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Bob Dozier Knives

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Tanasie, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Tanasie

    Tanasie Member

    My first Bob Dozier knife..he call's it a "Yukon Skinner"...fit and finish is good
    and it's sharp as HECK. It's made from D2 steel...it also comes with a kydex sheath.
    and I don't particularly like Kydex.

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  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam


    Do you like the looks of it, actually own it, want to sell it, or what??
    And where's the sheath?

    So many questions, so few answers!!

  3. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Nice. I'd definitely get some leather made for it.
  4. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Bob provides a horizontal kydex sheath with his knives, but I'd get one in leather for a fancier one like that.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2013
  5. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    Dozier was/is a real big fan of D-2 tool steel , the best in my opinon of a knife blade steel. Go for it!!
  6. wgp

    wgp Well-Known Member

    I'm a huge fan of Dozier knives, I think I have 4. They are simple, almost plain but beautifully made working knives. And don't dismiss those Kydex sheaths -- Bob's horizontal sheath is perfect for when you are sitting and don't want your knife hanging down or poking where you don't want it. I was not sure about them at first but after using the horizontal Kydex I think it's the best thing going.
  7. sgt127

    sgt127 Well-Known Member

    I bought my first Dozier T the Tulsa gun show. Very well made using knife. Very sharp from the shop.

    A couple years ago, we were in Branson MO. I decided to call his shop and see if he anything in stock. Yup. A model 6. I didn't really remember what model that was but said, I'll take it, be there in a bit.

    Absolutely the nicest folks I've run into in years. Bob himself came out and we hung out and chatted for awhile.

    Between the quality of the knife and the friendly attitude of everyone involved, I am a customer for life. As a matter of fact, I carry that model 6 everyday at work, in uniform.
  8. Tanasie

    Tanasie Member

    What a great testimony for The Man and his knives...Bob Dozier. I enjoyed it and I'm sure other Dozier user's will also.
  9. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    Beautiful knife.

  10. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    I've spoken with Bob at several Blade Shows. As indicated, a real gentleman and fond of his customers. I picked up an Agent years ago and he still remembers what I bought (might be I'm still wearing the same hideous Aloha shirt to the Show).
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2013
  11. Kingcreek

    Kingcreek Well-Known Member

    I've carried a medium drop point folding hunter since 2004. Excellent quality and sharp as a razor and holds the edge well too. Built like a tank.
    I've always wanted one of his fixed blade knives but could never decide which model. I'm not a big fan of kydex for his knives either.
  12. Jsg81

    Jsg81 Well-Known Member

    You might ask him about leather as he makes a lot of leather products as well.

    As all have said he is a super nice guy. He lives in my area and I have run into him a few times.
  13. 45crittergitter

    45crittergitter Well-Known Member

    +1 for D2 steel, +1 for Dozier knives, +1 for Bob Dozier.
  14. sgt127

    sgt127 Well-Known Member

    Sorry. I had to jump back in this thread. A long time ago, I used to hang out with Jimmy Lile when he came to the Dallas gun shows. He was a great knife maker and an even greater guy. Bob Dozier is cut from the same cloth. If you want a great knife at a fair price from a really decent guy, get a Dozier. MOST of the custom makers I have met are the same. They are blue collar working guys. I would rather spend $250 for something that came out of thier shop than $175 for a knife that came off an anonymous assembly line.

    Tanasie, thank you.
  15. Slamfire

    Slamfire Well-Known Member

    I like the Dozier authorized factory patterns. I can afford them :neener:
  16. Kingcreek

    Kingcreek Well-Known Member

    I would call the blade style pictured a semi skinner drop point. My favorite blade shape for knife intended for field use.
    I think of more trailing point on a classic skinner.
    Just my opinion and in no way should it be considered critical of the knife or mr Dozier. D2 is also my favorite steel and nobody does it better than Bob.
  17. xjsnake

    xjsnake Well-Known Member

    That knife screams for some good leatherwork.
  18. dmazur

    dmazur Well-Known Member

    I have the same knife with black Micarta scales.

    And the horizontal Kydex sheath is a good design, although not traditional.

    (I complained when I replaced my daisywheel printer, too. Darned newfangled inkjets... :) )
  19. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I'm a fan of his knives and routinely buy one at the Blade Show from what he has on his tables. I want to pick up another one in Cocobolo wood since I read that importation will be illegal.
  20. RedAlert

    RedAlert Well-Known Member

    I saw a Dozier knife in Blade Magazine I really liked. I called Dozier and the price was fine. The three year waiting list was the downer. I'm not sure I'll still be alive in 3 years so I'm reluctant to order a knife that I have to wait that long.


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