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Blair bodyguard in security scare

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by LaEscopeta, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. LaEscopeta

    LaEscopeta Well-Known Member


    One of Tony Blair's bodyguards accidentally fired his handgun at Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport, the BBC has been told.

    It is understood he was unloading his gun outside the terminal building before travel when he fired a shot.

    No one was hurt but airport security guards and police rushed to the scene.

    Former British PM Mr Blair, now envoy for the Quartet of Middle East mediators was preparing to leave Israel at the time.

    The Israeli Aviation Authority told the BBC it happened on Tuesday afternoon.

    It is not the first security scare Mr Blair's presence has prompted in Israel.

    In May, Israeli fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a jet carrying Mr Blair, after its crew failed to identify themselves.

    As an envoy for the Middle East diplomatic quartet - made up of the US, UN, EU and Russia - he is a frequent visitor to Israel.

    Mr Blair was appointed to the role after stepping down as British prime minister in June 2007.
  2. UKarmourer

    UKarmourer Well-Known Member

    met some of his BG's when he was still PM (was the unit photog)

    tbh the military BG's who were with the senior officers were much more confident in themselves and their weapons

  3. notbubba

    notbubba Well-Known Member

    I like that it said "when he fired a shot".

    Much better then when they act like the gun shot on it's own.

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