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Birdsong's Black T Cost?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by skeezix, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. skeezix

    skeezix Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know about how much it costs for a Birdsong Black T finish on a Sig 229 or similarly sized semi-auto?

  2. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Well-Known Member

    All the good finishes cost around $220-$250 for a complete gun - be it hard chrome, Black T or Robar's finish's.
  3. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    Spoke to Walter Birdsong,

    It's 160 plus 20 Shipping and Handling.
  4. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Well-Known Member

    Wow. That's cheaper than the price I've seen quoted in magazine articles. Not bad. That was for the ENTIRE gun?
  5. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    That's for the entire handgun and two magazines. The 20 bucks is for additional return shipping. When I spoke to him, he went into great detail and stated the the entire gun is disassembled, cleaned up, and then every part is coated in his Black-T or OD NATO Green T finish. The only thing that he doesn't coat is the inside of the barrel. He stated that the finish allows for you to run without a lubricant, but he did state that you could add it too. Cleaning should be a breeze, just wipe an oil dampened cloth over the finish and it's clean.

    The only negative things I have heard about the finish is that it's not all that "tough" and tends to scratch. Just think of a teflon coated pan and you get the same idea.

    I have been considering it for my 1927 Sistema which has no finish left. I figure a good Black-T coating will make it pretty.
  6. 0007

    0007 Well-Known Member

    He told me that rifles were $198 and handguns were $160 when I called him last month; plus shipping of $20/gun. If you are LE, he will often cut you a break. He said backlog is running about 3-4 weeks right now. The thing with the Black-T is that everything gets done including springs and screws.

    As far as being "soft", I haven't been able to shoot his finish off the brake on my .50BMG rifle yet, heh.
  7. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    Nor would I expect you to. When people refer to the finish being soft, they are usually referring to handguns that see holster and get rubbed quite a bit. When compared to something like hard chrome, finishes like Black T tend to show holster wear.
  8. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    I have a 1927 Sistema Colt Clone that has no finish, bluing, etc. left on it. So, I am most likely going to send it his way. I figure that the Sistema really has no collector value at this point, so I figure why not?
  9. 0007

    0007 Well-Known Member

    Tiny, get your pistol done, you won't be sorry. I also had a Colt Det. Spl. and a .357 done by him. Satisfied with them all.
  10. M1 Shooter

    M1 Shooter Well-Known Member

    Could somebody post pics of their Black T'ed guns? I'm interested too.
  11. sig226

    sig226 Well-Known Member



    Birdsong will do whatever you want. That pistol was sent in parts, since I intended to replace the original parts with the stainless ones. I sent the frame, slide, grip safety, mainspring housing, two disconnectors, magazine well, and two magazines. Since I did not send a complete, assembled gun, the work was also discounted. I saw posts on other boards that said the gun won't work when you put it back together. That's not true. If you send an assembled pistol, you will get an assembled pistol back. The only downside is the time involved. Send it and forget about it. Mr. Birdsong does a lot of work for manufacturers and the Department of Defense. If you are a police officer and you're sending a duty weapon, he will push you to the front of the line, as a civilian, you have to wait. But it's worth it.

    Now I have lost the letter I had with contact information for Mr. Birdong's company, and I have another pistol I want to have refinished. Can anyone provide contact information? I need the phone number, anything other than that I can get on the phone.
  12. rbgsig226

    rbgsig226 New Member

    Walter Birdsong passed in July 2009; the Son's are running the Company now. The other posts are correct that Walter never advertised to the general public, only to Military and Law Enforcement. I have had Handguns, Shotgun and Emerson Knives done since 1999. I have seen many different Finishes in my 26 year Military Career and I will continue to have Birdsongs Finish on my Guns and Knives. I just sent a Sig 226 and 4 Emerson knives off to get done, and next will be my Bushmaster AR-15. The Green and Black T combo looks awesome. They are still located in the same place as stated in the previous posts. They now advertise to the general public, the website is www.black-t.com

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