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Bought my first FAL today

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by BozemanMT, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. BozemanMT

    BozemanMT Well-Known Member

    So, got bored today, was still mad about another LTO RINO wanting to talk about Kerry, but not actually about the issues (heaven's, no, we get all our info from the TV, ok this conversation is over) and figured I wanted to go vote with my wallet.

    So I went to the gun store.:) Jensen Arms in Loveland, CO. Walked in and said "show me something"
    so, we looked at AK's and AK's don't do much for me.
    Looked at AR's, but I already have one and I'm waiting til after AWB sunset to get the next one (with all the baddies just cuz they said I couldn't)
    And says, well, what about a FAL?
    hmmmm, always wanted an FAL. they look cool, people here rave about them. Cool, show me.
    They carry DSA (which from this board and others everyone says is high quality, albiet high priced). They hand me a STG58 21 inch barrel. Hmmm, nice.
    What about that one? shows me a 16 inch barrel STG. Hands me a real lightweight one (nice, but 1500? eeek, too much for me today, really light though). Hmm, go back to 16 inch one, muzzle break, etc. Nice sights. Then the salesman mentions "hey, Pat (another salesmen) has one of these for sale"
    well, go get him.
    so, long story short. 16 inch barrel, muzzle break, DSA STG58, 11 mags !!!, hard plastic case, Nikon scope, mounting rail for the FAL. 900 bucks.
    sold, wrap it up.
    And then, to pay off Jensen for being so cool, bought 1000 rounds of surplus 308, and
    an Aimpoint red Dot.
    coooooooool :cool:
    This is a neat rifle. Breaks right down, even easier than the AR.
    the mag release was not obvious though, that took a while. Overall, pretty well designed though, pretty neat.
    going shooting with it on tuesday. (i'll be at the Manhatten (Montana) range on tuesday afternoon, if anyone wants to meet me there)

    I blame you guys. ;)
  2. wardog

    wardog Well-Known Member

    Sweet! Congrats. I've got an SA-58 from DSA and love it.

    Never been to Jensens. May have to check them out one day.
  3. jeff-10

    jeff-10 Well-Known Member

    Nice!! I believe 900 is a great deal for that rifle with all those accesories.
  4. usp_fan

    usp_fan Well-Known Member

    Great Buy!

    DSA is the premium stuff. IMHO the FAL really comes alive with the shorter barrel. I built an 18" several years ago--absolutely fun to shoot.

    Be warned, with the short barrel and the brake, it's going to be LOUD!

    Post a range report and pics when you can.

  5. BozemanMT

    BozemanMT Well-Known Member

    Yeah, tuesday night from the hotel. :)
    They'll be asking me at closing. Excuse me sir...
    What???? I can't hear you. :p

    seriously though, I use both earplugs and earmuffs.

    Yeah, I blame a buddy, about 18 months ago he introduced me to EBR's. Teh coolest one (I thought) was a 16 inch barrelled AR with a Red Dot. panther arms?, maybe, REALLY light could not have weighed more than 5 lbs.
    Very cool. but yeah, a lot louder than his 20 inch. I was amazed. I'm sure this FAL with the muzzle brake is going to be a mite noisy. :)
    So, I blame him too.

    In fact, I called him and told him it was his fault. So, he'll be at the range too on tuesday trying out the new one. It is, after all, his fault, so he'll have to make sure it's ok and all.:D

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