I want to mess with the rebated rim, head spacing on the mouth and taper crimp of this cartridge. I am currently loading for 50 AE as I have a Desert Eagle in that caliber already but am not sure about keeping lead bullets from creeping in the BFR.

    Does anyone here have a BFR in 50 AE that could provide me with some insight as to if they are having issues with bullet creep?

    I really want the 475 but the price is right on the 50.

  2. dnovo

    dnovo Well-Known Member

    Well, the 475 will allow to shoot 480 Ruger, a milder recoilng load. The 50 AE, as you already know, is fairly hot and the revolver will not have the cushioning effect our your semi auto DE. Dave
  3. RB98SS

    RB98SS Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm okay with the recoil of either of the two. I reload so I can download whichever I decide on. My concern is the 50 AE potential bullet creep with the full power loads.
  4. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member

    A cannelure tool is a must in my opinion for that sort of setup. They are not all that expensive either:

    Get one of those tools, scribe a nice deep ring around the girth, and fold a heavy crimp into it. Problem solved, for around $75.
  5. RB98SS

    RB98SS Well-Known Member

    That won't work, the cartridge headspaces on the case mouth. You cannot "fold a heavy crimp into it" It requires a taper crimp and I'm just not sure how well it would hold a 340gn lead bullet.
  6. nofishbob

    nofishbob Well-Known Member

    As far as bullet jump goes, I used to load target rounds for a .475 BFR with no crimp at all.

    I was trying to maximize case life.

    I experimented with heavier and heavier loads until I started to see the bullets start to move.

    I got past light loads and into what most would consider medium-hot loads before I saw any bullet jump.

    it might be the same with a 50AE BFR....until you get into stout loads, you may not need worry.


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