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BIG Mag-light, Taser, and Pepper Spray: central source site for legalities

Discussion in 'Legal' started by cpileri, May 1, 2006.

  1. cpileri

    cpileri Active Member

    I have been searching for while and I need help.
    I am trying to find out for a person on a road trip, who does not have a CCW in any state, if the following are legal to carry, in car or on person, in the following lest of states:

    Mag-light, Taser, and Pepper Spray; each in

    New Mexico,
    Oklahoma, and

    and if it matters, the max size/length of the flashlight or volume of the Fox Labs spray, etc????

    I sure would appreciate if someone would either straight up answer this fo rme, or else point me to a source.

    packing.org isnt much help that I have found so far.

  2. Gary Slider

    Gary Slider Member

    Handgunlaw.us Can Help!

    I have put together a little info on what you are seeking. Go to Handgunlaw.us and put your mouse pointer on Law Links 2 in the header and then move over and click on State Restrictions.

    You can also look at the Main page at Handgunlaw.us and click on
    "All US State CCW Links" in the left column and when that page opens click on

    Firearms/Deadly Force/Knife/Chemical/Electronic Weapon/Body Armor Laws
    with Numeric Code Reference and Links to State Codes.

    That is listed right under "United States". The state name in this Doc is a link to the laws of that state and the numeric code for the laws on CCW, Chemical/Electric Weapons, Deadly Force. Knife and Body Armor laws. You can look them all up as the search has already been done all you have to do is look at the code given. Hope this helps.

    Stay Safe, Gary Slider
  3. Gary Slider

    Gary Slider Member


    I an not an Attorney. But I have been unable to find any law about flashlights and carrying them in your vehicle. I have found case law that using a flashlight especially those big ones can be considered a lethal weapon if used in such a way to cause death or grave bodily harm. But just having it is not a crime I can find anywhere. That is just in the car. Carrying a big flashlight on your body they could consider it the same as a club. Again I am not an Attorney.

    If anyone knows of such laws would you please email me by clicking on Contact Us at at the bottom of any page at Handgunlaw.us and give me as much info as possible where I can find the text of any such laws.

    Gary Slider
  4. cpileri

    cpileri Active Member

    great site

    Thanks for that site!

    I hope you can keep it updated, as it is much more convenient that searching randomly around the net like I have been! Great site!

    I got from it, regarding my question, that the states on the route i specified do not restrict 'stun weapons' in any way, nor pepper sprays (except CA which must have a specific disclaimer and a max 70g/2.5 oz volume).

    Flashlights I am having trouble with: take TX, the hypothetical starting point. You can't carry a 'club', so a big ol' 6-D cell Mag Light is Ok as long as it makes light when you push the button.

    I heard that CA restricts flashlight length, but I cannot find it anywhere.


    Again, thanks for a great website link! I'll be visiting that one again!

    ABTOMAT New Member

    I've never heard anything about flashlight restrictions, other than some places having laws against stuff that's "out of place". ie: Carrying a 6D Mag-Lite on a beach at 11am.

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