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Book Review: "Enemies Foreign and Domestic"

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dave Markowitz, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    Last night I finished reading Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matthew Bracken (who posts on THR as Travis McGee). This is a novel in a newly-emerging genre: the Second Amendment thriller.

    The first Second Amendment thriller to come out was John Ross's Unintended Consequences, several years ago. (John Ross is also a THR member.) EFAD is naturally going to be compared with UC, but is an excellent book in its own right and can stand on its own.

    Without giving away too many details, EFAD is about a mass shooting in a stadium and the aftermath: draconian new gun control laws and the responses thereto. The background to EFAD is the War on Terror, and how it gets perverted from the stated goal of protecting the USA against terrorists into a means of repressing the American people. Bracken makes it clear in the book that while many Americans are not willing to roll over and take oppression easily, many "sheeple" who rely on and trust the government will.

    The protagonists are ordinary people and very believable. Although they come from a variety of backgrounds, they share one common belief, i.e., that the Second Amendment preserves and individual's right to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against government tyranny.

    The bad guys in the book are all too believable as well. It's an unfortunate sign of the times that the deeds and conspiracies committed by the antagonists in EFAD are perfectly believable to any member of the "gun culture."

    EFAD mostly takes place in and around the Chesapeake Bay. Much of the book takes place on the water, and as a former SEAL, Bracken knows his way around boats. He also knows his way around firearms, and when he discusses technical features or the aspects of firearms use, he's spot on.

    Aside from the gun-related content, Bracken does a good job of highlight serious privacy issues facing Americans today. The ability to locate and track users of cell phones (even when they're off), databases holding personal details about one's financial transaction and consumer purposes, and street pole-mounted facial recognition cameras are all mentioned in this book, and they are all very real.

    I read EFAD over the course of two nights. At 568 pages it's no lightweight tome, but it is well-written and reads easily. Bracken gets you to feel for his characters and knows how to drag you into the book. There were several action scenes during which I was so engrossed I
    could feel my heart thumping in my chest, something that's rare for me when reading.

    EFAD was self-published, so it does have a few rough edges, e.g., "and" in a couple places instead of "an." That being said, they don't overly detract from the book.

    As you can probably guess, I highly recommend Matthew Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic. There's more info on how to buy, and sample chapters available online at his website:

  2. Evil_Ed

    Evil_Ed Well-Known Member

    I second the recomendation for the few on this forum that haven't read Enemies Foreign and Domestic , I finally got my copy of it on Friday and read it over the weekend. I had trouble putting the book down. Great story and I can't wait for his next book!
  3. BHPshooter

    BHPshooter Well-Known Member

    I'm getting very excited. :D Amazon says that Unintended Consequences and Enemies Foreign and Domestic should be here either today or tomorrow. :D

    Thanks for the review. I've got ants in my pants to read both of these.

  4. brookstexas

    brookstexas member

    May I suggest

    that as you read "Unintended Consequences" as you encounter historical points, trials, shooting contests etc. you do a search on Google.
    There are so many things in the book of great historical importance and to go a little further in discovering them is a great learning experience.
  5. spartacus2002

    spartacus2002 Well-Known Member

    The first 20 chapters have me hooked. What is the total number of chapters?
  6. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    There are 51 chapters plus a short epilogue. Total page count is 568, and it's trade paperback-sized.
  7. PaladinX13

    PaladinX13 Well-Known Member

    How "family friendly" is the content? I know this was controversial for Unintended Consequences (heck even the cover is for some people), which some considered depraved even before the McVeigh issue. Not that I blush at more "mature" subject matter, but some levels one can do without. I'm not condemning those who have no problem with certain content, but I'd like to make an informed opinion on what I'd be putting on my shelves for others to read. Thanks!
  8. jwmoore

    jwmoore Well-Known Member


    IIRC, adult content is refered to, but in no way graphic. You know it's going on, but without the details.

  9. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    There's no overt sex, although as you'd expect, there is violence.
  10. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member


  11. PaladinX13

    PaladinX13 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I've read the first two chapters online and will buying this over the weekend.
  12. Kreed

    Kreed Well-Known Member

    Add my voice to the chorus of accolades for Matt's book. May there be many more!

    Read it. Study it. Learn from it. There will be a test afterwards, sooner or later.

  13. Travis McGee

    Travis McGee Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dave! I appreciate the mention and the kind words.

  14. Michigander

    Michigander Well-Known Member

    I've read UC, excellent page burner.

    Gonna have to get a copy of EFAD. You guys got me pumped!
  15. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    I met Matt at the THR dinner in Vegas during the SHOT Show, and he's a great guy who's done some very impressive things. I bought my copy from him there and had him sign it, then I ran home and read it. Very good!

    (See Matt - buy me dinner and I'll say this stuff for another year! :D)
  16. Travis McGee

    Travis McGee Well-Known Member

    Valkman: the Vegas SHOT Show was a total blast, and the THR dinner was the highlight of the whole thing. What a riot! Great putting faces onto screen names too, finally. The only disappointment was that Oleg couldn't make it.

    I can't recommend the SHOT Show highly enough to anyone who can possibly make it! Just don't be a chump like me: get your hotel WAY in advance!

  17. No4Mk1

    No4Mk1 Well-Known Member

    I finally made the time to read this book and finished it a few hours ago. I was up 'till 2am trying to finish it last night and finally gave out, but went back to it as soon as I got home tonight. Well done Matt!! It was an enjoyable read. :D Just thought I would tag my kudos to this thread.

    So how is #2 coming along?
  18. SnakeEater

    SnakeEater Well-Known Member

    I completely agree that UIC and EFAD are excellent books. Now to form a trio I highly recommend Patriots: Surviving the coming collapse.
  19. 0007

    0007 Well-Known Member

    TM - what are you doing surfing the net again? Don't you have a second book to be finishing? :D :D
  20. Taipei Personality

    Taipei Personality Well-Known Member

    Agreed; it's entertaining and contains a wealth of info besides.

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