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Bought a Taurus

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by osteodoc08, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. osteodoc08

    osteodoc08 New Member

    Well, i went and done it....bought one of those taurus revolvers everyone is always talking about (rather poorly).... I'm normally shooting a S&W model 57 or Ruger Blackhawk/Super Redhawk. Those are all super nice but I wanted a kick around DA revolver that I wouldn't cry if something happened to it.

    I bought a stainless M66 6".

    Overall it is a nice gun for the money. The lockwork is nice and tight on 6/7 cylinders. By tight I mean there is next to no wiggle room. There is one cylinder that has more than the others, but I had no issues with it during testing and there is no "shaven lead/copper" from it. I didn't have one of my father's revolvers at the time to compare it to.

    I took it out to a friends house and set up a target about 25-30 yards and the 158gr fodder I had made a nice grouping (for off hand anyhow) around the 10 ring. 3/7 were in the 9/10 rings. We started out that far because i was function testing some .223 ammo my father had reloaded for me for my AR (thanks dad, they worked fine).

    I ran through 50 rounds of 158 grain PMC Bronze and 50 rounds of 125 grain WWB stuff. All 100 went through without an issue. The 158 grain PMC Bronze ammo was more accurate than the 125grain Winchester White Box stuff. The WWB was also shooting about 3" high compared to the PMC stuff. I was quite impressed overall with the gun.

    When I get some pics of it and more formal targets, I'll post a more in depth review. Anyhow, if it keeps shooting well it will be a keeper. i plan on getting some more revolvers, but right now the Taurus should do just fine.
  2. frankiestoys

    frankiestoys New Member

    Good luck.
  3. gofastman

    gofastman New Member

    A classmate had me hold on to his 66 when I was in school (I lived off campus)
    Its the only revolver I have used and I really miss having it, I hope to pick one up soon!
    What, if any, is the 44mag counterpart to that gun?
  4. Nushif

    Nushif New Member

    Are you saying that a weapon that's in line with common manufacturing techniques and is still sold legally worldwide actually works and doesn't explode, sending deadly shrapnel thirty paces around the shooter, instantly maiming and killing everyone?!

    Preposterous! It's not a 1911 or a SW manufactured prior to 1970! We all know guns manufactured before 1970 are the only ones that don't.

    All snark aside, I'm not surprised. They're not the daemonridden deathmachines everyone claims they are. I've shot the .357 snubbie and it actually felt kinda nice and tight, too. No explosion of doom, either.
  5. DNS

    DNS New Member

    Taurus and Rossi revolvers are far from the IEDs there made out to be.
    The finish on mine is nicer than my S/W model 10 (I know, blasphemy! :D).

    Welcome to the dark side!

  6. nulfisin

    nulfisin New Member

    In this economy, Taurus is hard to beat. They don't have to replace your Rugers, Smiths, Dan Wessons, etc. All they have to do is shoot -- and they do.
  7. osteodoc08

    osteodoc08 New Member

    gofastman, I believe what you are looking for is the M44. There are also others in 44man in other families (Tracker, Raging Bull, etc)

    So far I'm happy with it, it did the two things I need my handguns to do:
    1. Go boom when I pull the trigger
    2. Shoot where it is aimed
    So far, so good.

    Since I now own a, gasp, Taurus, I guess I'm not a gun snob. I also have my Kimber (CDP Pro) that I play with too. My next really big gun purchase will either be a Nighthawk, Ed Brown, or Wilson Combat. It will be my graduation present to myself from my wife and family.
  8. weregunner

    weregunner New Member

    Glad for the good report on the model 66. It should serve you long and well.

    You're in good company of many 66 owners of which I am one. I have two of them.

    An older 20+ year model, 4 inch barrel,blued one, that has had thousands of .357 magnum and .38 Special rounds go through it and the gun is still going strong.

    Then there is the new model 66 that's been around for a few years and holds the 7 cartridges rather than 6. I have to remember which 66 is going to the range and which speedloaders to take along. 6 or 7 shot ones.:)


    Oh,yes. McGunner should be along. He has a 66 also that is about as old as mine.
  9. walteray

    walteray New Member

    I was raised to hate taurus, my father had one (called it his saturday night special) which I know have. The wife convinced me to buy a PT1911.

    That .38 still shoots straight (and he had for 15 years before it came to live with me) and works flawlessly.
    The PT1911? Not the nicest 1911 Ive shot or owned by any means but I carry it everyday, it eats everything I mean everything and shoots just fine its no bullseye gun but for the money you cant beat the features, needless to say the past year with these two guns has changed my mind about them...

