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Binocular harness suggestions needed

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by p5200, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. p5200

    p5200 Well-Known Member

    I received a set on Nikon Monarch 5 ATB 8X42 binoculars for Christmas they came with a neck strap but, would like to get a bino harness. The thing is I don't have a clue what would be a good choice that would have the correct attachment clips that would fit this particular set. All suggestions welcomed. :)
  2. X-Rap

    X-Rap Well-Known Member

    Crooked Horn Outfitters makes a good harness and there are a few others that are pretty close copies. The most important accessory IMO is the Bino Shield from Crooked Horn. They keep the glasses protected and tight to your body no matter what type of strap you use. Wouldn't carry a pair of binos without them.
  3. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

  4. p5200

    p5200 Well-Known Member

    Great idea, now I need to measure my binoculars to see which size shield to get. Thanks!
  5. oldfortyfiveauto

    oldfortyfiveauto Well-Known Member

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