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Blue Dot in 357 mag

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by LUCKYDAWG13, Mar 8, 2013.


    LUCKYDAWG13 Member

    i have a question do you think this is too hot of a load
    for a 357 magnum i have 4lbs of Blue Dot that i got for free
    this is older Blue dot made by Hercules i would like to use this
    powder up. i also have more magnum SPP then stranded SPP
    that i would like to save for my 9mm anyway this is the load
    that i made up using cast bullets 150gr cast bullet 8.8gr of Blue Dot
    CCI 550 primers i made up about 200 rounds do you think this
    would be a safe load with the magnum primers the minimum load
    in my Lyman hand book is 8.2 ant the max is 10.8 but thats with
    a stanerd primer sooo shoot them or pull them
    thank you Jim
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2013
  2. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    The mag primer will not make enough difference to worry about if you are 2.0 Grs under max. Ever read about "stream of consciousness" in school? :)

    LUCKYDAWG13 Member

    yes i know my words dont run like a river but i try :)
    good then i just hate to pull bullets thank you
  4. Steve C

    Steve C Active Member

    Blue Dot works fine in the .357 mag with magnum primers. If your load is too light it will be dirty and you willl et carbon scouring on the outside of the cases. If you have really hard lead bullets you may get leading in the forcing cone end of the barrel due to too low a pressure. Up your charge a bit to eliminate these problems if they appear.

    At 10 grains and over you will find the load plenty warm.
  5. noylj

    noylj New Member

    My question is always: why did you load them and then start to question your load?
    Magnum primers often result in poorer accuracy, but only at the very top end do they present any concern.

    LUCKYDAWG13 Member

    i question my loads after i read that Blue DOT was prone to presser spikes
    in 125gr bullets after i loaded them up also that you shouldn't use B/D
    in 41 mag so thats why i second gusted my load thats why i asked
    for your help
  7. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I'm looking at my Lyman data right now and it appears that the test components they used for the 358477 bullet included a CCI-550, or a SPM. Either way that load sounds just fine, and it may even be a bit anemic for a Blue Dot load.
    I would shoot them.
  8. noylj

    noylj New Member

    OK, but that was for 125gn jacketed bullets.
    Never understood their position on that. I "wondered" if it was because people were pushing 125gn JHP rather hard for S/D and H/D because I have NEVER seen or felt any pressure spikes with Blue Dot--it is a well-behaved powder in my 40 years of working with it.
    Now, Clays, TiteGroup, and N310 do suffer pressure spikes even at light loadings and I haven't read any warnings about them.

    LUCKYDAWG13 Member

    i would like to thank you all for help and time
    with this ill shoot them then

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