    Like SPY said welcome to the dark side, everyone gives you a dirty look when you back a taurus and you get the "they make a 1911????" look but when their colt jams on SWC who gets the last laugh???
  10. I had a blued, 4 inch Model 66 years ago (I sold it to a fellow soldier in Germany before I left in '91.) and am now on my second 85SSUL. I've had nothing but good luck with the Taurus brand revolvers. If I understand correctly, yours is the newer seven-shot Model 66?

    My brother says I drool when I see one of the Taurus snubbies in .41 Mag at the gun shows.

    "Real men shoot wheel guns!"

  11. Loyalist Dave

    Loyalist Dave New Member

    My 7 shot snubbie is very accurate, and I am quite pleased. I just bought it for the fun of having a 7-shot revolver for .38 +P, and so far it has been lots of fun.

  12. MCgunner

    MCgunner Active Member

    The one thing Taurus revolvers, and the 66 included, seem to have in common has nothing do do with hand grenades. They're extremely accurate in my experience. Mine are the MOST accurate medium frame .357s I've owned and that includes Ruger and Smith and Wesson. They are perfectly timed guns despite one of 'em being an 80s gun, the other early 90s. They were NOT expensive guns, BONUS! Heck, I bought my Security Six for 189 and my M19 Smith for 199.....in 1978/79 respectively. Those guns used to be pretty affordable, though I haven't adjusted that for inflation.

    I own Rugers (really love Blackhawks) and a Smith today, but the Tauri take a proud place in my gun cabinet. That 3" gets carried, use the 4" more as an outdoor/hiking carry. I went looking for a 3" or 2.5" at gun shows when I found it. I gave 180 bucks for it, shoots like a new one and just as accurate as my 4" Smith and its blued finish was already broken in for carry, if you will. :D All the Smiths were more than TWICE that price, 4-500 when I could find one. I never did run across a 3", prized by owners, carry a "prized" price tag to go with it. I'm glad I didn't listen to the net experts. :D
  13. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Moderator

    I endorse what McGunner said!
  14. MCgunner

    MCgunner Active Member

    BTW, where's da pix?


  15. MCgunner -

    I call 'em "netsperts." They're kinda like the "gun shop commandos."

  16. Gaucho Gringo

    Gaucho Gringo Member

    McGunner, as near as I can figure your guns you purchased would would be about $450-490. in today's value, if my conversion table is right.
  17. dusty14u

    dusty14u Member

    Glad you are happy with it. I have had the exact model for several years know and it has been a great gun. With all the Taurus stories I have heard I have never heard one about the Model 66's. I am not sure what to think of them execpt what I know about mine. It has a great single action trigger, is extremely accurate and I have never had a problem with it with a few thousand rounds downrange
  18. dom1104

    dom1104 New Member

    I have never heard a single bad thing about a 66. My buddy has one, and likes it. My cousin has a 8 shot model, dont know what thier number is, and likes that one too.
  19. MCgunner

    MCgunner Active Member

    I've got a M85SSUL, too, little .38 snub, that's an awesome little carry, quite accurate and deadly. It's 17 ounces of pure whoop *** in a pocket....:D I won't hesitate to buy a Taurus revolver if I want it. There are great deals to be had with used ones, too. They don't resell as high as other brands. Yeah, the Smith will resell better, that's great if you have the money and you're buying new. If you're buying used, you don't want high resale value. I did pay 289 for that M85 new in 1996. I don't regret that as it's not for sale. :D
  20. megatronrules

    megatronrules New Member

    I myself recently purchased a used Taurus 85UL in stainless finish for $250 OTD. I have to say that I really,really like this little snubbie a lot. Its lockup is tight although the cylinder has a little side to side play it doesn't shave or spit lead and its accurate for a 2" barreled gun.

    As others have said while my Taurus doesn't have the fit and finish of a Colt or S&W its more than accurate enough for its intended purpose and it goes bang every time I pull the trigger,what more do I need in a defensive gun? As a side note I do love S&W's but I did have two M&P 340's that had to go back to S&W for replacement/repair.

    The first was a brand new M&P 340 and it had a over toured barrel from the factory and had developed a crack underneath the barrel. S&W replaced it and the gun I got had to go straight back to them because the crane wasn't fit properly to the frame. Now I'm not bashing S&W I've bought a few new ones since my M&P 340 woes. But it goes to show that ANY manufacturer can and does make lemons,not just Taurus as a lot of interneters would have use believe.

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