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Bond Arms vs. American Derringer

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by PTK, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. PTK

    PTK New Member

    For those of you who have enough experience to have handled/shot/owned both Bond Arms and American Derringer products, which would you consider higher quality? Upon finding the prices, there's quite a difference. Would I really be getting all that much more with the American than the Bond?
  2. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Active Member

    I would steer clear of any derringer. If I'm going to carry a gun, it will be one I can shoot well under stress. I've never found a derringer that will meet that criterion.
  3. Molasses

    Molasses New Member

    Agree with the previous post concerning carrying one and I'll add that they generally tend to be big and bulky enough that when compared side by side against snubbies and small autos, it's kind of like, "All this for only two shots, why???"

    Howsomever...carrying is just one of many reasons to want a gun. The ADC offering seems a little smaller and the rounding of the edges gives it a better look, aesthetically speaking, while making it look more like the old timey Remingtons. The Bond is the superior design for cowboy side match use. Rebounding hammer, faster-to-operate design of the locking lever... Don't know if they still offer it, but the Bond used to be available with swapable barrel sets for different calibers, too.
  4. KevininPa

    KevininPa Member

    I Own The Bond........

    ...........45/.410 and love it's quality. For the longest time it was my carrier until I started doing service calls in questionable areas. My life is pretty quiet and I live rural. It still is a carrier around home as a dog-walkin' gun, but now instead of .45/buckshot, it has one barrel full of snake and one of # four bird. Sometimes it serves as a BUG for the offhand loaded with three inch rounds loaded with 00 buck, as a suppressing shooter to keep heads ducked down. And yes the barrels are still interchangeable. It is big for a two shot. The ADC's are smaller. I've held the ADC and examined them. They seem well made also. Never shot one though. I also like the rebounding hammers on my Bond. More of a safety factor.
    The derringers still have a niche but if you're dealing with limited funds and need an all around carrier then you might consider something else. I'm sorry I don't have anything more to offer on the ADC's. Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday!

    Kevin in Pa
  5. PTK

    PTK New Member

    Never said I was going to carry it (except perhaps for S&G)

    Thanks for the responses! Given the caliber I want, I think I'll go with American Derringer.
  6. Old John

    Old John New Member

    We bought Bond

    After comparing the two, side by side, we bought the Bond Arms.
    I like the way the Bond Arms Derringer operates better.
    It seems safer, to me, with the rebounding hammer, asf.
    I bought a Texas Defender .45Colt/.410ga.
    DSW Sharon liked mine so well, she wanted one.
    I ran across a used Cowboy Defender in .45acp.
    The .357 magnum brrls. for it were about $250.
    I think she has the .45acp brrls. on it now, though.
    She's happy with hers too.

    I'd say try both of them.
    She had a Davis derrringer. But there's no comparison there.
    Buy what you like.
  7. No Quarter

    No Quarter New Member

    I have both. I own 2 American Derringers and 1 Bond Arms.

    the nod to consistent quality goes to the Bond. The ADC guns are nicely made, but I feel the Bond will last forever. One of my ADC guns is in -38 with stag grips the other is in .45/,410. I have stag grips on the .38 and it is a real little gem. My Bond is in .44 mag w/ gold engraved barrels and is beautiful as well.

    As far as accuracy goes. the Bond is good out to 15 yards. the ADC guns - not so much but still accurate enough for up-close use.

    I LOVE derringers!

    If I had to choose only one, it would be the Bond due to safety of use and the interchangeable barrels.


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