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Blown Nipple, thinkin about converting ...

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by nobody1369, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. nobody1369

    nobody1369 Well-Known Member

    Was shooting my longrifle the other day , second shot my nipple blew! No idea where it wound up just glad it was' t stuck in my face.
    Replaced my drum everything seems fine.
    Anyway I've thought about converting to flint but I have no experience with flintlocks. My rifle is a custom .45 cal with a slightly modified T.C. Perc. Lock. Any advice would be appreciated.
    How many shots per flint? Anybody have a T.C. Flintlock for sale, or should I buy a R.P.L. ?
  2. Prairie Dawg

    Prairie Dawg Well-Known Member

    RPL is a better lock IMHO -- buy from ML supply like TOW or Log Cabin Shoppe.
    T/C flintlock would be less expensive -- buy from ebay.
    The $$ difference os so small, I would buy the better lock.
    Shooting a flintlock is a "different" experience -- more zen-like.
    If yer worried about getting a lotta shots out of a flint, yer most likely a cap person.
    Go with the flow & enjoy the ride -- that's flintlock shooting.
    Flintlock shooting is to percussion shooting what muzzleloader shooting is to BP cartridge shooting.
    Geeeeez, I getting philosophical in my old age!
  3. splattergun

    splattergun Well-Known Member

    Nw that made a point with me.
  4. alsask

    alsask Well-Known Member

    Regarding the number of shots per flint, sometimes I will only get 6 or so shots but that is rare. Usually I can get 25 or even more before having to change one or knap the edge a bit.
  5. winterhorse290

    winterhorse290 Well-Known Member

    shooting a flintlock well is an art. follow thru is most important due to the irregular hammer fall to ball leaving the barrel time. learning what YOUR flintlock likes is another learning thing. bevel up/bevel down, flint size, primer amount.... and on and on. it,s not as bad as some would like to tell you. flints wear and can be re knapped many times. wipe the frizzen face EVER TIME.prick the touch hole with a piece of soft wire to clear a channel for the flash. when your done shooting your trigger hand should look like you just drug it thru a bag of charcoal. it,s dirty, smelly and a whole lot of fun. best part is, when you pick up a caplock or modern rifle you will be a better shot because you know when the trigger is pulled and the hammer drops, the whole shot sequence has just started. have fun!
  6. DurangoKid

    DurangoKid Well-Known Member

    There is no such thing as a good cheap flint lock. Get a good rifle with a relieable locks like Siler, L&R, Davis or Jim Chambers etc. A proper vent liner like the Chambers White Lighting Vent will speed ignition. Proper care must be given to the flint for long flint life. It is easy to get 50 to 100 lights from a Black English flint. I keep my flints sharp with diamond file. I only knapp when the flint becomes too thick. Worn flints can be saved and and recliamed with a mizzy wheel on a dremel tool and small vise.:)
  7. alsask

    alsask Well-Known Member

    Pedersoli makes very good off the rack rifles allthough I don't know what you would consider cheap, Pedersoli is rather pricey. I have three Lymans as well and they are accurate and reliable.

    The heart of the flintlock is its lock. If it does not fire.... well you get the picture.
  8. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    Isn't changing a whole system because something happened that shouldn't happen a bit like going to a mule-drawn wagon because you had a flat tire on your car?

  9. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    I've got a Pedersoli, a Lyman, and what would be considered an inexpensive Traditions in flintlock, and they all are very quick with there ignition, and very accurate as long as I do my part (not flinch). In fact I've got several percussion rifles and pistols, as well as revolvers, and the flintlocks are just about as quick during the ignition stage.:D Believe me they are a real hoot to shoot too.;)

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