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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by hounddog, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. hounddog

    hounddog Well-Known Member

    Finally received my Bohica. My first impression was that it was a thing of beauty. Big. Heavy. Having been having to work 12 hr shifts since it arrived, have not had much time to work with it. No paper work arrived with it, so I was left trying to figure out how to modify the hammer to make it work. After some grinding of the hammer, it seemed to be ready to shoot. Have topped it off with a Nightforce 5.5x22 scope. Dedicated lower (Superior Arms), Wolf extra power hammer spring, A2 stock with limbsaver slip on recoil pad. Took it to my range on a nice balmy 20 degree day with a 30 mph wind. First round I tried was some OLD milsurp ammo I had gotten on the cheap. No bang though. Blamed it on the hard primer and moved on to some Barret ammo. First round shot. Recoil was not bad. Checked my POI and adjusted the scope. Reloaded and could not get the next 4 rds of Barrett to go boom. All had light primer marks. By this time I could not feel my hands and gave up and headed home. In playing with it this eve, noticed that the hammer dissconnect notch was catching on the bolt on the right side. Have ground that down and will see what happens next time at the range.
  2. gandog56

    gandog56 Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering just what you are talking about. Where I come from, bohica is not a gun!
  3. rust collector

    rust collector Well-Known Member

    Gandog, if you do a little search you will find that in addition to being a very useful acronym, Bohica is the brand name of a bolt action 50 cal upper for an ar15. As with any new commercial venture there have been interesting times for all coming up to speed. It is good to start getting reports from the field.

    The premise is that it is a relatively affordable 50 built to reasonable quality standards. We'd all like to see it work, but the pudding is still being proven.
  4. Acera

    Acera Well-Known Member

    hounddog, go to the BOHICA website and check out the forums. Just about every problem associated with the upper has been discussed and solutions offered there.

    I have found that if you can't use the search feature and find your answer, the members are quick to respond to new posts.

    Check your "E" clips on the firing pin, that caused me some consternation when I was firing my BOHICA. I purchased extra and carry them in my PRS stock for replacing as needed.

    Ok, quick poll.........how many posts before someone asks if we all know what BOHICA means, why someone would name their company that, or some other comment on the name.
  5. Good report; thanks. Suprised the milsurp didn't fire with the Wolf +power hammer spring.
  6. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    PICTURES! (please)
  7. Cannonball888

    Cannonball888 Well-Known Member

    Use a DPMS hammer. No grinding necessary.
  8. hounddog

    hounddog Well-Known Member

    After further modification of the hammer, took the gun to a friends 300 yd range. Sight in at 50 yds. All trigger pulls resulted in Bangs and Big Grins. We fired off 12 rds total. Shooting OLD Milsurp ammo. 3'' pattern at 300 yds. After seaching through all of the postings on the Bohica Forum, found answers to all of my concerns except one. I ended up having to round off the left side of the hammer in order to get the bolt to work. The edge was digging into the bolt and gouging it. Also prevented opening the bolt without sticking a pointed object through the bolt and manually cocking the Hammer. Overall, I really like this gun. The wait was gruesome, but was worth it. So long as you are reasonably intelligent about guns, not all that difficult to get up and running. I would be really frustrated if It had taken several trips to a distant range to work out all the bugs. However, first outing was 3 miles away, todays was 7 miles. I also would have liked to have had a manual detailing what is online, but manual printing has been an issue. There is talk of posting one on their website, but has yet to be done. Pardon the poor mans cheek pad. Is ugly, but works really well.

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  9. hounddog

    hounddog Well-Known Member

    More pics

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  10. Acera

    Acera Well-Known Member

    No pardon necessary, I like it!
  11. <SLV>

    <SLV> Well-Known Member

    Manual is up

    Here is the Bohical FAR-50 MKIII manual: http://www.bohicaarms.com/pdf/far50_manual.pdf

    I'm on the waiting list. How long of a wait did you experience? I've been told that they are up to about 600 shipped, and I'm order number 1,300+, so there are 500 people in front of me.

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